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George Michael News from April 2007

April 27, 2007
Just Jack Has a Pot at George

Just Jack Has a Pot at George:

George has been telling friends he's finding it very hard to stay silent about the trial.

He told one pal: “You know how open I can be. It’s the only time my lawyer has begged me to keep my mouth shut.”

April 25, 2007
George Michael Has Court Term on Bucharest Concert Date

George Michael Has Court Term on Bucharest Concert Date:

Singer George Michael, charged with reckless driving under the influence of illegal substances, is due to appear in court on May 31, the same day he should perform his concert in Romania, on national stadium Lia Manoliu.

The opening of the trial and the first hearing are to take place May 8 in London and the following hearings are scheduled for May 30, May 31 and June 8.

“It cannot affect the concert to take place in Bucharest,” general manager of Modus Production, Stefan Morosanu said. “We have a solid contract signed with the artist and if he needs to solve his problems he will do it without delaying the show.”

April 24, 2007
George Adds Court Date to Euro Tour

George Adds Court Date to Euro Tour:

Singer George Michael is set to appear in court the day before he appears at Wembley Stadium following a ruling by a district judge.

The trial of the 43-year-old former Wham! star has been listed to start on May 8, followed by the dates of May 30, May 31 and June 8 after a preliminary hearing at Brent Magistrates' Court in north west London.

George Michael in Portugal

Westwood send us "Diário de Coimbra" and "Correio da Manhã."

April 20, 2007
The Godfather

Kenny Goss will be the godfather to Geri Halliwell's daughter.

Logo to Premiere Freddie Mercury Tribute

Logo to Premiere Freddie Mercury Tribute:

LGBT cable network Logo will premiere a documentary tribute to Queen front man Freddie Mercury, who died of complications from AIDS in 1991. Freddie Mercury: Magic Remixed will feature celebrity interviews with George Michael, Elton John, Robbie Williams, and others who knew the singer. Intermixed with interviews will be concert and private footage of Mercury.

April 19, 2007
George Michael's Crew Arrives to Inspect Concert Conditions in Bulgaria

George Michael's Crew Arrives to Inspect Concert Conditions in Bulgaria:

The crew of George Michael will arrive to Bulgaria on April 18 to start preparations for his upcoming concert in the country.

Michael will perform on May 28 at Lokomotiv stadium.

April 18, 2007
Piano that Belonged to John Lennon to Be Photographed at Davidian Site

Piano That Belonged To John Lennon To Be Photographed At Davidian Site:

As part of an effort “to promote peace and bring an end to violence,” a piano that belonged to former Beatle John Lennon will be photographed on the site of the Branch Davidian compound outside of Waco Thursday on the 14th anniversary of the deadly fire that ended the 51-day standoff between federal agents and followers of Davidian leader David Koresh.

Musician George Michael and Dallas gallery owner Kenny Goss are partners in the project to photograph the piano, on which Lennon composed “Imagine” in 1971, at “locations in the United States and across the world where horrific acts of violence have taken place in order to spread the message of peace.”

“Both George and Kenny believe that the recent events in Virginia remind us that violence is unfortunately a part of our everyday life,” said Caroline True, the project’s creative director.

Half of the Tickets for George Michael Concert Sold

Half of the Tickets for George Michael Concert Sold:

Over half of the tickets for the concert to be performed by George Michael on May 31 on ‘Lia Manoliu Stadium’ in Bucharest have been sold, according to Stefan Morosanu, General Manager with Modus Production, organiser of the event.

April 12, 2007
Lennon Piano Part of Protest

Lennon Piano Part of Protest:

The piano John Lennon used while composing the song “Imagine” — now currently in the possession of singer George Michael — was placed just in the protest area located on the corner of Avenue J and 12th Street as a silent protest.

Michael, a self-professed pacifist, recently began work on a documentary of sorts, transporting the piano to various locations around the country where, as the project’s creative director Caroline True described it, extreme acts of violence have occurred.

April 9, 2007
Win VIP Tickets to See George Michael at Hampden

Neha sends us "Win VIP Tickets to See George Michael at Hampden."

George Michael Says Wham! Will Not Reunite

Neha also sends us: "George Michael Says Wham! Will Not Reunite," which states:

He explains, "I've never been tempted because Wham! was of its time. When the group started, Andrew and I were both kids. We were at an age where how you were developing as a person was just as important as the songs you were writing.

"It all made sense then but at this point, a Wham! reunion doesn't make any sense."

George Michael on Touring

Neha sends us the "I Feared I would Never Tour Again":

He says, "I ended the 80s very afraid to tour again. I was frightened of that level of celebrity. "I was so distressed that I could never imagine going on the road again."

"It's not the performance which scares me - going on stage and singing is natural to me. But I had terrible nightmares and it got to the point where I could hardly sleep. In one dream I would be on stage and discover the band had forgotten to rehearse the songs. In another, I was up there semi-naked. "It was very nerve-wracking."

Mut's Tut for Babes

Mut's Tut for Babes:

Ex-Sugababe Mutya Buena said: "I'm closer to George Michael than I am to them now.

She said: "He is a lovely man. He was on the phone to me all Friday trying to calm my nerves.

"I can't believe that I can call a legend like him a friend!"

April 5, 2007
Nearly 300 People to Work on George Michael Concert in Bulgaria

Nearly 300 People to Work on George Michael Concert in Bulgaria:

Organisers of the George Michael concert in Bulgaria said that the show will be unique in terms of equipment and the social message it will send.

Equipment for the concert will arrive to Bulgaria in 30 cargo trucks, 11 buses and additional vehicles, reported.

A crew of more than 200 people will also arrive to work on setting up the equipment and stage for the show. Nearly 100 other people from Bulgaria will assist the main crew. The stage will be constructed in four days.

Star Grazing

Star Grazing:

Where have our favourite celebrities been spotted eating and drinking? Our spies have been on the case.

George Michael - 04/04/07

Sssh! George Michael was spotted lunching with friends at Hush in Mayfair. Sir Mick Jagger spiced up a business meeting recently with lunch at Indian restaurant Benares, while ex-Big Brother’s Danielle Lloyd was snuggled up with her latest squeeze TV presenter Nick Knowles at Embassy.

Hush, 8 Lancashire Court, Brook Street, London W1

April 3, 2007
John Lennon's Iconic "Imagine" Piano to be Photographed at Memphis' National Civil Rights Museum on Anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Assassination

Musician George Michael Wants Image to Commemorate Peace; Second Stop of Tour of Historic Sites in the U.S.

MEMPHIS, Tenn., April 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The following was released today by Goss Gallery:
WHAT: The famous piano on which John Lennon composed "Imagine" in 1971 is being sent to Memphis by superstar musician George Michael and will be photographed at the historic site of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's assassination. "Our deepest wish is to imagine a world of peace, a world without violence. We believe this is a message that resonates with the remarkable vision of Dr. King and his dreams for mankind," said George Michael. "The selection of this site evokes a deep sense of emotion for everyone. Capturing the image of this special piano on which a song of peace was composed is part of the heart beat of this project." Michael and his partner, Kenny Goss, owner of Goss Gallery in Dallas, plan to have the piano photographed at significant locations in the United States and across the world where horrific acts of violence have taken place in order to spread the message of peace. A video documentary and a published volume of these iconic images are under development with plans to donate proceeds to charity.

The Memphis site, which is also the National Civil Rights Museum, is the second location in this project and the photo will be taken at 6:01 pm (CDT), Wednesday, April 4, to commemorate Dr. King's legacy. On Wednesday, the National Civil Rights Museum will host its annual commemorative candlelight vigil on the eve of the 39th anniversary of Dr. King's death. The program will feature excerpts from memorable Dr. King moments as well as song.

WHERE: The National Civil Rights Museum ( Memphis, TN

WHEN: Wednesday, April 4
2:00pm until 7:30pm Piano delivered and uncrated, moved to photo site at National Civil Rights Museum
6:01pm (approx.) Photo taken

WHO: Caroline True, creative director, Imagine Piano Peace Project Mike Maple, photographer

BACKGROUND: George Michael bought the piano on which John Lennon composed "Imagine", considered the most expensive piece of pop memorabilia, at an auction in October 2000 reportedly for £1.45m (US$2.1 million). The piano is considered priceless. However, some experts have put its value at US$8 million to $12 million.

The song, "Imagine," was first released in 1971 and was already John Lennon's most famous post-Beatles song, but it took on a whole new life of its own following Lennon's murder in December 1980. When first released, "Imagine" reached No. 3 in America and No. 6 in Britain but after Lennon's death in December 1980, the song gave him a posthumous No. 1.

Lennon bought the piano in December 1970, had it delivered to studios at his home in Tittenhurst Park in Berkshire, composed and recorded "Imagine" on it. The piano is a simple upright style instrument, not the white piano which graced the cover of the album. In 1992, it was bought by a private British collector who put it up for auction in October 2000.

Goss Gallery: Founded by Dallas native Kenny Goss, Goss Gallery ( is located at 2500 Cedar Springs Road at Fairmont in Uptown Dallas. Headed by curator/director and internationally recognized art advisor Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi, it is a contemporary art gallery featuring a rotating group of international young as well as established artists and was specifically created to reflect the feel and program of the leading galleries of London, Paris and New York, with regularly scheduled exhibitions of 20th and 21st century contemporary painting and photography.

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