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George Michael Miscellaneous Links

For more recent articles, please visit the News.

George Michael's $3M Pad
This is a must-see! See the fabulous photos of George's former Santa Barbara house. Incredible!

Pop Idol: Your Views
The BBC has a page with views on the winner of Pop Idol. George, of course, is mentioned.

Hitting the Right Royal Notes
George's friendship with Princess Diana is mentioned in this article.

Hidden Hotels Reveal Party Isle's Quiet Side
This article reveals that George once stayed at Pikes.

George Michael
Biography of George Michael.

Sir Paul is 'Pop Billionaire'
George Michael made the Top 10 of the Sunday Express's "Rich List" for 2002 with £210m.

Kymaera has released a few CDs of George's music set to acoustic guitar.

Más información sobre George Michael
This Spanish information site has a biography on George.

Wort Laut
I'm not really sure what this one is about.

George Michael at the recording of "Desafinado"
Here's a photo taken during the recording of "Desafinado."

Get a George Michael Mug
Wake up to George Michael with your morning cup of Joe.

December 12, 1987
On December 12, 1987, George Michael topped the pop singles chart with "Faith."

Gap, Millennium, Dynegy, and... Boy George?
Here's an article on investments calls George's 80s music "weak."

C-Dub is Not in the Hizz-ouse
"Wham Rap!" gets a few lines in this article.

Vincens vill uppträda på gayklubb
I'm not sure what this article says but it mentions George.

The Final Wham!
Here is some information on what I think is a Wham! tribute band.

Italian article
This includes a review of a few George Michael sites.

Zoolander Review
You gotta love this reviewer of the Zoolander film, who says, "That lovable 'Wake Me up Before You Go-Go' gets played twice! To the history of pop culture, Wham! is officially no longer just the butt of a lame joke that Chandler once told on 'Friends.'"

Patriotic music fills the air
WVMX-FM (94.1) morning host Rob Carson has been playing George Michael's “Freedom” with audio clips interspersed.

Interview magazine
Mary J. Blige has given an interview to Interview magazine and talks about George.

Clash City Rocker
Joe Strummer of Clash discusses the "George Michael argument."

Top executive leaves EMI
George is mentioned as one of the acts signed by Nancy Berry.

My Music: Lifehouse
What song always makes Sergio of alternative rock band Lifehouse cry? "Careless Whisper" by Wham.

What's the most embarrassing CD you own?
Son of Albert
and Make it Big make the list.

Fatboy tops MTV birthday vote
George is mentioned as having three videos in the MTV top 100 videos list.

Make the Check out to Mrs. Ritchie
George is once again mentioned for having to pay to see Madonna in concert.

Final curtain for Richard and Judy
George called in to pay tribute to Richard and Judy during their final show.

Richard and Judy's swan song
George called in to pay tribute to Richard and Judy during their final show.

Stars come out for Aids benefit
George is once again mentioned as one of the stars who has been approached for an AIDS benefit.

Working Assets Sponsors "Equality Rocks" Concert to Further Support for Gay and Lesbian Rights
George is briefly mentioned in this article.

Tom Jones in Tune with Pavarotti
George is briefly mentioned in this article.

George Michael Jam
This site appears to be for a George Michael tribute band.

Leather fashion gets a savaging from McCartney
George is once again mentioned as likely to donate his services for free in an anti-fur film.

The name's Bond, James Bond
The author mentions how some readers would like George to be the next James Bond.

Pure Coincidence
I guess George's lyrics apply to everyone.

Lennon's stretch limo up for sale
George is mentioned in this article.

Lennon Piano on the Auction Block
The BBC has an article on a Lennon piano that was auctioned.

The George Michael Screen Saver
This screen saver includes 24 images in a slide show.

This Italian site has a section on George.

Limp Bizkit Song Meanings
Ya gotta have faith!

Mirror Pix
Search for about 70 George photos.

Andrew John Ridgeley: The Man and The Music
Everything you ever wanted to know about Andrew and then some.

Dan Gore As George Michael
Dan Gore is one of the most well-known George Michael impersonators around, and you'll see why when you see the photos on his site.

Star Seeker: George Michael
News and entertainment links are available at this site.

Little Pieces 3 - artworks by musicians
In 1994, the War Child organization asked more than 50 musicians to contribute small pieces of artwork for exhibition and auction. George's contribution appears at this site.

Live Aid - A Celebration
The main site on Live Aid.

Remember A Day: Live Aid
Part of a thesis that mentions a comment that Bob Geldof said about Wham!

George Michael
This page includes a biography, discography, and links.

OLGA: On-Line Guitar Archives
The On-Line Guitar Archives contain information for "Praying For Time," "Waiting," "Waiting For That Day," and "You Have Been Loved."

Simon Napier-Bell
If you want to read the scoop on the Wham! days, make sure to read through Simon Napier-Bell's daily post.

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