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George Michael News from February 2007

February 26, 2007
George Michael Reveals He Still Won't Quit the Deadly Weed

George Michael Reveals He Still Won't Quit the Deadly Weed:

"I wish I'd never started smoking pot," admits George, 43. "It soothes my soul but it also destroys my voice. I am addicted to marijuana - I need it to stay creative.

"The purpose of it is to create a daze. That's why a lot of musicians smoke it - me included. I know I shouldn't do it. It definitely makes the walls of my boxes tumble down. Sometimes when I'm writing songs, I struggle for hours to find the right expression. Then I smoke a joint and five minutes later, I've finished the verse. Maybe I'm lucky that it has this effect on me but I still regret I ever started."

February 16, 2007
Dinner with Kenny Goss and George Michael

'Amazing' start to film fest:

Following the Ferragamo show on March 7, there will be a $500-per-person dinner for 75 people at the Highland Park home of Kenny Goss and George Michael. (Proceeds from that dinner will benefit the Dallas Contemporary.)

February 14, 2007
George Michael and Kenny Goss: A Pop Romance

George Michael and Kenny Goss: A Pop Romance

What's life like for one of the most famous couples in showbiz? Tracey Emin hooks up with George Michael and Kenny Goss - and discovers that beyond the world of private planes and screaming fans, there's an everyday love story

February 13, 2007
Wham! Reunion at new Wembley Stadium!

Ryan sends us "Wham! Reunion at new Wembley Stadium!" The articles says that George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley are planning a spectacular Wham! reunion show at the new Wembley Stadium.

"Wham! Tipped to Reunite" has additional information.

George to Couple Up

Ryan also sends us "George to Couple Up," which says:

He told SkyNews, "I love touring and it has also given me new ideas for songwriting too. Ideally I would love to get a bunch of duets together but not just covers, I want to write new songs that we could sing."

George has his eye on Duncan James, along with Natasha Bedingfield and he may even kiss and make up with his old chum Sir Elton John.

The 50 Men Who Really Understand Women

The 50 Men Who Really Understand Women:

39. George Michael, 46

Who: Singer, songwriter

Why: Because he's been writing songs that women love for 25 years.

He says: 'I will be your father figure, I have had enough of crime, I will be the one who loves you, until the end of time.' We say: 'You put the boom boom into my heart, you send my soul sky high when your loving starts.'

February 9, 2007
Music and Lyrics

The new Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore movie "Music and Lyrics" interviews have had quite a few references to Wham! or George Michael, which is a bit concerning because Hugh Grant plays a washed-up 80s pop star. If you watch the trailer, you will get a Wham!/Duran Duran feeling, and I swear I had a flashback to the famous George Michael "shake your ass" move.


"Music and Lyrics" Review: "Grant plays a washed-up eighties pop star called Alex Fletcher who's reduced to playing at US county fairs, high-school reunions and the like to women of a certain age who recall him in his George Michael-esque heyday."


Grant, Barrymore in tune with Music: "That spot-on music video belongs to Pop—!-an unmistakably Wham!-type outfit, in which Hugh Grant’s Alex Fletcher essentially functioned as the Andrew Ridgeley of the group."


I love the sound of my own voice: Grant stars as one Alex Fletcher, who in the '80s was part of chart-topping duo PoP (whose hilarious flashback video evokes unmistakable echoes of Wham!).


Are Barrymore and Grant the new ''it'' couple?: His Wham-like band used to be called "PoP," and he does lots of medleys of past hits.


Barrymore & Grant: His stammering charm suits the character of Alex Fletcher; essentially the Andrew Ridgeley (if you don’t know, ask your parents . . . or Wikipedia) of the UK ’80s band Pop, a mousse-haired hybrid of Wham! and Duran Duran.


The Right Note: The satire is notable – the writhing but odd pop princess, the Eighties pop songs that are a direct amalgamation of Wham!, Spandau Ballet et al, and the mention of a celebrity has-been’s boxing reality show.


"Music and Lyrics" Review: Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant) is a former 80's pop icon thanks to his world-conquering band Pop - think Wham!-meets-Duran Duran.


All About Me!: He's a washed-up '80s pop star (think the Andrew Ridgeley half of Wham! crossed with the Bill Nighy character from Love, Actually)

bullet Hugh Grant wants George Michael: Actor Hugh Grant has said that if anyone is going to play him onscreen, it should be George Michael.

George Michael Coming to Romania

Thomas sends us:

George Michael coming to Romania!
published in issue 3864 page 14 at 2007-02-04
Bucharest - The famous singer George Michael prepares the Romanians a big surprise.

According to a material published by “Averea” newspaper, the pop-star is in an advanced stage of negotiations in relation to the performance of a mega-concert, which seems to take place in Bucharest on May 14. The show will be “staged” by E! Magic Entertainment, the company which during this summer will also organize the concert of the legendary band Rolling Stones. The spring of 2007 appears to be hot. With two mega-concerts: The Rolling Stones and George Michael, both famous names of the international musical world. These are coming after two other great shows whose leading characters were Depeche Mode and the Columbian origin singer Shakira. The organizers have thus managed to open the Romania public appetite for quality music and great names, that are worldwide renowned.
by Nine oClock

Young Guns Sing for It

Young Guns Sing for It:

Although they haven't released an album themselves for six years (making music entirely from bits of other people's music clearly takes time), the Australians recently posted a Wham! remix on The obscure choice of song - A Ray of Sunshine, an album track from Wham!'s least-known release, 1983's Fantastic - implies the Avalanches are full-on Wham! aficionados. The remix also proves they haven't lost their touch, as they match the snappy electro-groove of Digitalism's Zdarlight with George Michael's breezy refrain, "Move it, move it baby/ Can't you see I'm ready to dance." Anyone hunting this year's Ibiza dancefloor smash should look no further.

February 6, 2007
George Michael Just Another Dallasite

George Michael just another Dallasite:

Just five weeks ago, George wrapped up his Twenty Five Live tour of Europe. Thursday night, George and Kenny dined at Stephan Pyles restaurant in the Arts District with Kenny's brother, Tim Goss, and his wife, Joyce, who works at Kenny's Goss Gallery.

The gallery, which specializes in photography, is sponsoring a photography contest for high school seniors. Kenny and George spent some of their Dallas time examining entries.

Adding to the George Michael-Dallas buzz was George's manager Michael Lippman. Thursday night, the music impresario arrived here with his wife, Nancy, to be George and Kenny's houseguests.

February 5, 2007
'80s Band Wham! Reportedly Set to Reform

'80s Band Wham! Reportedly Set to Reform:

Sources say that George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley are going to reform Wham!.

The '80s pop duo, whose hits include "Club Tropicana" and "I'm Your Man," are reportedly planning to fly out to the U.S. this summer to start recording tracks for a new album, with the possibility of a tour later.

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