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September-October 1998 Question

If you could travel back in time to meet George,
when would you choose to meet him and why?

Well, if I really had the chance to meet George I think I would liked to be able to be there for him during some of his hard times in life. I would never ask for anything in return from him. Trying to get him trough hard times, to offer him my support would be enough.

love from Celine.

I'd like to meet him now, as he seems to be very happy with his life now.


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I would like to meet George at any time of his (or my) life; to be honest I still hope that it will happen one fine day. Answering your question I would say I would like to meet him at the worst time of his life, when he needed support and understanding. As every man in this world he has had such time, though since I like him very much I wish him all the best in his future.


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I would like to have met George when he went from his "Faith" transition to "Praying For Time." He seemed to have some interesting views and I would want ask him about those views.


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If I could meet Mr. Michael at any point in his career it would be during the Wham! years because although I really liked his Faith album and I loved Andrew's Son of Albert album,they did some of my favorite songs when they were Wham! and I would give my soul to the devil to either go back in time and see them then or have them get back together now and do some new stuff together. Mr. Michael, Mr. Ridgeley, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get back together and save me from the malarcy people consider music today.

Jonathan McLeroy

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If I could meet George at anytime in his life it would be when he was a depressed teenager and thought that nobody ever fancied him, so that I could go out with him!

Well its a good idea isn't it?
Amy :-)

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I would take the chance to meet him since ten years ago, I think at time he wasn't gay?

Cheers from Sam

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Unfair Question.

I could say yesterday on until forever. I could say from the day he was born. I could say on the day he realized who he is.

I will have to say the time that would mean the most would have been to be with him in his past before all his pain came so I could have maybe helped in some way to have worked him around all the nasty people that tried to attach on to his light and burn it out and use it up before he could find out his own worth (NOT $ WORTH) .

The reason why I would pick this time would only explain how I to am no better than the others. My reason for wanting to be with him at this time is because I feel I have been cheated out of music that I know he did not write or could not write because of what was taking place around him. I HAVE BEEN CHEATED. And unless I am allowed to go back in his past and some how retrieve this music it is lost forever GONE! GONE! GONE! My soul cries when I think about this. I am not a loony love lorn fan of Mr. Michael's, but I do enjoy his word and music to a point of where it can make others think so. Some people do not express them self very well, THIS MAN DOES IT VERY WELL WITH NO SHAME. What more could a soul ask for. I am given what I need when I listen to Mr. Michael.

I find Mr. Michael to be a special man with the talent of some one who has the ability to do good things for others but in his world doing good things seems to be a bad thing. I am so sorry for this and I wish that he did not have to spend so much time running around in the circle of money hungry people which could have and some what has sucked the life out of him. He has done very well in spite of all the brick walls and I hope that he continues to do so.

Lauren M. White

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Today, because I finally have to courage to tell him how I feel about him and to ask him if I could take him out for dinner and a movie!

Jim Koch

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so in answer to the question.

i would have loved to have shared george's thoughts while he was constructing...OLDER

Geoff Hopkins

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I would have liked to meet George before fame. The year 1979, to be exact. It would have been neat to see Yoggie and Andy then.

Leleo Kristofresonn

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I'd like to go back to the time when his mother passed. My mother was dying of cancer at the time (she passed about 3 months later) and I think I could have been of some comfort to him, or vice versa. It's been over a year since I lost my mother and I know it would have been some relief to me, and it could have changed many stupid choices I made soon after, if someone had been there for me to talk to and confide in.


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Hey, I would like to meet George when he was happy with his self, and having a great time. Maybe in a pub or something like that. Somewhere where I could have a good nice chat with him. It doesn't matter where!

Greeting, Marille Polak

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If I could travel back in time I would have liked to meet George during the Faith Tour.

Joanne LaDouceur

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There is no specific time I would l like to go back in time to see/meet George Michael. All the work he has done throughout his career since the "Wham" days has been excellent in all ways possible. His music, videos, talent and most of all George as a person are very hard to beat buy anyone else by far!!

Keep up the good work!

I must say "Outside" is a excellent piece of work as usual!!

Regards Mike.

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I would have liked to have met George right after Faith was released. My room was plastered in his pics, and oh, the dreams I had about him then!

Jennifer Waters

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october 20 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia. to see if he received a certain poem about WHAM!


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when would I like to meet George, well, that is a good question, In the beginning I was'nt sure if I liked George Michael, I liked his music and his presentation on stage. now, however, I think way to go George, and I wish the media would leave him alone, other than for publicity reasons, what he does on his own time is his business, and that's the way it should be. I feel he has grown musicaly and personaly, I would like to meet him at anytime of his carreer, having a brother in the music bus. and seeing how hard it is and how much they go through just to get to where they want to be, I have nothing but respect for all musicians, especially ones like Mr. Michaels that is'nt afraid to express himself privately and in his music, and also keep his sanity and sense of humour.

So, in conclusion I say Way to go George Michaels, and never stop being you.

Yours forever
Dawn (Mistybrowneyes)

just to see what kind of things he did as a kid and what kinds of friends he had . and see how he got where he is today and who was an infulaence on him in the music world. and what was his first job. thanks margaret v. sunshine

If I could travel back in time to meet George, I'd probably go back to around the time that he'd go bug collecting early in the morning, singing songs to himself. I'd like to meet him as a child who is just starting out on life's trail because it would give me a better understanding of who he is now.


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