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George Michael News from September 2004

September 30, 2004
Does Barina Still Make It Big?

Here's a bizarre article comparing George to a car: "Does Barina Still Make It Big?"

September 29, 2004
Patience Photos

You can view more than 130 photos of George's promotion for Patience at WireImage.

September 27, 2004
Best Download Award

"Amazing" has been nominated for the Best Download Award in this year's Digital Music Awards.

September 24, 2004
Party for Kenny

Annet sends us "Michael Throws Star Studded Party."

Bowling for Soup

How difficult was it for Bowling for Soup to recreate the "Faith" video? Find out in "Bowling For Soup LP So Upbeat."

September 20, 2004
Little Britain Appearance

George Michael is to appear on hit BBC comedy show Little Britain. He has filmed a sketch with Matt Lucas and David Walliams, for a special episode to be shown on Comic Relief night, in February. For more information:

bullet George Michael to appear in hit UK comedy
bullet Singer gets Little Britain role
bullet George Michael to appear on Little Britain
bullet George Michael turns a comic for "Comic Relief"
bullet George Michael appears on 'Little Britain'

September 17, 2004
George Michael Has Laryngitis and Cancels

It has been reported by Reuters and the official website that George has pulled out of his first live concert for five years due to take place at the Royal Albert Hall this coming Sunday after being struck down by laryngitis. He is said to be very disappointed to be missing the show and will make a donation of 50,000. (Thanks to Julian, GMFREEEK and Annet!)

You can read more at:



Ill George Michael Cancels Charity Event


Ill George out of comeback show


George Michael pulls out of gig


Laryngitis Forces George Michael Out of Charity Gig


George Michael pulls out of concert

Billboard U.S. Charts

Pat tells us that "Flawless" drops from #6 to #12 on the latest Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart for the week of September 18, 2004.

September 16, 2004
George Michael Stalker

Here's more on the George Michael stalker:

bullet George Michael's underfloor stalker (Thanks, Arnold!)
bullet Michael Stalker Watched him for Four Days (Thanks, Annet!)
bullet Gay George Michael has a rabid female fan!
bullet The Fan Under George Michael's Floor
bullet Stalker 'lived' under George's floorboards
bullet Stalker In George's House

GQ Interview

You can view the GQ Interview here.

September 14, 2004
"Round Here"

Sony Music UK is reporting that the new single "Round Here" will be available on a two-track CD, a special three-track CD with the video, plus limited edition 12 vinyl.

September 10, 2004
Next Single: "Round Here"

The official site says that "Round Here" will be the next single and will be released on October 25, 2004. The video, directed by Andy Morahan, will premiere at the end of September.

George Michael Still Attracted to Women

I guess the title tells you everything: "George Michael Still Attracted to Women" (Thanks, Annet!)

"Madonna Tried to Seduce Me"

George Michael was once the focus of Madonna's attention, despite him being gay, according to the star. Gotta watch those girls from Michigan, George! See more in:

bullet George Michael: "Madonna tried to seduce me"
bullet George Michael found Madonna sexy!
bullet GQ Daily News

George Michael "Contemplated Suicide"

George Michael credits his boyfriend Kenny from keeping him from committing suicide following his mom's death. Three cheers for Kenny! See more in:

bullet George Michael admits considering suicide
bullet George Michael 'contemplated suicide'
bullet George Michael Considered Suicide
bullet George Michael contemplated suicide after mother's death (veteran singer?????)
bullet George was near Suicide

GQ Awards

Don't miss this picture of George at the GQ Awards.

September 9, 2004
Billboard U.S. Charts

Pat tells us that "Flawless" drops from #1 to #6 on the latest Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart for the week of September 18, 2004.

Sony Announces SingStar Party

"Faith" is featured in SingStar, which allows you to sing along to songs in a karaoke style while the game measures the pitch, tone and rhythm of your voice and scores you.

GQ Awards

"Taking the Michael" has additional information on the GQ Awards and Kenny. The Sun also has a photo from the awards ceremony.

September 8, 2004
GQ Awards

Catch George on the cover of GQ UK and in the celebrity photos for GQ Men of the Year 2004. You can also read more in "George Michael Dubbed 'Bent.'"

September 7, 2004
GQ Awards

George Michael received an award from GQ for his lifetime contribution.

Collins English Dictionary

George Michael has been dumped from the latest desktop edition of the Collins English Dictionary.


Michael tells us about a new George Michael book in French called Unique. You can read more about it at

Ultimate 80's Retro Music Page

I ran into this site and thought you'd all enjoy this site: The 80's Retro Music Page had more than 1500 Lyrics to all your favorite songs, 1800 selected 80's biographies of the groups we all loved, 80's arcade games - like Pacman, Frogger, Centipede, Q-Bert, etc.., 80's quizzes, 80's lyrics, and a 80's yahoo-style directory for everything that went on during the late 70's and 80's, and lastly the 'Children of the 80's', a short essay going through the decade - world events, sports, and music.

September 3, 2004
Billboard U.S. Charts

Frank tells us that "Flawless" is up from #2 to #1 on the latest Billboard Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart for the week of September 11, 2004.

September 2, 2004
Ticket Scam

GMFREEEK tells us that the official site is warning fans about a concert ticket scam. The official site says that George will not be performing in November.

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