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George Michael News from July 2004

July 30, 2004
New Forums

Brett sends us a link to the George Michael Bulletin Board at the Concertfan site. Also, Maria tells us about

VH1’s Ultimate Number Ones: The Greatest

"Careless Whisper" is #16 of VH1's Ultimate Number Ones.

July 29, 2004
Much More Music

Ed tells us that George is #1 on Canada's Video Station.

New Forum

Round Here is the newest George Michael forum.

Alexa Quick Pick

Yours Only George is Alexa's Quick Pick on the information page for the official George Michael site. According to Alexa:

The Quick Pick is the most popular usage-based related link for a site.

Related links are created through several methods, and one of them is based on the surfing habits of Alexa Toolbar users. A computer looks at the millions of usage 'paths' that our users create as they surf and tries to find relationships between sites. When a lot of people go from Site A to Site B, the computer may make Site B a related link for Site A. These are usage-based related links, and if a site has them, the most popular one will end up being the Quick Pick.

July 28, 2004
More Press

Today's George Michael articles are:


FTC Clears Way for Sony-BMG Merger


Geri Halliwell y George Michael, contra el cáncer

VH1 Shows

See George Michael on VH1:

bullet 07.31.04 The Greatest: 100 Greatest Shocking Moments in Rock & Roll (40 - 21)
bullet 08.02.04 VH1 All Access: Awesomely Oversexed
bullet 08.03.04 I Love The 80s: 1984

July 26, 2004
Geri and George Make Up

Geri Halliwell and George Michael have put their past feuds aside, in order to host a charity event to be held at London's Royal Albert Hall. See more in:

bullet Geri and George Make Up (Thanks, Forsythia!)
bullet Geri Halliwell and George Michael become friends for charity
bullet Geri and George Make Up for Charity Event

Oprah Winfrey Show Repeated

Wayne tells us that the Oprah Winfrey show in which George appeared will be on again this Tuesday, July 27, 2004.

"Flawless" in Italy

Pat tells us that "Flawless" reaches #6 in the Italian Singles Charts (up from #13).

More Press

Today's George Michael articles are:

bullet Gratis-Musik für alle
bullet On religion and bad faith

July 23, 2004
Discography Pages Updated

The U.S. George Michael Discography and U.K. George Michael Discography pages have been updated with the "Flawless" artwork. (Amazon was late in adding the artwork to its site.)

July 22, 2004
Billboard U.S. Charts

Pat tells us that "Amazing" is #1 on Billboard's Dance Radio Airplay chart for the fourth week.

July 21, 2004
"Flawless" Mixes

GMFREEEK writes in to tell us:

"Flawless" mixes are available for Download from Apple USA via iTunes. You can use a Windows computer running Windows 2000 or higher or use an Apple Computer running Mac OS X and using iTunes 4.1 and higher. In order to buy music, you must have iTunes already installed on your computer. If you don't already have it, visit the following link:

July 19, 2004
Billboard "Flawless" Review

Wayne sends us this positive Billboard Magazine review of "Flawless."

July 16, 2004
Make It WHAM!

Gerry tells us that Make It WHAM!, the official George Michael Italian tribute band, will play live on the 22nd of July in Rome at 11:30 p.m. It will be on the side of Tiber river, between Sublicio and Palatino bridges in Rome. It will be a free entry concert to support the bigger organization to aid the gay community.

July 15, 2004
Billboard U.S. Charts

Wayne tells us that "Amazing" is #1 on Billboard's Dance Radio Airplay chart for the third week.

Warner scores Live Aid DVD

If you missed George's performance at Live Aid, you'll be able to buy the DVD for it when Warner puts out the historic four-disk Live Aid set on November 1 worldwide.

Message Board Links Updated

I have updated the message boards links page with a few more new message boards. If you know of any other message boards for George Michael fans, please let me know. As always, you can get your George Michael fix right here on the news page. :-)

George Michael on VH1 News

Last week, I posted that George was going to be on VH1 on July 9. I taped VH1, and didn't see anything on George. Could someone let me know if I missed something?

July 12, 2004
Official Forum Closing

I've decided to stop posting more articles on the closing of the official forum. All the articles are repeating the same information so I'd rather not contribute to the negativity.

On the positive side, there is a new unofficial George Michael forum available at

July 8, 2004
George Michael on VH1 News

Don't miss George Michael featured on VH1 News tomorrow -- Friday, July 9 in the 10 a.m. hour!

Official Forum Closing

I have to admit I'm very surprised by how the media has grabbed on to this story. Since Yours Only George once had a message board with maybe 1 percent of the traffic that the official one did, I have to say that I totally support George in his decision to close the official forum. I closed the Yours Only George message board months ago because of certain troublemakers that I didn't want to deal with anymore. Hmmm... maybe I started a trend!

Here are the newest articles:


George Michael ends chat to silence critics


People in the news


George Michael shuts door on own chat room

bullet Web insults close Michael's site
bullet George Michael closes website after 'upsetting' comments
bullet George loses patience with fans
bullet Singer closes 'negative' chatroom
bullet Fans slam George Michael in his chat room
bullet George Michael Closes Down 'Negative' Forum
bullet George Michael Ends Message Board
bullet George Michael shuts 'fan' Forum
bullet George shuts down 'bitchy' chatroom
bullet Fans Slam George Michael in His Chat Room
bullet Pop star George Michael silences the critics ... on own website
bullet Fans Slam George Michael in His Chat Room
bullet Michael closes 'negative' chatroom
bullet George Michael schließt seinen Chatroom
bullet George Michael schließt seinen Chatroom

July 7, 2004
Official Forum Closing

As many of you already know, George Michael is closing the forums on the official site. In the forum, George says:

Closing The Forums - Message From George (6th July 2004 until 20th July 2004)

Hi everybody, this is George.

I'm afraid that, having visited the forums on a regular basis over the past few months, simply to see how you guys thought the album/interviews/promotion were going, I have decided to close them down. As many of you will know, much of my reasoning for the future is to stay away from the negativity of the media, I think that it is bad for me and for music in general, so I find it really sad to see the forums so packed full of negative comment, and that so many genuinely positive fans find themselves defending me (or themselves) constantly against attack. How pointless. There are plenty of places to read people slagging each other off, but I wasn't trying to create one in opening the Forum. Those of you that want to carry on the media's work will have to do it somewhere else I suppose....

Things will stay the same for the next two weeks, so that those of you who have made friendships can decide which other sites to meet at, and then the rooms will close. I feel bad for those of you who have always been supportive, but I'm afraid I want nothing to do with the bitching that has evolved between some members, (many members), and perhaps unofficial sites will be a calmer affair.

Sorry guys, but that's the way it goes... Peace and Love...or nothing at all.

Love as always.

George xx

Additional information is in:


George Michael Shuts Down "bitchy" Chatroom (Thanks, Wayne!)


Log me off before you go-go


George silences fans


George Michael sluit internetforum

If you're looking for other George Michael forums, please visit the message boards links page on this site. If you know of any other message boards for George Michael fans, please let me know. As always, you can get your George Michael fix right here on the news page. :-)

Revealed: the Feud between Acclaimed Scots Director and George Michael

If you remember the Wham! In China documentary, you'll want to read: "Revealed: the Feud between Acclaimed Scots Director and George Michael."

Billboard U.S. Charts

Frank alerts us that Patience moves up from #49 to #35 this week on the Billboard 200.

Michael tells us that "Amazing" is #1 on Billboard's Dance Radio Airplay chart.

U.K. Charts

"Flawless" enters the U.K. Charts at #8 this week. (Please also see "The Official UK Top 75 Singles." Thanks, Pat!)

More Press

Today's George Michael articles are:


Eminem, la persona más influyente de la industria musical, según Q-magazine


Disco de Oro

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