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Wham! Memories

Hello George!

I already posted a birthday message. But I wanted to thank you for being you! My best friend and I lost contact for a couple of years was lost not knowing where she had moved, but it wasn't until I found out through the Internet you were coming out with a new album that got me going in search of my friend. I found her and it has been great since. She is the only one personally around me that understands why I am such a great admirer of you. We have so much in common but the love of your music makes us so close. Even if you stopped recording (please don't :) ) We have a tremendous amount of memories to share. I also have enjoyed all the people I have met over the Internet thanks to them I rediscovered you. We love you have a happy day:) !!!


Darlene Morehead


(yes there are fans here!)

I am posting June 25th at approx.. 11:10pm

Wham! Memories. For reasons I don't fully understand and much to my regret I missed the Wham! days. One day I heard George singing 'Father Figure' and thought 'wow'. Had to have more. I went to the record shop and asked what else GM had recorded. This arrogant young man told me, 'nothing other than Wham! And you won't like them'. Not only arrogant but also just plain stupid. I bought Music From the Edge of Heaven and was lost. Of course, I had to find the rest...then the videos ..etc ....etc ... I've tried to make up for missing the 'live' days but I missed them and can't get them back. And I get just as sad as those at the concert when I see 'The Final' video. An end to a wonderful era.

~ De

What's my favorite Wham! memory? Probably the first time I ever heard 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go'. It was December '84 around the time it hit number one in the States. I was terribly upset that day about something that had happened at school (I was nine at the time) and about to start doing my math homework. I glanced over at the TV set and saw George bouncing around in those pink and white shorts and was hooked from that moment on. It was the first time I ever saw a video that I never wanted to end. So that is what Wham! meant to me; a frothy, sweet confection that was always over far too soon.

~ Tara

The George Michael FAQ

My favorite Wham! song is A Different Corner it just brings out the soul of a hurt and one of those relationships that should not have happend and when it did it was the best thing that did happen but it was over and one of those memories that will never go away but will never be the same again I know it really was not a Wham! song but it came through so clear and sad that it eclipsed all the "bubblegum pop" that we were so used to.

Hello George and Happy Belated Birthday!!!

To me Wham is not just a memory...I still listen to Music from the Edge of Heaven while I am in my car. And over the past few years this amounted to a lot of time because I was working full time and going to school. I even blast my LP wham singles when I am home by myself (Everything She Wants and Careless Whisper are my favorites).

Unfortunately, because I live in Ohio I never did get to see a tour. However, Wham holds a special place in my heart because beginning in late October of 1984 I missed 3 months of school due to chronic mono. I was too sick to go anywhere...even on Thanksgiving or Christmas. The only thing that cheered me up was my Fantastic and Make it Big Albums and the videos on MTV (I know it sounds really pathetic but it is really true). I was so bored out of my mind but I had fantastic music to listen to. I also remember staying up late to watch the making of "Do they know it's Christmas" on MTV.

Thank you George for the many many years of incredible music!


Hello George,

I'm from Cairo, Egypt and we all love you here. I hope you read this. I have all your albums; I've been collecting them all throughout the years. They are fantastic. Your music really moves me and I have several favorite songs of mine that always make me feel good. I used to share all your songs with my ex-girlfriend. We felt every note in every song. Uptil now your Careless Whisper is sung by all live bands here in the bars and hotels. You have an amazing voice and incredible talent. I wish I had your voice; I'm a singer as well. My favorite album is 'Listening without Prejudice': Waiting for the Day and Cowboys and Angels are my favorite. EVERY morning in the office I have to play To Be Forgiven to start my day. It's a sensational song. I'm very sorry about your mom. You can't believe how much I support you and appreciate you, as well as thousands of people that I know here. I congratulate you for "I Can't Make You Love Me". Brilliant!

We love you! Take care!

Ahmed Harfoush

Cairo, Egypt

PS: I missed posting your birthday greeting; I was out of town. I'm very unlucky.

Hello George,

I remember when I first saw the "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" video . My first impression was that both you and Andrew were really hot in your shorts and choose life t-shirts, (I always wanted one of those). After I got past the teeny bopper stage, I respected you for your music, because it is very beautiful and your voice is so dynamic ! My favorite Wham! song is, well I can't just decide on one. Quite a few artists today may have a great song or the radio, but only a few cuts on their CD's that I like , but I can say that all of your songs are absolutely wonderful and powerful. Elton John was right to say that you are one of the most talented artist to have come along.

I have a life long bond with my best friend Angie, because we both were and still are big fans of Wham! I wrote one of my High School term papers on you and Andrew right around the time you disbanded. Angie baked a cake for your 23rd birthday , I have those pictures in my old mail clipping box.

Your music just keeps getting better like a vintage wine. I saw you during the "Faith" tour at Alpine Valley in Troy, Wisconsin. You were great! The songs on LWP were the most touching songs. "Older" is such a deep album with very moving lyrics and music. I am so happy that you broke away from Sony and now doing things your way. I know that you will continue to move us with your music into the next century and beyond.

faithfully a fan,

Lisa Charkatz

Wow, I was a kid when I first heard "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go". Now that was and still is one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard and the video is just plain hilarious. It's so cute and it's a real contrast to George Michael today, an artist who has really developed unlike many other artists who just disappear once a certain fad dies out. My favorite Wham song would have to be "Wake Me Up Before You Go Go" as well as "I'm Your Man". I love it when George goes "Mr. Ridgeley, do your stuff"! I also think "A Different Corner" is just a ballad at its best. My favorite video? "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" of course!


Well, let's see. I can honestly say that until I moved back to America in 1986, I had not heard of WHAM. My mother liked "Wake me up, before you go, go..." and she used to play that WHAM album. I guess that was my first exposure. I was quite young at the time, but when I heard Careless Whisper, I thought I'd never heard anything that sounded so sensual, so mysteriously beautiful in my life. I had to hear more. It was an age of innocence, in which I had not yet learned the complications between the sexes. As I grew and matured into womanhood, I always listened to you George Michael, following your moves, letting you guide my thoughts and shape my sensuality. I was not surprised to learn that you are a cancer, as I am one as well. It should have shined through all your work. I shall always be looking for a way to talk with you, to let you know how you have shaped the woman I have become. Thank you,

Take care,

Eva Vanderhoof

I have loved Wham! from the very beginning, in '83-84, I was only in grade 4. I have followed both Wham! and George, till this day. In 85 Wham came to Toronto, which is where I am from and my sister and I went with my Uncle and mom, wearing our CHOOSE LIFE sweat-shirts. I remember screaming every word of every song and never wanting that moment to end. I cried when it was all over cause I was in love with Andrew and my sister George. We use to dance around in the backyard and pretend we were the band. Then in 88 I got to see George on his FAITH tour, wow what a concert that was. I have collected many WHAM and George Michael stuff, including videos, newspaper clippings, and magazine articles, and or course tons of pictures. I love Wham!, and I listen to them all the time, they are a feel good kind of band.

~ Andrea Reusch


My Wham! memory is basically just discovering that they existed over 13 years ago. For me when I first saw Wham! it became the center of my young life. I was fascinated by the friendships between George, Andrew, Shirlie and D.C. Lee. I remember proudly wearing my "Choose Life" and my two precious Wham! shirts to school. I memorized every video and appearance they made on t.v. The true friendships and love they had for each other made Wham! what it was. Wham! had a chemistry that can never be duplicated. George is the most talented artist EVER and there is just something about him that I knew from the very first time I saw him on television. He's just so sweet and caring and has the best sense of humor. I started writing like 40 page monthly letters to my cousin and co-webmaster Melanie from the moment I first saw George about how wonderful he was. And now nearly 14 years later after many different versions of our YOURS ONLY GEORGE fan club we've moved to the web and it's great to be in contact with so many dedicated George fans. Melanie and I have become best friends in addition to being cousins and we've had such fun over the past (nearly) 14 years. I will always adore Wham! and I'll always think of George as this sweet boy from Bushey.


I was nine when I first heard George and Andy on TV. My back was towards the TV but as soon as I heard the tune, I turned to face it, my eyes met the Wham band for the first time. I have since become their biggest fan.

I write this note with tears in my eyes, because I am now twenty-three and they are thirty-four, and I am probably never going to meet them. Their music didn't change the course of my life but it strenghtened me in times of sadness. When I am upset or angry all I have to do is play "Music from the Edge of Heaven" and it all feels better.

Their music, especially "a different corner", is music that soothes the soul...I miss you! What is sad about art is that it mirrors the feelings of the artist at the time and as the artist presents his art to the audience, he is exposing a genuine part of himself,... and sometimes that's what connects the artist to his true fan. Yes, a true fan is like family in the sense that he/she loves the artist unconditionally!

I don't own, not even a poster of either George or Andy; however, I have all of their music and books. It is your art I am interested in, and through your art, I know you!!!

Please E-mail me at Julie74@Prodigy.Net and tell me how Andy is doing because I don't hear from him anymore, and I worry. Tell George, "JUST BE YOURSELF, AND CONTINUE TO MAKE THAT FINE MUSIC YOU DO SO WELL!"


Well, I have a lot a memories as far as Wham! is concerned. The main one is how I heard Everything She Wants on the way home from school (I was about 8 at the time) and thought it was one of the best songs I had ever heard. When I got home I started watching MTV so I could find out who performed it, a few minutes later (after grabbing a coke) low and behold Andrew Ridgeleys on and talking about the song, I found out from this interview who he and George were and that they called themselves Wham! Then they played the video, and I was hooked. The next day I begged my mom to get The Make It Big album. And the rest as they say is history, loved the music then, still do. And yes, Everything She Wants was and is still my favorite song ever and I still think the video as Eric Cartman says a lot "Kicks Ass!"

Thanks to Mr. Michael and Mr. Ridgeley for making music that still helps me Enjoy What I Do.

Jon McLeroy

I believe it was early 1983. I saw the video of "Young Guns go for it". I was awe struck! So began my love affair with the music of George Michael. There was no great buzz, no legions of fan clubs, yet I knew the guy in that video was going to be a suprestar. Keep those songs coming George!


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