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August-September 1997 Question

George is coming for dinner!

You have just heard that George is coming to your home for dinner. What will you cook for him and why?

I would cook spaghetti and meatballs as I personally love them and I think that he could use a good meal it looks as though he is wasting away although I know that thin is in! I think George could use a good home cooked meal and spaghetti is the messiest because if you suck the spaghetti you can get it all over.

~ Wyness

I'd make pancakes with cloudberryjam. Why? Because it's one of the few things that I can make and it reminds me of my mum and summer. Then we'll have something to discuss, (mums are the greatest, don't you think a s o.) Most important, pancakes with cloudberryjam taste heavenly if you're starved!

Bye bye from your fan Agnes, Sweden.

Dear George, I wish I knew what your favorite food was, but if you came over to my house for dinner, I would definitely serve you some good ole soul food. I'm sure you would enjoy it, because I know you already got a little soul in you anyways. If you come all you'll have to do is sit back and relax and make yourself at home.

~ BRobin6797

What "I" would cook for him? Are you guys serious?

I've never cooked in my entire life! So I am sure like hell not to start now. I'd simply call a catering company and have everything delivered at home. I'd probably order Japanese and have a geisha ready to serve us and to perform some entertainment and last but not least we would have some sake to go with it.

The main goal would be to have a nice evening and get to know the person behind the artist and most of all it would be strictly forbidden to talk about his or my profession! This includes playing none of his records and no autographs.

~ Marijke Impens

Why would George Michael come to my place?

Regards, Stephanie


~ Nxplicable

I'd cook him Spaghetti Bolognese - because it's the only thing I can cook decently and it's lovely. And serve it with a glass or two of the red wine of his choice (It's ok George, you're in your Auntie's - ie you can do what you like for once, I'm talking about the red wine bit.)

~ Suzie1971

I would make for dinner a savory pot roast with all the fixin's. I hear you're going on tour next year. I don't want to see you hungry on the road.

~ yvonne

Well I guess it would be nice

If you could come to dinner

I know not everybody

Has an appetite like you

But I'll have to think twice

Before I invite you over

And I know all the games you play

Believe me, I can play them too!!!!

Georgie baby


I do know you like Chinese food. I am very fond of it too. I would try to cook some of it, but if it won't turn out as delicious as expected, you will have to take me out. I am sure you know where you can get best food in town. Or maybe we could visit your friend Andrew in Rickmansworth. Doesn't he have a restaurant there? Well George, I am waiting for your reply.

Bye, bye, ANITA.

If George suddenly was coming to dinner at my home in Denmark (haha), then I would cook.....

Then I would cook.... Erm...

I would make him a peanut butter sandwich--just to make him laugh.

I would really really love to see him laugh at something I'd done.

I love Knobby's smile.

~ Karin Feddersen Denmark

For Mr. Panayiotou, I will cook him a delicious lasagne, or a fabulous risottos which his beloved mum used to cook for him. 'Cause lasagne and risottos are good and healthy food for him (not to mention the others).

Faithfully yours,


I would cook George my famous spaghetti pesto. Why you ask? Well my pesto is spicy just like George. I've always wanted to cook for someone famous, and this would be the dish to do it. I would also serve a glass of wine to smooth his voice. I would also make him sing for me.




The question itself makes me so happy.

Even my good husband tease me by calling me "The Fantasy Woman", I do picture myself cooking for him. Ha Ha Ha But I'm serious!

I don't want to follow him around or bother him. But I do really want to say, express how grateful I am every day of my life because of him, personally.

Truly, I hope there is way that I could invite him over my little but cozy house for a dinner and show my wonderful family, specially, my 2 and 1/2 year old son who also loves to hear his music and dances great. Because he is great part of reason why I do have all this now. So thank you so much, George. You and your music has been a great help to me for various reasons.

So I like to cook for you "Bul-Go-Ki", a Korean dish. It's to die for - that's not what I say. People who had they all want the recipe but I only give to special ones, including my mother in law. Whoever been to Korea always ask me if I know how to cook - I sure do! and mine is Superb 'cause I got some secret way to marinate the meat.

Thin slices of marinated meat with vegetable, serve with rice, sauce and leaf lettuce, and you roll them like a burrito. I cook in front of your eyes or you can even try if you be a nice guest. Just think about it. Isn't that great ?

Just in case, If George is vegetarian or care for the low fat diet meal, still Don't worry at all. I got covered it all, here.

One more thing George, for your information I entered The "Oprah Winfrey' s Cooking Contest". I didn't win anything then, but they show "My cooking clips" on T.V. - Me and My husband think that if I cook "The Bul-Go-Ki" then I could've been win. Who Knows? I was sick that time so wanted cook something simple. Anyway, that's my Luck. - I missed the very chance to invite you, George, for dinner at our house, on the National T.V. But here I am now, if you ever read this please try hard to contact me.

I May live in dreams but Like you said "what do I have to lose."

So Please GOD Help me and these people who will deliver this to George .

I' m not dying of some disease but I sincerely ask you, George, So please come on over, Please ! ! !

Love as always,


I would order pizza. Why the hell would you want to cook with GM in your home. It would mean less time to chat.

~ Craig

I will cook fabada because I want to know what he thinks about our typical food in asturias (Spain)

Hei elskling,

Oh, so you're coming for dinner, are you?

Well, that's nice.

Since my friend Lisa here says that MacDonalds has the greatest food, I guess you will taste some of that. Only the best is good enough.

Love Kathrine.

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