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Which 10 songs do you think should be on George's upcoming "Best Of George Michael" solo CD and why did you choose these songs?

Hi everyone who decided to take part in the new YOG's undertaking. I think I'll share my thoughts as regards of it with you too. The ideal song list of George's 'BEST OF' for me looks like this:

1. Hand To Mouth
2. Heal The Pain
3. Soul Free
4. Praying For Time
5. It Doesn't Really Matter
6. You Know That I Want To
7. To Be Forgiven
8. Star People '97 (exactly)
9. Move On
10. Safe

You may think that it calls for some explanations. OK, I'll explain.

The point is that I think that the 'BEST OF' album of the year 1998! in no way may have songs like "I Want Your Sex", "Too Funky", "FastLove","Monkey" etc. 'cause they are too light, easy and without any deep sense. It doesn't mean I don't like them, these are all among my favourite GM's songs. They just won't do for the album like this. The 'BEST OF' songs ought to be more vital, taken from life experience.

I know you may wonder at the presence of the songs number 3 & 6. Maybe it's just my subjective opinion that they both have a VERY DEEP content and vital sense. Next, the very important part plays the sound. I think Wham!'s sound (for example the one of 'A Different Corner') doesn't serve at all.

P.S. Surely the album with such song list can't rate at very high sales and numbers in charts, but... who knows? Anyway it will cause joy to the real fans.


To make up "The Best Of"? Well I did it. It turned out difficult enough, - I couldn't select the songs in any way, - I love them all! So please, don't judge very strictly what I made by. I tried to dispose the compositions in the most handy order. Here they are:

1. Freedom'90
2. Fastlove
3. Jesus to a Child
4. You Have Been Loved
5. Careless Whisper
6. Father Figure
7. Praying For Time
8. Somebody to Love
9. Star People
10. Kissing a Fool

Now some explanations:

FastLove - This is probably my favorite composition, if I had to choose. Namely the composition. I adore it's arrangement, there are so many themes in it. I will never pester with it.

Jesus To A Child & You Have Been Loved - I guess it's clear. It's because of its wonderful lyrics. I will maybe not tell you something new, but, in my opinion, when the singer can be so frank in the songs, it's great.

Careless Whisper - I took it because for me this song is a symbol of George's creative work. I just couldn't pass by it and it keep on being one of my favorite songs.

Father Figure - It's because of lyrics too, but it's another case. When I first time heard it I thought: " It is possible that the human mind could write so beautiful about love?" It's a very romantic and touching song.

Somebody To Love - It's one of the examples of HOW George can sing, even somebody else's song. There are so many feelings in it, it's amazing!

Kissing A Fool - What a profound and rich voice! Quite a big range, isn't it?

So if somebody want write me, here's my e-mail:

Moscow, Russia

Hi everybody! Here they are, the 10 Best of:

"Careless Whisper"
"Cowboys and Angels"
"Jesus to a Child"
"I Believe (When I Fall In Love)"
- sweet melodic ballads
"Everything She Wants"
"Crazyman Dance"
- cutting social commentary
"Too Funky"
- dance grooves that control my body
"A Ray of Sunshine"
- an ode to joy

- sounds like George just having fun

Here are 10 songs I would include on George's upcoming "Best Of" CD:

1. "Fantasy"
2. "I Believe (When I Fall in Love It Will Be Forever)"
3. "Cowboys and Angels"
4. "You Know That I Want To"
5. "One More Try" (Live Gospel Version)
6. "I Can't Make You Love Me"
7. "Monkey" (7" remix)
8. "Hard Day"
9. "Star People '97"
10. "The Strangest Thing"

I started with 20 songs I truly thought should be on the "Best Of" Cd... and that's when the trouble began. I found myself cutting songs like "Faith" "Freedom '90," and "Careless Whisper." If this CD was going to be a Greatest Hits, then I would have kept them, but it's a "Best Of" so these are the songs on my "Best Of" list!

There is one thing I'm sure of. "Fantasy" must be on the "Best Of" CD and mustbe released as a single! (Please, George!!) "Fantasy" is screaming to be released. It's just fantastic because it shows George's sense of humor and it's got a stellar dance beat.

I also ended up picking 7 songs/versions that were b-sides. I picked the live Gospel version of "One More Try" and the remix of "Monkey" because - for those of us who have original CDs - it would be nice to have a different version. I also ended up choosing songs like "I Believe...," "I Can't Make You Love Me," and "Don't You Know That I Want To" because they're wonderful songs that many people haven't heard.

Here's hoping we all get some of our "Best Of" songs on George's "Best Of" CD!

Melanie, USA

Our favorite George Michael songs are:

- Move On
-You Have Been Loved
- Kissing a Fool
- Mother's Pride
- One More Try (Live Gospel Version)
- I Can't Make You Love Me
- Desafinando
- Somebody to Love
- If You Were My Woman
- Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me

We are very fond of George Michael's ballads. He is a very good singer and the songs where there aren't so many instruments, but a lot of singing are very good. We like his lyrics, especially in the slow songs. They are very touching and they have a message. ("Mother's Pride" and "You have been loved". Anyway, we haven't yet heard a song we didn't like.

Greetings from Camilla & Bettina, Denmark

-Careless Whisper
-Everything She Wants
-Waiting (Reprise)
-Father Figure
-Praying for Time
-Last Christmas
-Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
-One More Try
-Love's in Need of Love

Guarda di rispondermi Georgino...accidenti a te e tutta la Grecia!

On the ideal George Michael "Best of " album, I would include:

"Father Figure"
"I Want Your Sex"
"Papa Was a Rolling Stone"
"Careless Whisper"
"Jesus to A Child"
"Praying for Time"

This is my vote!

1. They Won't Go When I Go
2. Older
3. Faith
4. The Strangest Thing
5. Safe
6. Mother's Pride
7. Jesus to a Child
8. Too Funky
9. Kissing a Fool
10. Freedom '90

And why? Hmm... Well because I personally think they're his best songs. After I've gone through the hard task of selecting ONLY ten. And believe me...

That was not easy.


If I could choose ten songs to be on a George Michael solo greatest hits album they would be:

1. Kissing a Fool
2. Freedom
3. You Have Been Loved
4. Father Figure
5. Careless Whisper
6. Monkey
7. Faith
8. FastLove
9. Heal the Pain
10. Too Funky

Hello everyone!

Here are the best ten solo songs I would choose to have on the CD:

1. Everything She Wants
2. Careless Whisper
3. Father Figure
4. One More Try
5. Kissing A Fool
6. I Want Your Sex
7. Waiting For That Day
8. Praying For Time
9. Jesus To A Child
10. Fastlove


I divided George's activity into two periods:1) before "OLDER", 2) "OLDER" and....?

I think that there were not a few good songs performed by WHAM (specially "Last Christmas" which is my favourite Christmas song). But speaking of George's solo career I've no doubt that number one is "Careless Whisper".

In my opinion the most of the best songs we can find listening to the record "OLDER".

The music, lyrics and arranges are "older" indeed. But they are "older" in plus. I mean the songs are mature, very warm, full of good feeling and have their own special climate.

On the cover of the album we can find the words "Thanks for waiting". It was worth waiting!

So, my private list of ten best songs of George Michael looks as follows:

1. "Older"
2. "Jesus To a Child"
3. "Careless Whisper"
4. "FastLove"
5. "The Strangest Thing"
6. "Father Figure"
7. "Spinning The Wheel"
8. "Kissing a Fool"
9. "You Have Been Loved"
10."Praying For Time"



Jesus To A Child should definitely be on his new "Best Of" CD. As a matter of fact, the whole Older CD is "Best Of" material. I was living with my cousin (the best roommate in the world). We were getting to know each other, he was 8 years older than me, when he killed himself. I will never be able to express the grief and loss I felt, something I thought I would never be able to feel. George Michael's Older CD is a complete embodiment of Michael's (my cousin) life. The only bad thing being is that he didn't "Move On." He killed himself, over someone of the opposite sex no less. We had become quite close, and after he left me, I didn't know what to do or how to handle this new situation. The last song on this CD, "Free", made me realize that Mike is better off in Heaven. I would love to one day thank George Michael in person, because his music has helped me so much. Thanks for this opportunity to do this!!


I just wanted to cast my vote for the Best of CD. It was definitely hard to only pick ten. He's truly an incredible singer.

Careless Whisper
Kissing A Fool
Everything She Wants
Hard Day
Father Figure
I Want Your Sex
Fast Love
They Won't Go When I Go
Cowboys and Angels
Heal The Pain


1. It Really Doesn't Matter- It reflects some of my life.

2. Careless Whisper- I like the story told how two lovers must go their own ways.

3.I Want Your Sex- The video was excellent!! It had lots of great action!!!!!!!!!!

4. Kissing A Fool- The story was told beautifully.

5. Freedom- You feel a sense of freedom.

6. Every Thing She Wants

7.Hard Day


9.Cowboys And Angels

10.You Have Been Loved- It made me think of my past relatives that passed away.

Here is my list for the top 10 songs they should be on George's greatest hits album. It was hard to come up with just 10 :)

1.Careless Whisper
2 Waiting For That Day
3 One More Try (Live Gospel Version)
4 Spinning The Wheel
5 The Strangest Thing
6 Faith
7 Soul Free
8 Fastlove
9 Star People
10 A Different Corner


I've been a George fan since 1985.

My top ten songs for the "Best of CD" are

1. Careless Whisper
2. One More Try
3. Jesus To A Child
4. Faith
5. Father Figure
6. Kissing A Fool
7. Fast Love
8. I Want Your Sex
9. Monkey
10. Freedom '90

Lany love
2.strangest thing people
4.father figure
6.everything she wants have been loved
9.too funky
10.jesus to a child

Sylvia Toomeh

my favorite George solo songs are:

1.) careless whisper
2.) jesus to a child
3.) star people
4.) you have been loved
5.) papa was a rolling stone/killer
6.) kissing a fool
7.) faith
8.) freedom
9.) a different corner
10.) i want your sex

Aysel Dolma


Hereby my top 10 for the best of CD:

this song keeps me through a difficult time

what can I say about this terrific song?

This is de last song of the album Older. When you hear this song, you get a good impression of the album. This song makes me very relaxed!

One of the best songs ever made. For me it was THE comeback of George with his album OLDER.

The lyrics of this song is very good. I can't explain why; it's a very special feeling.

When I hear the song, I always think of his concert a (lot of) few years ago. It was the best concert I've ever seen (and heard)!!

This song is one of my favorites.

Words can't describe this fantastic song!!

It reminds me of a relationship I had at this moment of the song. We argue all the time and make it up on this song.

10. I want your sex (part I, II &I III)
Fantastic song(s). At that moment my age was 17 years en thinking of......

Irene de Veer

Well, here are my choices for the "Best of" CD. It's kind of hard just to pick 10, though.

Here it goes:

1). Faith
2). Too Funky
3). Praying for Time
4). Father Figure
5). Monkey (Jam & Lewis Mix)
6). FastLove
7). One More Try
8). Freedom (MTV 10 Version)
9). I Knew You Were Waiting for Me (w/ Aretha Franklin)
10). I Want Your Sex

Melissa Tindall

My choice for ten songs for GM best of album are: Older, Jesus To A child, Freedom 90, Too Funky, Faith, Praying For Time, Star People, Don't let The Sun Go Down on Me, Papa/Killer and I Knew You Were Waiting For Me

Davor Radic

Dear George,

Well hearing that you're bringing out your best of album later in the year, I thought I'd drop you a line to let you know what my favorites are. Of course anything that involves you in any shape or form is immediately brilliant in my view but if I had to pick out a top 10 it would be:

10 - Don't let the sun go down on me - Duet with Elton. I remember in interviews in WHAMS! early days you saying that the first record you bought was "Goodbye yellow brick road". When this song was released, I could imagine what it must have meant to be working with Elton.

9 - Star People Lyrics speak for themselves !. This song just separates you from all those people that get swept away with the fame thing.

8 - Move On. Just cool and mellow.

7 - Heal the Pain

6 - Freedom 90. Again your lyrics are better than any autobiography !

5 - FastLove. Well, apart from the lyrics, the video has what I believe to be the sexiest footage of George Michael !. Lets hope there's a best of video too !.

4 - I Want Your Sex. Never afraid to broach subjects others have shied away from. Great results even though the powers that be tried to stop it getting to us.

3 - Older. Made me rediscover George Michael !. The song title couldn't have been more apt for me. It had been some time since I'd listened to you and just hearing this one song made me realize we'd both "grown up" as such. I then went on to rediscover all your other wonders - and am still hooked to this day.

2 - Father Figure. A very sexy song. Even though I'm married and only a few years younger, I still see you as my father figure as a result of this song.

1 - What else but Careless Whisper. The most sensual song of all times. Even to this day it still amazes me that you could have written it at such a young age. Some people spend their whole life trying to put pen to paper. Even now I can't put into words what this song means to me.

Anyway, that was my own personal top 10. Hope you liked it.

Lots of Love. Your Greatest Fan.
Lyn Brant xxx

'Best of GM' [10]

* "Kissing a Fool" [class of its own(great piano tune and lyrics)]
* "Waiting for That Day" [personal, great blend of lyrics and music]
* "One More Try"[an exceptional and deep ballad]
* "Move On" [encouraging and uplifting]
* "Fastlove" [upbeat smooth tune, great mix and composition]
* "Praying for Time" [intelligent and voice driven]
* "If You Were My Woman"[great range, excellent cover]
* "Tonight" [best song in Two Rooms, GM sings it very personally]
* "Soul Free" [great instruments, sound, and balance]
* "Father Figure" [very artistic and original]


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