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Lesley Panayiotou through the fans' eyes

Dear Readers:

A few months ago, we received a letter from Donna Garrity. Our tribute page to Lesley inspired her to write to us about the time she met the lovely Mrs. Panayiotou. We were so touched by her letter that we wanted to share it with all of you (with Donna's permission of course.)

We've created a second page for Lesley for your memories or thoughts about her. We will update the page whenever we have a new submission. This is not a page of condolence messages for George and his family. Rather, the purpose of this page is to keep Lesley's memory alive among the fans who never met her and to bring her message of love to the world.

Some fans were bewildered by the outpouring of grief when Lesley Panayiotou died. "How can you cry for a woman you didn't even know?" they asked. We feel that Lesley represents every thoughtful, kind-hearted person in the world, and just like Diana, Princess of Wales, she was a benevolent, beautiful woman who died much too soon.

Even though we never met Lesley Panayiotou, she held a special place in our hearts, and we know many of you feel the same way. And so we welcome your memories for this very special page for a very special woman.

~ Melanie and Shannon

Melanie & Shannon:

I was just looking through your web site, as I do a couple times a week, and in looking at the menu was reminded of Mrs. P.

I have to tell you that, I did not learn of her death until late spring, I was very upset to say the least, not only for her family, but because I had met this wonderful woman on a couple of occasions.

This is my favorite personal memory of her:

My sister and I have been to England several times, the first being in 1986 for The Final (from Friday AM 6/27 to Sunday, 6/29). We live on the east coast of the US. The Friday before the concert, we went to Edgware and had our only meal of that crazy weekend at the Angus Pride. It was a great experience. Jack and his staff were wonderful to us.

In November, '86, we went back to England for two weeks. During that time we ate at Angus Pride (Mr. Jack's) many times, it became our home away from home. I don't know if it's because my sister and I are George's and Melanie's age, or because we never played twenty questions about George, but it felt like family and we were treated that way too. On some of these nights Mrs. P would be there.

On our last night in London, we went to dinner and we were telling Jack and Mrs. P our travel plans for the following day, she was so concerned that we have a safe trip and that the idea of her two daughters traveling by themselves as we were doing made her nervous. When we landed in Newark I told my sister, I feel like we should call Mrs. P and tell her that we made it home in one piece. She was truly a lady.

Just thought I'd share.

~ Donna

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