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George Michael Fan-created Websites

The Box of Fame
Visit the first Slovak George Michael-related page with a large English and German section.

Club Wham!
Club Wham! is the newest Wham! website.

Colabear's House
This site houses the G NOTES song of the week feature. It also includes lyrics, RealAudio, and US/UK discographies.

Cowboys and Angels
This site includes midis, lyrics, photos, biography, and discography.

Ewa's George Michael Site
This site has links, photos, news, RealAudio files, lyrics, and more.

This site includes news, links, photos, and more!

Freedom 98
This Italian site has a biography, discography, trivia, RealAudio clips, and midi files in zip format. It's also home to the Freedom Italia mailing list.

Funky's George Michael
Take a look at this truly unique site, which has excellent drawings, cell phone logos, pictures, and links.

George Michael
Russian web-site about George Michael.

The George Michael & Kenny Goss Files
This site has current information about George and also has quite a few pictures of George and Kenny together. This site is truly dedicated to the BOTH of them. (Reviewed by YOGfriend Carrie.)

George Michael Concert Archive
The most comprehensive list of George Michael concert information through the decades.

George Michael Fanathitude
This French fan site includes news, photos, articles, links and much more.

George Michael Fantasia
A biography, discography, poll, pictures, and midis are just some of the things you'll find at this site.

George Michael Forum
This site includes a forum, news, interviews, pictures, lyrics and more.

George Michael Infos
This French site includes news, biography, discography, links, and more.

George Michael NL
This site includes news, tour information, and "Eli Stone" information.

George Michael Universe
Site includes video links, sound links, news, and more.

Here, There, and Everywhere
A site about George's performance at "A Concert for Linda."

Keeping the Faith
This site includes links, a live java chat, and a message board.

The Older Page
This page includes an MTV interview and song lyrics from Older.

PlanetGeorge is a multilingual site. This link will take you to information about joining the newsletter and more.

Playing For Time
This site contains a visual collection of the single and album covers for all the official UK Wham! and George Michael releases.

Songs for the Century
This site includes news, biography, discography, links, a message board, and more.

Star People GM
This French site has news, lyric translations, a biography, links, discography, and many more features.

Tati's George Michael Sci-Fi Art Page
Great special effects photos make this site a must see.

This site includes information on the 25 Live Tour.

Waterfall's George Michael page
Includes a biography and links.

Web without Prejudice
This French site includes a biography, news, links, photos, and lyrics.

This site includes chat room, photos, links, and more.

Yours Only George
Last but not least! ;-) This site features more than 100 George links, news, a message board, fan contributions, and more.

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