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Happy Birthday, Shirlie!

Dear Shirlie,

I'd like to wish you a very happy birthday. You've been really great to us here at G NOTES, and we just wanted to show you how much we appreciate your efforts, hard work, and everything else that you do for George Michael fans on the internet.

all the best for the coming year

much love from,


hi don't know me but i'm a new member to the gm club..happy b-day and hope you have a great i won't ask how old you are??'s not nice to ask a lady that..bye for now...shane


May this be the best one yet!
And may you enjoy many, many more! =)



Dear Shirlie!

I would like to wish you VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :)

Warm regards from Riga, Latvia.



>it's ur special day, enjoy it. Happy birthday.

tahira A


HAPPY BIRTHDAY Shirlie. I Hope you have a great day and thanx so very much for everything you've done for us, the Fans! You're appreciated a lot!

Take care & Have Fun! ............. Nabila (Wigan, U.K)


Chere Shirlie,


Comme on dit au Quebec, C'est a ton tour de te faire parler d'amour!

J'espere que tu vas pouvoir en profiter et recevoir beaucoup d'amour et de bohneur en ce jour de festivites. Tu es une personne tres speciale et vraiment genereuse de ton temps. Amuses-toi!

Grosses Bises,


P.S. If you're too rusty with your French (hi! hi!), here's a short translation....

Happy Birthday!, as we say in Quebec, this is your turn to be talked about love! I hope you'll be able to enjoy this moment and receive plenty of love and happiness on this festive day. You are a very special person and truly generous of your time. Enjoy your day! Big Kisses (literally!)


Hello Shirlie,

Just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY :-))))))))))

You're always been there when we need you, you are a really nice person. AEgean is lucky that they have somebody like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kind regards,
Bianca Tijssen


Happy Birthday Shirlie!

When I heard it was your birthday, I had to write, especially when I found out what day it was on. Eight years ago on your birthday, I got a second chance at life and I will never regret it. I celebrate this day as my day too, but for you who has always had this day, I send you love and butterflies for joy and happiness this year. I also wanted to tell you that whenever I hear Spandau Ballet's True, I think of you and say a little prayer that you are having a good day. Thanks for all the hard work you do! Again, with Love and Butterflies }}{{s, Mae Hochstetler (and babies Matthew, Joshua, and Joy)




Thanks for being a great friend and a great asset to ĘGEAN and G NOTES. You're someone very special and you deserve lots of luck and happiness.

Have a great day!

With love and best wishes,


Hi Shirlie,

Happy birthday, my dear !!!!

May all your wishes come true.

Thanks for all your kind answers to my e-mails. Ęgean really has a treasure working for them! And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Aries rule! Have a great day.

Take care.
Sonja Verheyen,
Belgian Chapter Manager.


Dear Shirlie,

I hope you have a wonderful day filled with everything you want. It has been lovely chatting and corresponding with you, and I look forward to seeing you more in the future. Have a wonderful birthday!

Take care,
Laura McCoy


Sweetheart Shirlie ; )

"Ce-le-brate Good Times come on!!, There's a party goin' on right here. A celebration to last throughout the years, so bring your good times and your laughter too.


Come on now!" (KoolAndTheGang)

My Darling!, just wanted to say:

*** HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! ***

You look 10 years younger you Cute thang!, Despite recent events (ahem...say no more) I truly HOPE, WISH and PRAY that you have a Grand Birthday which brings you and your family Good Fortune, Good Health and Wealth beyond your wildest dreams.

Best Wishes For The Future Angel

Yours truly,
INDY ; )

P.S. I feel like kissin' ya! So here goes XXXXXxxxxxx

Take Care Darling HolliDolly


Dear Shirlie,

I wish you very happy birthday. May God give you all the happiness that you desire and every single day will be wonderful for you


P.S. Thank you for your efforts and time


Hi Shirlie,

I actually had your birthday noted in my calendar after discovering it in a book recently. However, I guessed you would probably be in-undated with messages sent to your Aegean email address so thought it best to send you a birthday message via G-Notes.



I hope all your dreams come true. Wishing you all the best for your special day and the future.

Take care.

Lots of love
Lisa Holmes
New Zealand


Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Shirlie. Hope you have a great day and get goodies that make you happy. Thank you for being such a good friend to all us fans and spending so much time answering our questions. You are one in a million.

Keep Smiling,

--- Christie



Wishing you a very happy birthday!!! :) Hope you have a wonderful day!

Thank you for all you do with Aegean. All of us fans really appreciate your efforts. You're truly a lovely person! Hope to see you next time in ichat.

Best Wishes,


Happy Birthday Shirlie!!!

I hope you have a fantastic birthday and that this coming year is a great one for you.

It's been great getting the chance to correspond with you over the past several months and I hope to have the opportunity to chat with you more in the upcoming year. You are a really sweet and special person.

I wish you all the best on this special day!



All the best Shirlie.....your still looking gorgeous!!!

Have a great day,

PS Thanx for all your help with 'gnotes'...much appreciated.


Happy birthday, Shirlie! Thank you so much for all you do for The Man's fans and on-line fan clubs! We appreciate it!

Hope you have a great b-day and a wonderful year!



Dear Shirlie,

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Shirlie.. happy birthday to you! *lol*, great that I'm able to sing you a birthday song this way without the embarrassing sound of my voice! :o) blow out the candles and make a wish...

Even though you've accomplished much more in life than I did, I think at the end of the day we both end up with the same simple wishes: happiness and health, not only for ourselves.. but for our children, family, and the people we love and care for. So, I hope you get all this and more, because you certainly deserve it!

And thanx for doing such a great job at Aegean, you must be getting a stack of email from "crazy" fans just like me, sometimes with really silly questions and yet you always manage to stay nice to us! :)

love ya lots,


Dear Shirlie,

We wish you a very happy birthday! Thank you so much for all the years of fun, and, of course, thank you for all the help you've given the fans in the last year. You're a wonderful asset to ĘGEAN.

We wish you loads of happiness in the coming year! :)

Melanie and Shannon
Yours Only George

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