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Diana, Princess of Wales

George Michael fans united to create this special tribute page for Diana, Princess of Wales. It was a labor of love for all who were involved. Contributions were received from Gnotes and YOGMÆL members. All messages are posted on the Diana tribute page on the Yours Only George website.

While you read through this tribute page, you may wish to listen to the RealAudio/Video version of Elton John's "Candle in the Wind" that is available from the BBC. To read the new words to the song, you can look at the article in the Electronic Telegraph. To learn more about the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, please see a BBC article here. If you would like to send a condolence message to the Royal family please visit the Royal Website.

Today I am numb, I cannot speak, in Australia its raining and people are saying "its raining tears". I feel so very sad and I cannot imagine the pain and devastation that William and Harry are feeling right now. The media are vultures and I am so angry that they have caused this unnecessary death. What a waste of a life. On a positive note though, Diana, the true princess, can now rest in peace and be with the man that she finally found happiness with.


P.S. Yesterday in Sydney was a perfect day, when the news came through that Diana had died, the sky turned black and it started to rain. It is still raining and we haven't had rain in such a long time. What an omen!

Hello my name is Joe from Toronto Canada and I wish to express my sincere sorrow to all the people of the UK on the tragic loss of the Princess of Wales.

I believe that we are all at fault for her death. We continue to buy the garbage the papers write. Lets band together and boycott all publications who take advantage of peoples personal lives in order to make a god damn buck!!!!!!!!!!

I too am deeply saddened by the passing away of Princess Diana. I connected with her in a number of ways over the years, and broke down in tears when I heard the tragedy.

I want to say something that I feel is very important. I'm sure that I won't make any friends from this posting, but I feel it must be said anyway. I know there are a number of fans out there who will read this who are in the habit of following George as he drives around town - whether it be in England, California, or any other place, it doesn't really matter, but I hope that we have all learned a valuable lesson from the death of the Princess Diana. We do not want to the same thing to EVER happen to George. SO PLEASE DON'T EVER PURSUE GEORGE AS HE DRIVES AROUND TOWN!!! What would we ever do without him??

I also wanted to offer my condolences to George as I know he was a long time admirer and friend of the Princess.


I first want to send my deepest sympathies to Diana's sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Princess Diana was an angel sent from above that was able to accomplish so much and touch so many lives in the short time that she had here. When I awoke on Sunday morning, I switched on the television and flipped through a couple of channels to see several pictures of Diana and still not knowing of the tragic news, I was starting to wonder why the television stations were all showing so many pictures of her. Then I came to a channel that was telling what happened. I could not believe what I was hearing!!! I ran into my bedroom to awake my husband and tell him of the news, but all I could say was "Come Here!!!!!". Later in the day we went to Kensington Palace to lay flowers in memory of such an extraordinary woman. I have never seen so many flowers in my life at one time. My tears were flowing all day and still today. Though I am an American, I admired her greatly and was so excited when I was able to move to Britain last January, the country where she AND George Michael lived. I recently had bad news that I will be leaving the UK to return to the US in December, but, I am so glad to have had the chance to live in such a beautiful, wonderful country that has produced some absolutely wonderful people. We will never forget the Queen of Hearts. She was a ray of sunshine in this sometimes drab world and she will be greatly missed. We love you, Diana!!!



Lara Olson

It is rather ironic that just when Diana, Princess of Wales life was beginning to take a turn for the better, her life should so tragically be taken away. The world has lost a truly wonderful, warm and caring woman. May she find everlasting happiness and may she rest in peace. My thoughts and heart go out to Prince's William and Harry. Like many other George fans ... I would also like to dedicate the song "You Have Been Loved" to her.


First of all, my deepest and sincerest sympathies towards the death of Princess Diana. She was truly a human being who did all she could to help the world and I hope the least we can do is keep that memory of her alive and hope she is in a better place.

I know lots of us here love her and I'm one of the people who really admire this woman. I've been haunted by her memory since I heard it 36 hours ago. I hope media/paparazzi/reporters and everyone, even fans, realize the celebrities need their privacy and too put themselves in the shoes of these people. I hope people change their ways of looking at famous people and give these public people some privacy.



I've been so busy that I haven't had the time to post this, but found a few minutes so I will do it now... I am still saddened by the news of Diana's death. Every time I turn on the tv, there she is... If I sit & listen to the news stories it brings tears to my eyes. I feel so bad for her boys, they are going to have a rough time.. :O( It's just awful.. She seemed as though she finally found happiness & then that happens....!!! As for the royal family, they're a joke.

I hope the paparattzi (sp?) gets what they deserve. The press have hounded her over the years & made her life absolute hell... I am glad that *our* George doesn't have that problem. I have to admit that when people go on & on & on about George's personal life, it gets to me. To joke around is one thing, but to constantly obsess over it is another. Did Di listen to G's musique?? I read somewhere that she liked Duran Duran quite a lot.

Also, I apologize if I've offended anyone. That wasn't directed at anyone.



I am unable to express how deeply the death of Princess Diana has affected me. I am still finding it hard to believe. My thoughts and sincere sympathies go out to both her sons Prince's William and Harry, and her family.

It is very sad that she lost her life, just as she had found great happiness.

May she rest in peace.


I wish to pass on my condolences in the recent passing of Princess Diana. I feel deep sympathy for Prince William and Prince Harry who now have to go forward in their lives without the love and affection of their mother.

Rest in Peace Diana.



I wish to convey my deepest sympathies to Princess Diana's family, sons, and the people of Britain. I was shocked and saddened to learn of her death and the way in which she died. She was a gracious, beautiful, sincere woman. Her humanitarian efforts will be greatly missed and remembered. She was a light in a dark and oppressive world. We will miss her. Our Lord and Savior has given her peace. May HE continue to give us the courage to go on without her.



Hi friends!

I know this is not George related, but I just wanted to say that I'm truly saddened because of Princess Diana's death last night. It is truly a tragedy. My thoughts are with her children, Prince Henry and Prince William. May Diana rest in peace. She couldn't live her life peacefully, and I hope in heaven it can be done.



Dear Jewel,

I'd like to ask the GNOTES family to take a moment to reflect on the tragic and untimely passing of Diana, Princess of Wales. She was a great champion of AIDS charities, and as we all know this subject was close to George's heart too. Her humanity will be missed. Thank you.

Love Bev.

It has been a shocking news too here in Malaysia. I am still shock and grieving because I know how painful it is to lose a loved one. A befallen distinguish figure playing major roles in helping the needy. It is a great LOSS to the world and also to Britain. Imagine her children all these years living without their mum and now has to face the fact that their mum has perished. Maybe it has been fated but He knows it all. The pressure and pain Princess Diana has been facing after the separation with Prince Charles now is all over. A royal blood playing a major figure will be remembered.....May GOD bless her soul.

Anselm Ong

Today is a sad day.... The world has lost its Princess Diana.... This is a strong privacy issue as it is suspected Diana's friend sped up the car to get away from a group of Paparazzis who were chasing them on motorcycles... The car crashed and killed three of the four people onboard, including Princess Diana and her friend... Hopefully some people will learn from this tragedy... It is one thing to admire, respect and/or love someone... It is another, all together, to stalk out their homes and/or follow them about town.

From what I heard here (Canada) on the news, a new "Privacy Act" is in the works... I surely hope this bill will pass and that strong actions will be taken against stalkers and Paparazzis everywhere in the future... For, in the future, these people may actually be "breaking the law" when invading people's privacy.

It is all ready hard enough to get used to bodyguards watching one's every move without having strangers stalking out one's home, recording studio (hint!) or following you about town, where ever one goes. I hope this regretful and painful event will finally dissuade fanatic fans (the stalking kind) everywhere from such activities in the future.

Princess Diana succumbed to head and thoracic injuries at approximately 4AM, Paris time, despite the many efforts concerted in the four hours following the accident to revive her. Hearing the news by a person stopped at a red light, in the car next to ours, on our way home last night, I was floored with disbelief and struck with grief - My thoughts immediately went to her two young sons, Prince William and Prince Henry....

My condolences are extended to all the families and friends concerned.

Chantilly Maertens

I suppose you've all heard about the tragedy befallen Princess Diana and her boyfriend. I know a number of fans have had 'car chases' with George and I would just like to ask others to refrain from this type of behavior, because it's dangerous not just to you but to others. I'm not at all trying to be preachy, rather I just want everyone to be safe.


In the light of the death of Princess Diana, I would like to dedicate the song "You have been Loved" to her. In spite of what she went through, we all loved you and will forever...

Alex Hung

My deepest sympathies goes out towards the tragic death of our beautiful Princess, Diana.

She was a wonderful women who was admired by the whole world. She will be dearly missed by everyone and she will never be forgotten.

My thoughts are with Prince William and Henry. Your loving mother will always be looking over you and keeping you safe.

May she rest in peace and finally find happiness.

With deepest sorrow

Christal Theophanous

OH, Diana, you were everything to the world. And everyone fells so sadden and regretted that you're gone. There will be no other Princess Diana like you! Well no one can never, ever replace you, Diana. You were heaven sent. And we'll greatly miss you, Diana. You have been loved, Princess. And you will always be loved and remembered, Your Highness, Queen of Hearts. May you rest in peace.

Your admirer,


Goodbye Princess Diana

Though I never knew you at all

You had the grace to hold yourself

While those around you crawled

Candle In the Wind

Thilo Meiswinkel

Being born and raised in Great Britain and now living in the United States I am deeply saddened by the Death of Diana, Princess of Wales my thoughts went directly to the Young Princes who by the very thing Diana fought first and foremost to do they are now solely in the trust of the Royal family I now fear for my home land and can only hope that there is enough of Diana in Prince William to overcome the Royal family. Please do not misunderstand me I love my country and am very proud of our monarchy I just think that the Royal family could come into the nineties and prepare for a new century without bringing along the baggage of Queen Victoria. I did not mean to get off on a rant but without meaning to I did. My condolences go to Prince William, Prince Harry, Diana's sisters Sarah and Jane and brother Charles. To the Royal family I hope they can show the sincere sadness in their faces that they have professed to have on paper a nation rests on your position now please don't let us down.

Jane E. Rennie

First I wish to express my condolences to all those who are close to Diana, her family, friends and especially her precious children. When someone with the stature of Diana passes away the impact she displayed while she was alive seems to not only make those who didn't know her pay attention (like me) but the essence of what she meant to the world can't help but impact upon us all. Normally, you think you can only relate to this kind of grief if it happens in your immediate family. But somehow, Diana made the entire world take notice by letting her light shine in ways that make perfect strangers like me think, "Without a doubt, she was a special human being." I don't think you have to have personal contact with someone to in order to understand how it would make you feel if it did happen in your own family. Just being human can make you sympathize. I just watched 48 Hours tonight which showed an indepth hour long program on Diana and it was truly moving. I didn't know all of the wonderful things she did and how she impacted upon the lives of people even SHE didn't know. I saw her at a clinic in Harlem where there were children with AIDS and she wasn't afraid to hold them and try to give them comfort. That was truly moving. Most people would have cringed at the thought. I saw Diana speak and say how she wished the Royal family would be a little closer to the average person to understand them better. From what I understand, she seemed like a person who related to people on all levels and accepted people from all walks of life. There are FEW people in the world like this...Diana was the kind of person that made you think, "I'd like to meet her, she seems really nice." I don't say that about many people and certainly not about people I don't know who are only known thru the media. It is really sad to think about the way the Royal family treated her. It's as though they punished her for being herself. As for the media? Someone on 48 Hours said they should publish the pictures of Diana in the car wreck after the pulse was taken. How sick!!! If I saw such photos, I'd be inspired to buy up all the magazines and have a bonfire, and then take a photo of that!!! Is nothing sacred???? Diana, rest in peace.

Truly there is another star in the heavens tonight...

Sherah N. Bennett

May the Princess Rest in Peace.

Fiona O'Neill

The tragic loss of Princess Diana is still hard to believe. She did so many great things for this world and I think she was a great mother as well. The world lost one of its most loved and admired woman. May she rest in peace and be remembered always.

Eric Steenbergen

I was terribly distraught by the passing away of the Princess of Wales. I'm a Brit myself residing in Canada now. I didn't like the idea of the press following her every move and while in England I never understood why they would not leave her alone.

I earnestly hope that many will stand by our Queen of Hearts and not read the BS written about any celebrities. Magazines like Time or People or Macleans have features which make the stars or royals interesting not like the garbage the MIRROR always printed.

We have lost a woman of great strength and persistence. I hope that we can all take in her superior abilities and try to make this world a better place as did our Princess.

I will totally FREAK if Charles gets together with Camilla!!!!!!

I along with 1000s of mourners will be attending a prayer this weekend in my London (Ontario Canada). Goodbye Lady Diana and may you finally rest in peace. You will always be a figure of beauty, strength, love and peace because that is what we all saw when we laid our eyes upon you.


I just want to say that it's too sad for words. She was and is a lovely lady and her passing is very painful, especially someone so young, vibrant and,... well alive. I have to believe she still is somewhere.

Suzanne Walker

Words cannot express the shock and devastation that and the world is feeling at the moment. Let's mourn the loss of this beautiful soul, let's bury her, then leave her in peace and remember what she bought into our lives. Let's keep William and Harry, the Spencer family and her friends in our thoughts.


When I heard that Diana had been "injured" in the crash, I held some hope that the accident would act as a catalyst for media reform. When I learned that she had died, I feared that her life would become more of a spectacle than ever before.

She lived her life under a microscope. I wonder if any of us could have fared as well under the same conditions.

Her spirit made her great and her beauty made us take note.

Goodnight, Sweet Princess.

DeAnna Murphy

Princess Diana was a great woman. Though she was not personally known by millions, I believe everyone would say she was compassionate, sensitive and understood sufferings well. Her death was appalling and it moves the people around the world to mourn for her in every kind of way. She deserves the best tribute from people all over the world . She was the Princess of hearts that can never be replaced.


You were an inspiration to millions and loved by the world, may you rest in peace and have the happiness you truly deserve God please take care of her.


I just want to say how very sorry I am that princess Diana has died. How terrible for Prince William, and Prince Harry, my prayers, and sympathies go out to those two. Their mother was such a special, loving person. She is so young, it just doesn't seem fair, that her life should be so short. I take comfort in the fact, that Diana, and Dodi are together, and in peace.

I just want to say, that I like to see George, and here about George from time to time, as we see so little of him here in the U.S., but I would never want to see him hunted like that, or having his life risked for a few photos, it just isn't worth it.

George, we all love you, please keep yourself safe!

Connie Fajman

I am deeply saddened over the loss of Princess Diana. Here are some lines from a poem by Edna St. Vincent Millay that express my sadness.

..."Oh, there will pass with your great passing

Little of beauty not your own,--

Only the light from common water,

Only the grace from simple stone!"

Denise Anderson

Diana wasn't only royalty to those in England, she was the queen of our hearts in the US as well. We will miss you Diana! God Bless you!

Tonya Gerhardt

To all those who loved our Beloved Princess Diana:

After a lovely outing with my husband and my eight month old son, I came home Sunday to the news that the Princess that I adored had left us more tragically than any of us could ever imagine. This last week, my mind had gone back to the days of her and Charles' betrothal, the wedding that I, then as a twelve year old, got up at four in the morning to watch.

I thought, too, of my own wedding only six years before, how I wrote the ceremony and decidedly, as a confirmed Lutheran, to use the same vows that she and Charles had taken from the Anglican Book of Common Prayer. In my living room is a picture of our wedding day, the one I will always cherish, for my husband reached down for my hand as I sat on the church steps the same way Charles had to Princess Diana.

When my girlfriend, Diana, called me yesterday, she was concerned how I was taking this news of the Princess. We are like sisters in many ways, and she had called me once again that day to tell me that she was pregnant (before she had even told her husband), after four years of infertility and many prayers. Diana, Dee as I call her, reminded me of the picture we posed for, the vows and the care I took to write the ceremony because of my love for Princess Diana.

Princess Diana was more than someone to admire from afar. She was someone I felt kindred to as well. After her marriage to Charles, she impacted my life a great deal with her love of people who were less fortunate than we were. I spent a great deal of my free time as a teen doing volunteer work for different organizations, and when there wasn't anything to do I rode on my bike around our small community to see how shut ins were doing, particularly in the Summer, or to help them with their yard work. When my stepbrother and my uncle died of AIDS, I could not understand it. Both lived in California, and I was in the Midwest. My family purposely kept the news from us "children" even though we weren't children anymore. After leaving home, I began to learn about AIDS and met people who had the disease. Later after I was married, I would begin my volunteering in AIDS Hospices. My family as well as my husband's could not understand this. Their ignorance and proof texting of Scripture assigned AIDS as a judgment of God, which it is not. After I had too many years of theological training, they learned not to argue with me and to accept the fact that I have the capacity to love those they cannot.

I sit here after watching the funeral, unable to write of this before now, my heart pained still at the sight of her coffin in the hearse that drove onto her family's estate and the black gates that closed behind it and its guards in front of them. What a sad reality that she had to be buried alone on an island in order for her to rest in peace.

That our "insatiable desires" as Madonna put it, terrorized her daily into despair. The lessons that we learned from Princess Diana's life and now in the presence of her death, we must take to heart.

I personally have not visited your web site (Gnotes). My husband prints information for me, and when I have a chance I read the notes between being a mom of an eight month old and pregnant with twins on the way. One set of notes bothered me terribly as I read them this last week. It was the listing of "George Michael Sightings." As I read through them, I was appalled, that people would actually go onto his property and bother him, his dog, his company there with him, his employees. What little bit of whatever does it serve you to do this? Did it ever occur to you that he or anyone else famous had a right to their privacy, to not have to lock his gates, to go for a ride in his car? My life has been touched by this man and his music. I would hate to see the same thing happen to him or Elton John or anyone else because of fanatical desires to be close to him. Please, let him alone. As I watched some of the news reports this last week, the US was full of them, every night, saturating us with Princess Diana, a modest woman who would not have appreciated that at all, I was angered by those that would chase her to her car, the flashes going off in her face, people running to her in the street. And in the end, she had to be buried alone on an island so she could rest in peace. I pray every night for Diana's boys, Wills and Harry, and

likewise for George and Elton, that they will be safe and not the tragedy of another fanatical desire for insatiable gossip. I hope you print this in the Gnotes, I mean every word of it. All Diana had for anyone was love, her heart was probably the closest to what in the Greek is AGAPE, meaning an unconditional spiritual love, and this was how we refuted her AGAPE in her face, to kill her and bury her alone on an island. Sincerely, LisaMae

Diana was a beautiful person inside and out. I can only hope her legacy will live on through the many lives she touched. Let us all learn from her life, and live better lives by her example.


What a terrible loss for the world but a wonderful addition to heaven...Thanks for giving so much of yourself. I think we all could learn something from her.

-You will be missed-

Mark Schrimpshire

I live in St. Louis, MO and am still in shock over the death of Princess Diana. I never got the chance to meet Princess Diana but feel like I knew her anyway. It's a shame that the loss of someone really makes us understand just how special that person was. Over the last week I have watched every show that I could that had coverage about Princess Diana. I have learned more this week about this incredible woman, mother, and saint. I am so happy so many people are coming forward and sharing their amazing stories about what a truly wonderful woman Princess Diana was. Although I'm thousands of miles away from London, I still feel the pain. I feel as though I've lost a friend, which is what so many people are saying. I have done a lot of thinking and Diana has inspired me. I am going to make more of an effort to help those less fortunate. I wish nothing but the best for Prince William and Prince Harry. They are incredible young men who deserve all the best. To Diana, I know you're in heaven and I'm sure you know now how many people loved you, even those of us who never got the honor of meeting you. I've heard from so many people what a sense of humor you had so it would have been great to even chat with you for a few minutes. Now The Lord has another angel. We love you, will miss you, and will never forget you. One last note- Elton John's tribute was so moving. I have cried each time I've heard it.

Missing you, Lisa Johnson

I like most of the world remain in shock after the death of Diana, Princess of Wales. I can only leave my condolences to her family, and to the rest of the world.

Melissa James

To a woman who gave so much hope to lot's of women out there. Diana you have not died you have just gone away for some time. You will always be alive.

Oh Diana, you were everything to the world. And everyone feels so saddened and regretted that you're gone. Well there wouldn't be another Princess Diana like you! And no one can never, ever replace you, Diana, Princess of Wales. You were heaven sent. And we'll greatly miss you, Diana. You have been loved, Princess. And you will always be missed and remembered, your highness, Queen of Hearts. May you rest in peace.

Your admirer,


PS. Well my thoughts and sympathies go out to Princes Williams and Harry, and also to the Spencer family.


You haven't died you have gone away for some time. The hardest part of it all is that you have gone away when your life was just beginning I am glad that you have found love and that you are happy I do hope that DODI will take care of you.

There are so many answers that need answering as things are somewhat negative to me and me myself I believe that you are still with us.

I know that you wouldn't hurt your son's but I am sorry things just don't fit into the jigsaw for me..................So to me you are still alive.

I do wish you every happiness the only light's you will see flashing are those of STARS in the sky.

Diana I was honored to see you once and I hope that I get to meet you once again.

Your kids and brother did you proud and we will keep an eye on them for you.

I do hope you are now happy.

Love Helen and Family

The world may have lost a beautiful princess but heaven has gained a truly beautiful angel

Always Diana


On a completely un-music note, I'd just like to express my condolences at Diana's passing. She was a great figure for the British state, and benefactor to many musical events, and a fan of George Michael. Rest In Peace Diana.


Hi everyone,

This is not really about George, but I am sure it is effecting him dearly. I am soooo in shock of Princess Diana's passing, I know Diana and George were friends. I have looked up to her since I was 9 years old, I just can't believe it.

This has been a bad year for George, his mum, Gianni Versace and now Princess Diana---I am deeply sad and sorry.

May you rest in peace Princess--"You have been loved". And Amanda is right, those idiots on the motorcycles will get what's coming to them. It is just going to take a while to "Heal the Pain".

Love, health and happiness to all of you :)


Hello Amanda,

I hope it's appropriate to ask the Yogmael family to take a moment to reflect on the sudden and tragic passing of Diana, Princess of Wales. She was a great champion of AIDS awareness, a cause close to George's heart, and the two were well acquainted. She was, of course, instrumental in arranging the famous Concert Of Hope in 1993. Her compassion will be sadly missed.

Thank you.

Love Bev

Dear Amanda,

I usually don't write to this newsletter, because I am so busy on a regular basis. My first and last entry was to share a story of a GM encounter.

Last night I arrived home after working with the police as a Victim Advocate, it was a crazy night since the officers took foot pursuit after some burglary suspects. I actually saw them running from the scene and proceeded to make sure that others from my station knew where they were headed. I thought I had a very busy night and it couldn't get wilder than that.

I arrived home at 12:50am EST and turned on the television to hear the tragic news of Princess Diana's untimely death. Although I never really followed her life as I am not a Royal Watcher, I do have to say that she was truly a Classy Lady. She always had a way about her that made people all over the world love her. I know that she did take time to involve herself in charities all over the world. AIDS was one of her causes. This comes close to home for me because I lost a first cousin to AIDS in 1986, I too support the AIDS cause. She is obviously someone who had such a compassion for people all over the world. She deserves nothing less than our respect and sympathies in this sad time. It has deeply saddened me, and I hope that the paparazzi has learned a lesson throughout the world. No one should be pursued in that manner. I am personally outraged by the behavior of the paparazzi. Although she may have been a celebrity of sorts, I have found the coverage of Diana to be quite appalling. The woman deserved some happiness after being married to Prince Charles. They should have let her be and let her have a moment of peace.

My heart goes out to the British people as she was so very loved. Let's not forget what kind of a person she really was. The world has lost a great and wonderful person. We may never see another like her in decades to come.

I also want to extend my sympathies to George, I didn't do this after his mother died, but I also felt very bad for him as well.

Thank you for letting me say this. I have spent the night and morning very angry and saddened by the events that are unfolding.


As I watched the Princess Di story unfold, I tried to imagine what it must feel like to have someone stalking you everyday of your life. Not being able to go to the restroom in private or vacation with your sons. Although I believe that the paparrazi (sp?) probably cut off the Mercedes and caused the accident (yes, I know the driver was intoxicated), I wish that Diana had

considered the possible consequences (i.e., never seeing her boys again) before deciding on the course of actions. (I, too, am a motherless child and when I think of those boys, I really want to cry.) I am sure that had she done so, she would not have allowed the car to go so quickly. Don't get me wrong. I do not blame Diana. I just wish things were different.

I've followed Princess Diana's AIDS work for years. She raised awareness and money for the cause. For that alone, she will be missed.

I know that I'm starting to ramble, but I have just one more thing that I want to say. I hope that when George is stalked by paparrazzi (sp?) or anyone else, he doesn't run away. I know he wants and needs his privacy. I respect that, but I hope that he just lets them take his picture. His music is too precious to be lost in such a senseless fashion.

Thanks for reading (and please excuse any glaring errors, I've been up for 48 hours),


Sixteen years ago, I woke up very early in the morning to see a "fairy tale" come true. (I was 10 and still believed in " . . . and they lived happily ever after."

Now, I know better. Next Saturday I will again be awake hours before dawn to watch as one of the most kind , sensitive and loving human beings to ever walk this earth is laid to rest long before her time.

An FYI for anyone in New York, Washington (D.C.) and Los Angeles, there are "Condolence Books" at the British Embassies where you can send your thoughts to the Spencer family (and Di's kids). The one in L.A. will be there during lobby hours (10am-5pm) until this Friday.

My thoughts and prayers go out to the Spencer family and to Mr. Al Fayad's family as well.

Long live King Wills !

It may sound odd to say, and I'm not the "preachy" type, but in light of the newest information in the accident, PLEASE do not get behind the wheel of a car if you've been drinking, or let anyone else you know do so. I hope everyone has a good week.


hi y'@ll

i just want to say that the death of princess di touched my heart and i want to express my sympathy to di's sons and to all people all over the world who loved and admired her.

this morning i heard the latest news from the German music channel "viva" that there will be organised from the warner brother boss a tribute to lady di, it will be something like the tribute to

freddie and that gm and elton has accepted the invitation to appear on the stage. But the whole thing will be discussed after saturday, so let's see what'll happen....

"you've been loved"

love y'@ll kyoung-mee

Hi gang--

I just have to state my utter and complete sadness about the passing of Princess Diana. It is indeed a tragedy of tremendous magnitude and one that effects us all. The clips of film that CNN had shown occasionally shows George in them and it struck me--how cool she was to bring the rock-n-roll fund-raiser to the palace!!!

Also, I can't help but think of Elton on this occasion...first, I can't stop thinking of the words of his "Candle in the Wind" about the press continually hounding people, and secondly, I remember Versace's funeral and how Diana comforted him during that time...I wonder, who is going to comfort him on Saturday.

Thanks for listening...Rest in Peace lovely princess....




I too was very sad & angry upon hearing of the tragic & untimely death of Princess Diana. I immediately thought of GM. I was thinking that he was finally smiling again & now tragedy has struck so close to home again for him.

My heart is breaking for William & Harry. She was such a loving & caring mother to her children. I truly hope that they will be protected from the press. These two children need time to heal.

The purpose of this post is to let everyone know of a web address that I just heard on the radio. The address is This address has been set up so that everyone could send there condolences to the family.



The world has lost an Angel of Love, Compassion and Understanding and will never be the same for it, again... It is a sad day for Britain and the world over. May the flowers everyone brought Her find their way to Her feet and may all the candles lit in Her honour light Her path to Heaven, to God's arms. May She, at last, rest in peace. May Her family be spared further grief and invasion.

My only consolation resides in the fact I now know Her to be finally free from all the madness of the media's three-ring circus. No one can ever touch Her again, where She now rests.

My thoughts go to Her brother Charles, (Earl Spencer) Her sisters Lady Jane and Lady Sarah and, last though not least and Her two sons, William and Henry... My condolences extend to all who loved and appreciated Her.

She was a true Princess, in every sense of the word.

With Love and Respect,


Furthermore, I would like to add; We, in Canada, have "Orders" for such liberal professions as Law (The Bar), Architecture, Medicine and Accountancy. Anyone not member of these associations CANNOT operate as such. Perhaps such an order should be erected for photographers/journalists worldwide where, a code of ethics would have to be respected and an oath taken in order to find work as such. And, a law, making it mandatory for editors/newspaper houses worldwide to ONLY hire such "Accredited" professionals and ONLY use pictures obtained through such, less these editors/newspaper houses be charged with actually breaking the law. This would not only deter paparazzis, seeing as no living could be earned through this medium anymore but it would also allow "some" level of privacy to all concerned.

Just a thought,


George's words of sympathy echo what I'm sure many of us feel about Princess Diana. I just happened to tune into CNN right as they started the broadcast of the accident which was live for

us in the Pacific time zone, and was in total shock and overcome with grief when the news came of her death. I still tear up every time someone talks about it or I see another news broadcast. I like so many other young women followed Diana from the shy schoolteacher who started dating Prince Charles, to the fairytale wedding that gave all us "commoners" hope we too could find and marry a prince, as she grew into a confident women with an incredible aptitude to relate to those less fortunate. She was warm, caring and compassionate crusader and a loving mother to her sons. If we can be thankful for anything it's that Prince William and Harry had their mother's love, nurturing and compassionate influence into their teen years and had as close to a normal upbringing as possible among royals. If I can only be half the person she was I will feel I've made a difference in my lifetime. May Diana rest in peace and God bless and comfort her family.

Heidi Kriss

Seattle, WA U.S.A.

Dear Yoggers...

Twice this year I have felt great sorrow at the passing of people I never knew. The first being GM's mum and the second the Princess Diana...

I tend to be a rather emotional person...and I like to think I am generally a loving person as well...but I can't even begin to understand or express the sorrow the loss of the princess has brought to me. It is another one of those things we take for granted. I assume that these wonderful people are going to be around forever...though we may say we don' fact, most likely we never even really think about it until situations like these come up. People are so fragile...

My thoughts are with her two sons and with all of the people who were close to Diana. She was a truly wondrous individual. I don't think I can say it half so well as everyone already has... but the world is a darker place without her.

George's tribute statement about her passing was truly touching. I think that he said it better than most of us... perhaps any of us...could have...but then that is why we are all George Michael fans, isn't it? His unique way of expressing emotions so vividly.

If you'll grant me a few more lines...

We loved you standing tall,

Loved you more when you took your fall,

The world will mourn your passing;

You will be remembered forever in time.

Rather apt I thought...


Kindness in your eyes,

I guess you heard me cry,

You smiled at me like Jesus to a child...

I'm blessed I know...

Heaven sent and heaven stole...

You smiled at me like Jesus to a child...

{In memory of Princess Diana}

Lyrics by George Michael

"Heaven sent, and Heaven stole."

Other generations remember where they were when the lives of JFK, Bobby Kennedy, John Lennon and Martin Luther King Jr. were taken, now the whole world has the misfortune in knowing of the passing of the essence of a Lady. As I sat up through the night, glazed over with news of her death, the images of all she has done were sped before me on the screen. . . her celluloid eulogy. In this CNN version of her too short life, a brief shot of Diana shaking the hand of a fellow AIDS awareness advocate froze my heart. . .none other than George, smiling at the face of the most photographed woman in the world. . .I cried. I cried again, when I read George's comment on this tragedy.... her soul was too beautiful for this earth, though we need some grace and beauty in this world it does seem unfair to have it taken away.....

Sorry to unload my grief on you all, I just thought that if anyone would understand, it would be my fellow yoggers.


Hi all,

It's been a while since I posted, and I regret that I must do so on such a somber note. I was shocked and saddened to hear of the passing of the Princess of Wales. The world will be an emptier place without her. It is an indescribable tragedy that this has happened to such a beautiful person. The love and compassion she showed for people the world over should serve as an example to us all. She did not feel herself above anyone, and she truly was a princess. Not just of Britain, but of the world. She serves as a shining example to everything a celebrity should be, and everything a human being could be.

My heart goes out to her children, who have lost a fine mother. She was not always treated well in the kingdom of Britain, but now she resides in the Kingdom of God. She brought a moment of shining happiness to every life she touched. Rest in peace your Highness. You'll be sorely missed.

George, your message was beautiful.


Amanda and crew:

First off, I'm am so deeply saddened by the death of Diana. She was the most American of all the royals (Wills and Harry aside) and I know she would have taken that as a compliment. Therefore I as an American take her death very hard and share in the grief of the British people. The song of my soulmate Yog that comes to mind is Cowboys and Angels: they all had the time for her, How could I imagine that she had the time for us, how could I imagine that she could stay. How sad for him to lose a friend so close in time to his mum's death. May all his guardians and St. Michael give him the strength to go on. God bless Diana and her little angels Will and Harry.


Hi Amanda,

The last time I wrote, it was about my outrage of what happened to Princess Diana. I am still upset about it and cannot find any real reason for it. I do feel very sorry for her sons as well. I'm sure that they loved her more than anyone else (besides family) ever could.

On Monday morning (Labor Day Holiday in the U.S.), I woke up early and turned on the news. They were showing the British Embassy in D.C. with all of the flowers in front of the main entrance. I suddenly felt the need to go there and see and feel everything for myself. You must remember, I was not a "fan" of Diana's or the royalty. We do not have royalty in this country and I like it that way.

I went down there at 8:30 am EST and did not have any flowers with me. At that point, I thought I would just experience it and then see how I really felt. I arrived and there were 5 people who were not with the News so I just went to look. Unfortunately for me, there were cameras set up on the opposite sides of the stairway. I started to get teary eyed because the stairwell was so beautiful. The flowers were lovely, the aroma from the flowers and the candles was overwhelming and then I saw the handwritten notes. The things that were written were so heartbreaking and well-written. I saw one that will stay with me forever. It was a picture of Diana and on it was written "We were touched". It was so heart wrenching. My eyes just welled up and I had to walk away. I didn't want anyone to see me that way, because it really surprised me. I knew that it upset me, but it made me feel as though I could not just go there and look. So I drove up Wisconsin Avenue and stopped in a Fresh Fields grocery store and bought a summer bouquet with baby's breath and pretty deep pink flowers. I thought it would be fitting for Diana "Queen of Hearts". I went back and the same people were there. I just laid it down and looked for one more moment and walked back to my car. I had paid my respects and it was very difficult.

I believe that Princess Diana had a message for us all, and it was something that she did very often. She spent time helping others. It would not hurt any of us to go out and do something good for someone else. I have said before that I am a Victim Advocate for a police dept. in the County that I live in. I find the time, even with my busy schedule and private life to help others. No, I am NOT better than anyone else, and I am not saying that I am. I just want you to know how good it feels to help others. By taking the time to show someone that you are interested in their plight and watching their eyes light up is something that cannot be bought. We can all be someone's angel. I know that it's not everyone's cup of tea, and that's okay. But for those of you that have that special gift, I just want to say to you not to be afraid to give of yourself. It is the most wonderful gift that you can give someone who needs time, assistance or just a little love.

Diana's message was love, she wanted to be loved and she wanted to give love. That is how I wish to remember her. Let's also remember that George has spent much of his time giving and trying to help others. His way is by giving concerts and selling products to help. Everyone has a way, and that seems to be the best way for him to gather funds. So many of you admire him and that is why I respect him, besides his incredible voice.

All of this is just a thought, it is NOT meant to "preach" to any of you. I just wanted to share my thoughts. I believe that the people that subscribe to Yogmael are good people. We are here because of who we think is a "good person". Okay, I've said WAY too much. Thanks for reading.


Hi there

I would like to express my respect and condolences to the Spencer family and to Princes William and Harry, and also to all who knew and loved her. I don't think words can truly express the world's reaction to this tragedy, although I think that George Michael made an excellent statement and his words touched me deeply (as they always do). So, thank you George for voicing so many of our feelings and I wish you my deepest sympathies at this time.

to all yogmaelers - take care of yourselves during this period

and love as always


Just a comment:

I know this is not the place for it but I'll say it anyway...William and Harry will face 2 billion people on Saturday, everyone's eyes will be hungrily glued upon their faces, we will watch their pain. I heard several people say "Oh, I can't wait to see what William and Harry will do, Gee, I wonder if they'll cry in public ?". To some that's just some more entertainment. My God that is so cruel, a 12 and a 15 year old will walk behind their beloved mother's coffin with cameras focused on their faces, surrounded by thousands of weeping people. I admire the strength of these boys but I think they should say farewell to their mother in private. I think they have had enough publicity. When do we stop?

I watched Princess Diana's funeral this morning. It was the saddest thing. When Elton sang and they showed the video montage of Diana, some friends and I just burst into tears. It's such a waste that she was taken from her sons and the world when she was so young and had so much love to give. The reporters said that George was at the funeral and I was glad that he could be called a friend of such an extraordinary person as Diana. My heart goes out to all the British members of the YM family who are mourning the loss of their princess.


Hello to all,

I wanted to add my thoughts and prayers to George and all those who knew and loved Princess Diana. George's words touched my soul as they have done many times before. I truly wish I could be in London now then again I always wish I were for the one time I was there I fell in love with the place and strangely enough felt more at home there than I do here in the U.S.

I do not know if Diana could have possibly known how much she was loved by people but I do not know if any of us did. I hope George has some clue of how much he is loved and appreciated by all of us. Funny how those who are loved by the most are often the most lonely underneath it all.

Love and peace to you all!


The tragic death of Diana, Princess of Wales sent shock waves around the world ... on Wed 3 Sept I visited Buckingham Palace and laid some flowers down ... on Friday 4 Sept I attended a memorial service for Diana at my local Cathedral, Rochester Cathedral and today Sat 6thSeptember, I, along with the rest of the world paid my final respects to a truly remarkable woman.

It was with immense grief that George entered Westminster Abbey, his agony and pain so evident on his face, his eyes not hidden from view by his ever present sunglasses ... perhaps also the reflection of the inner grief he still feels at the loss of his mother.

I pay tribute to Elton John whose rewritten version of "Candle In The Wind" was truly moving and reflected the feelings of the world at the loss of Diana ... a loss which will echo down through the years. Up until the moment Elton sang I had sat dry eyed quietly reflecting on the wonderful generous things that Diana had achieved in her so short life ... within seconds of the opening bars to "Candle In The Wind" even before Elton had begun to sing I gave way to the grief that had been building up inside me .. I am not ashamed to say that I was overcome with despair, the tears just kept falling along with a million unanswered questions ... why, why, why. I will never again be able to listen to "Candle In The Wind" without some deep emotion.

My deepest admiration also goes out to the two sons that Diana has left behind ... so composed hiding the inner anguish that they both must have felt. May they carry on the wonderful work that was so close to Diana's heart.

God bless you Diana "Queen of Hearts .... The People's Princess" may you rest in peace and find the happiness and love you so deserve within the Kingdom of God.

On a final note .... may Mother Theresa, another wonderful selfless woman, also rest in peace.


My thoughts and prayers are with Princess Diana's entire family and especially with her two children, William and Harry. Diana was truly queen of our hearts. She was such a caring, giving and compassionate woman as well as a wonderful mother. The world has lost a real life angel.


Dearest Princess Diana:

For years, I intended to write you a letter telling you how much I admired your strength and determination. Now, I find myself in tears that I can never tell you.

When I first heard about the accident in France, I stayed glued to the television waiting to hear how you were. For hours, I watched as they said you had only minor injuries... and then came the report from Sky News and Reuters that you had died. I didn't believe it. A few minutes later, all the news sources confirmed the information. I sobbed inconsolably. It couldn't be true; it just couldn't.

I was never a "royal watcher" and so I never knew much about you. Yet, there was something in your smile and the way your eyes twinkled that I knew you were a great person. You were so special to everyone because you were real. You had problems like everyone else did, and yet, you went out and did so many wonderful things for so many people. You were a friend to all of us.

And so, in my grief, my best friend and I decided to create a small tribute page for you, which turned out to be much larger than I ever expected it to be. In a world that is often cynical and cruel, it is so beautiful and fitting that people united to make this page for a woman who had so much love in her heart. You taught us how to love, and I can only hope that we will share your gift with one another. Thank you for giving us the greatest gift of all.


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