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George Michael News from June 2007

June 28, 2007
George Michael to Write Tell-all Book

George Michael to Write Tell-all Book:

George Michael is set to write a revealing book about his arrests and drug use.

The book, which will be ghostwritten by music journalist Rob Jovanovich, is also expected to talk about his "sexual freedom" and drug taking.

Goss Changing Its Name, Mission

Goss Changing Its Name, Mission:

After two years of hosting glam traveling exhibitions, Goss Gallery is going institutional.

Kenny Goss, the owner, and George Michael, his pop-music-star partner, have created the Goss-Michael Foundation to encourage Americans to learn about contemporary British art.

They've also rechristened the Uptown venue the Goss-Michael Collection. It will rotate displays of their holdings quarterly. That means no more works-for-sale shows by the likes of David LaChapelle, Kobi Israel and Mary McCartney.

The initiative includes a collection valued at $200 million, philanthropic support of the arts in Dallas and a lecture series. The nonprofit organization already has given two $5,000 scholarships, the George Michael Music and Kenny Goss Art scholarships, to students at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.

Today in Music History

Music Notes:

1986 The pop group Wham! drew a sellout crowd of 75,000 to their farewell concert at London's Wembley Stadium. Elton John duetted with Wham! member George Michael on Candle in the Wind. Wham!, a duo of Michael and Andrew Ridgeley, had sold more than 38 million records, and their foreign tours included a visit to China. Michael said he wanted to concentrate on songwriting and pursue a solo career, while Ridgeley planned to be a professional race car driver.

June 27, 2007
George Michael to Give Concert Receipts to Kids with Leukemia

George Michael to Give Concert Receipts to Kids with Leukemia:

Part of receipts from singer George Michael's additional concert in Moscow July 6 will be donated to a charity foundation helping children with leukemia.

The promoter for the British singer and songwriter's two concerts in the Russian capital, to take place at the Olimpiisky stadium July 5 and Luzhniki the next day, said money would be donated to the foundation Podari Zhizn, or Give a New Life.

Alexander Mironenko said the pop star had also given $25,000 to pay for treatment for a three-year Russian boy suffering from leukemia earlier.

French Media Impressed by George Michael's Performance in Sofia

French Media Impressed by George Michael's Performance in Sofia:

The French journalists were highly impressed that George Michael had canceled his concert in Germany and had chosen to support the unjustly arrested and sentenced to death Bulgarian medics in Libya.

June 26, 2007
George Michael's Birthday Party

bullet Ginger has Geri good pins
bullet A roll call of showbiz stars gather for George's birthday
bullet George and Geri Party
bullet Geri steals the show at George Michael's party

The event at the Berkeley Hotel started at 7pm with George being toasted by his friends and family with canapes and dozens of £125 bottles of Louis Roederer Cristal cuvee champagne.

Walking into the hotel's candlelit ballroom guests, who also included TV presenters Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan, were met with a series of birthday wishes projected on to a large plasma screen in the middle of the reception area along with a selection of Seventies disco hits.

They then enjoyed a £125-a-head dinner, with teams of silver service waiters bringing in caesar salad followed by sesame-crusted salmon served on a bed of avocado rice, fruit sorbet and a cheese course.

June 25, 2007
Happy Birthday, George!

Happy Birthday, George!

June 21, 2007
Wham! George Wows Plymouth Crowd

Wham! George Wows Plymouth Crowd:

INTERNATIONAL pop legend George Michael blew crowds away at Plymouth Argyle's Home Park Stadium last night.

Despite arriving an hour late Michael emerged through a wall of metal in the centre of the stage and launched into the song Fast Love.

June 20, 2007
George Hosts a Media Love-in

George Hosts a Media Love-in:

To get in a spectacular dig, courtesy of the tens of thousands of fans filling Wembley for the new venue's first gig. With his court case over bar the shouting (not including the 100 hours of community service), he was otherwise able to provide the sort of entertainment that we have grown used to during the last 25 years.

He thanked everyone for sticking with him so long. Twice, in fact. Once at the start and then a second time for the TV cameras.


Lorraine says a lot of George’s fanclub members are trying to get George to number 1 for his birthday. The plan is to get as many fans as possible to download Flawless from Napster, Tesco Downloads or iTunes.

Ivana Trump "Lost" Her Voice Cheering George Michael

Ivana Trump "Lost" Her Voice Cheering George Michael:

“It was such a wonderful night. I was dancing, singing along and cheering so much that I’ve lost my voice,” Trump said.

“It was a great venue. I was very impressed,” she said.

June 19, 2007
George Michael, Hampden Stadium, Glasgow

George Michael, Hampden Stadium, Glasgow:

A fanfare announced his arrival on stage, and although his slightly podgier profile betrayed the fact that he has been doing this for a quarter of a century now, George Michael's voice never faltered during his packed two-hour set. After four tracks, including cracking renditions of Fast Love and Too Funky, he decided to wish Glasgow a good evening and let the crowd know his intentions: to provide everybody with the night of their lives.

Keeping the Faith in a Pop Icon Pays Off

Keeping the Faith in a Pop Icon Pays Off:

So just as sculpted stubble and dressing all in black will never go out of fashion, his back catalogue also weathers well, particularly when presented together in a spectacular, stadium-sized format. It was highly appropriate that the first UK date of this celebratory tour was also the one that opened the new Wembley Stadium last weekend. One critic said of that performance: "To be part of this show was to be part of a party that will go down in history," though it was unclear whether this was meant for the stadium or for Michael himself. For the North London boy, it must have been an honour.

Star George Gets in the Swing

Yannis sends us "Star George Gets in the Swing."

GEORGE MICHAEL has found a legal way to chill out — swinging in a hammock underneath the stage before his shows.

He has insisted on the device to relax during his current tour, and no one dares disturb him.

June 18, 2007
George Michael to Appear in Extras?

George Michael to Appear in Extras?

Pop star George Michael is reportedly in talks to appear in the last ever episode of Ricky Gervais' sitcom Extras.

The former Wham! star will appear in the one-off Christmas special, which follows the first and second seasons last year.

June 15, 2007
George Michael's Anger over "Stalker" Release

George Michael's Anger over "Stalker" Release:

Pop star George Michael is furious with the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for releasing his alleged stalker.

He says, "In the last year and a half, I've had the CPS release a stalker who basically was sending me death threats and breaking into my houses.

"She broke into my house on seven occasions. Once she was living there for a week without me knowing. She's smashed windows. She's stolen money. She wore my clothes. I've seen her in my clothes on the street.

"The police arrested her on two occasions and put her in a cell, and on both occasion the CPS let her go.

"At the time, I didn't want to make too much noise about it. But she was very ill and I should know I am safe from someone like that who's sending me notes about Mark Chapman (Lennon's killer) and John Lennon. It's terrifying. I have to have locks put on windows and things like that, but the CPS didn't see fit to make me safe from her."

George Michael Thinks Nobody Takes Him Seriously

George Michael Thinks Nobody Takes Him Seriously:

He says, "I've actually been a bit of a laughable name since the early nineties. Since I took on Sony, everything went wrong there. From that point on, I didn't have the radio and I had some pretty bad publicity. The publicity in the last 18 months hasn't helped, and so I think I'm a bit of a joke. But it didn't really bother me anyway."

June 14, 2007
£80 and We Didn't Even See George

£80 and We Didn't Even See George:

Some fans who paid up to £80 for tickets to Tuesday's Carrow Road gig have voiced their disapproval at the poor planning which led to large speakers being placed in front of them and the big screens beaming the on-stage action to the rest of the crowd.

Recent Interviews with George Michael

Boris sends us:


George Michael 25 Live TV Interview June 2007 (Part 1)


George Michael 25 Live TV Interview June 2007 (Part 2)


George Michael 25 Live TV Interview June 2007 (Part 3)


George Michael TV4 Interview 2007

Norwich Concert

There is a gallery of George Michael's gig in Norwich as well as a fan gallery and TV report on the show.

Street Treat for George Fans

Street Treat for George Fans:

I bet George Michael can't wait for his City of Manchester Stadium gig on Friday night. For I hear the Coronation Street fan has invited the entire cast of the soap down to see his show - and is planning to entertain them all backstage afterwards.

George Still Pop King

George Still Pop King:

As hard as it may be to imagine, there was a time when George Michael was less a smorgasbord for tabloids to dine out on and more a glossy pin-up with an army of female adorers hoping one day to become the next Mrs Michael.

June 13, 2007
George Michael: The Review, the Pictures

George Michael: The Review, the Pictures:

He's not toured for 15 years, and has recently been better known for tabloid headlines, than for his hits. But as his world tour arrived in Norwich last night, SIMON PARKIN witnessed George Michael mania sweep Carrow Road.

Dallasite George Michael


Sometime-Dallasite George Michael may have beat the rap in a London court last Friday when he did not receive jail time for his "driving while unfit" case, but he was lucky to get out of London's Wembley Stadium after his Saturday show. He was the first musician to perform in the new Wembley, and The Associated Press is reporting that during the show, the concessionaires ran out of beer.

Stampedes have started in British stadiums for lesser offenses.

Mr. Michael can enjoy downtime in the Park Cities with his Dallas-raised partner, Kenny Goss, because, candidly, his career in the States has never been quite the sensation that it is overseas. He can go out in Dallas relatively unobserved, but in London, paparazzi are camped on his stoop.

His Saturday and Sunday shows at Wembley were both sold out with 70,000 fans each.

Music and Lyrics

Music and Lyrics, the story of a washed-up singer who is given a couple days to compose a chart-topping hit for an aspiring teen sensation, has made it to DVD. Many references to Wham! and Andrew Ridgeley were made when this movie was initially released. (See the news from February 2007 for specifics.) If you were a Wham! fan growing up in the 80s, you'll probably "get" all the jokes in this movie.

June 12, 2007
George Michael Concert Rolls in to Town

George Michael Concert Rolls in to Town:

The George Michael circus rolled into town last night as the artist prepared to perform before a sell-out crowd at Carrow Road.

Work to set up the stadium for the former-Wham! star's 25Live tour began six days ago with the main stage and pitch-covering being put in place.

But the bulk of the work took place over night as 20 trucks transported equipment ranging from video screens to the singer's wardrobe from Wembley where he opened the UK-leg of his tour on Saturday.

There had been fears the Norwich performance may never take place after he faced jail after pleading guilty to driving while unfit. However, he was given a two-year driving ban and 100 hours community service last week.

Muse Slammed George Michael’s Weekend Concerts at Wembley

Muse Slammed George Michael’s Weekend Concerts at Wembley:

The British band, due to play the same venue this weekend (June 16 and 17), decided that Michael being chosen to be the first act to play the new stadium was ‘a joke’.

Just to reiterate then. The band that most people can’t name anything by think it’s a joke that the new Wembley Stadium was opened by a global megastar who’s been in the music industry for 25 years. Just thought we’d make that clear.

VH-1 Behind the Music: George Michael

George Michael's Behind the Music will be on U.S. television on June 21 at 4 p.m.

Mojo Barriers with George Michael for First Wembley Stadium Concert

Mojo Barriers with George Michael for First Wembley Stadium Concert:

Mojo Barriers was the barrier supplier of choice when George Michael played the first event concert at the new Wembley Stadium supplying the touring barrier system from their Netherlands facility, supplemented by over 600m of barrier from the Mojo Barriers UK office.

June 11, 2007
Footage from Wembley Gig

Yahoo! UK has the online exclusive footage from George Michael’s Wembley gig from Saturday.

King George Rules New Wembley

King George Rules new Wembley:

George Michael sent 75,000 fans into a screaming delirium as he gave the new £793 million Wembley stadium with its first ever musical performance.

The 43-year-old performed for two-an-a-half hours moving through hits such as Fast Love, Too Funky and Father Figure.

Michael Makes History at Wembley

Lorraine sends us a link with photos and Michael Makes History at Wembley:

The north-London-born singer said it was an "amazing honour". "I have felt a huge association with Wembley from when I was a child," he told reporters.

On stage, he called his fans "the best, most patient in the world".

"I'm actually here, I don't believe it," he said.

"Before I get carried away with the evening's proceedings I would like to say, for these 25 long years, thank you so much."

Wembley Kicks Off with a Wham!

Wembley Kicks Off with a Wham!:

It's only eight miles from George Michael's Bushey roots to Wembley's gleaming new stadium. Yet, on Saturday when he became the first act to play there since its £793 million refurbishment met its construction deadline at the fourth time of asking, he had made the journey of his lifetime.

"Just think," he gushed, "I'm the first person to say 'good evening Wembley.'" And just to make sure he was undeniably the first, Michael eschewed support acts, thus keeping what he rightly anointed as "the most patient fans in the world" waiting for three hours with only the prospect of a £4.50 pie of indeterminate filling as distraction from the sun-kissed torpor.

The Guardian Review

The Guardian Review of Wembley:

It wasn't just his stadium skills - the teen-hunk-turned-midlife-crooner played his last show with Wham! at old Wembley in 1986 - or the hit-stuffed back catalogue. The real clincher was that he hasn't toured in 15 years, so this was as momentous for him as it was for the audience. Pent-up demand on both sides produced a pop lovefest that did justice to the occasion, and overshadowed those images from the day before, when he was sentenced to community service for driving while unfit.

On that subject, it can't go unsaid that Michael despises the media, and didn't refrain from repeatedly saying so. Decades from now he may decide it was a waste of energy to have urged the crowd to shout at the press box, "Kiss my hairy Greek ass," but in the short term, it seemed to cheer him up.

George Michael Puts Woes behind to Rock at Wembley Concert

George Michael Puts Woes behind to Rock at Wembley Concert:

Michael sat down for his third number "Father Figure" before being the first artist to yell "Good evening, Wembley!"

"I'm actually here, I don't believe it," he told the crowd to huge cheers.

"For the most amazing, God-given 25 years, I thank you all."

George Honoured by New Wembley Gig

George Honoured by New Wembley Gig:

Speaking to reporters before he went on stage last night, he said his court case had not affected his preparation "in the slightest".

He added: "It's just nice to have it out of the way."

He said he was very excited about the concert, adding: "It's an amazing honour."

George Michael Thanks Fans For Unwavering Support

George Michael Thanks Fans For Unwavering Support:

British pop star George Michael thanked his fans for their continued support last night as he played the first ever concert at London's new Wembley Stadium.

During the gig, Michael exclaimed, "F**k I'm actually here, I don't believe it. So before I get carried away with the evening's proceedings I would like to say, for these 25 long years thank you so much."

George Michael’s Las Vegas Jibe At Elton John

George Michael’s Las Vegas Jibe At Elton John:

George Michael took a bitchy swipe at artists like Elton John, Rod Stewart and Prince, who perform shows in Las Vegas.

“When I was 13 I had an ambition,” he told the crowd. “If it ever happened for me I’m not going to be in Vegas before I’m 65.

George Entertains 9000 Nurses

A note from Alison:

I would like to share with you some information.

George very often has bad publicity from the media, well lets give him a great big plug!!

I work as a nurse in the NHS, and as you know George played a concert last December at the round house in London to thank nursing staff who cared for his mother. I applied for tickets but was unsuccessful.

Imagine my surprise last Thursday when I received an email offering me 2 tickets for Sunday's show at Wembley!!!

We arrived yesterday and were kindly given 2 tickets face value £100 each, the seats were best in the house!!!

George was outstanding and did say during the concert " I know why we have such a good vibe here tonight, we have 9000 nurses in the audience, can we thank all the nurses" What a bloke. The whole of Wembley erupted.

I would thank him personally if I could, but I think all his fans and anyone reading this should know, what a kind gesture he made yesterday.

George Michael Expresses Interest in Damien Hirst Piece

George Michael Expresses Interest in Damien Hirst Piece:

Pop star George Michael is considering a £50 million offer for Damien Hirst's diamond-encrusted skull.

The singer and his partner Kenny Goss were given a private viewing of Hirst's work last week.

Covered in 8,601 diamonds, the work - entitled For the Love Of God - is the world's most expensive piece of contemporary art.

"Michael and Kenny took in a private viewing of the diamond-encrusted skull. They looked at the piece as a possible addition to their collection," a spokesman for the couple said.

June 8, 2007
George Michael Gets Community Service

George Michael Gets Community Service:

George Michael was banned from driving for two years and sentenced to 100 hours of community service on Friday after admitting driving when unfit.

"In reality I have been sentenced today on the basis of unfit driving through tiredness and prescription medicines which I fully accept responsibility for.

"I am glad to put this behind me and I am now off to do the biggest show of my life."

Michael is to play the first pop concerts at London's newly rebuilt Wembley stadium on Saturday and Sunday.

George Michael Gets Community Service, Banned From Driving for DUI:

As part of his sentence, Michael was ordered to pay costs of $4,622.

George Michael's Statement

Yahoo! has video footage of George Michael's statement. A number of photos are also available.

CNN quotes George Michael's statement:

Smiling as he emerged from court, Michael told reporters: "Don't bother to ask any questions, because believe me I am not going to answer them."

"I would simply ask you to understand that the media coverage of this case has been farcical, concentrating almost entirely on the prosecution's allegations," he said, reading a prepared statement.

"In reality I have been sentenced today on the basis of unfit driving through tiredness and prescription medicines, which I fully accept responsibility for.

"I am glad to put this behind me and now I'm off to do the biggest show of my life."

George Confesses

"George Confesses" is part of the interview from this month's Gay Times, out on June 20.

Charismatic Star Stirs Feet and Memories

Charismatic Star Stirs Feet and Memories:

STAR power. It's something George Michael has in abundance. As soon as he took to the stage - a matter of months after wowing them in The Point - it was clear that he still possessed that indefinable presence and charisma that so many of today's pretenders lack.

George Michael Will Play Carrow Road

George Michael Will Play Carrow Road:

Thousands of George Michael fans in Norfolk are breathing a sigh of relief after the superstar singer avoided jail today.

Michael, who is due to play to a packed stadium at Carrow Road, in Norwich, on Tuesday, was sentenced to 100 hours community service and disqualified from driving for two years after admitting to driving while unfit at Brent Magistrates' Court.

The sentence means that the singer will be able to continue with preparations for Tuesday's gig.

Michael to Make Debut on TV

Michael to Make Debut on TV:

Jonny Lee Miller (“Trainspotting”) stars as a man who suddenly discovers that he may be a prophet after he starts having visions. But not just any visions, mind you — George Michael makes his TV debut as the man Miller sees.

Not only will the former Wham! frontman provide vexingly vague advice to the hero, but his classic pop songs will also provide all the titles to the series’ episodes when it premieres this fall.

Kenny Goss and George Michael Take European Art Scene by Storm

Kenny Goss and George Michael Take European Art Scene by Storm:

Couple Creates Collection that Tests Cultural and Sexual Boundaries

DALLAS, June 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Music Superstar George Michael and his partner Kenny Goss are accepting invitations to the most prestigious art events in Europe in an effort to add more to their culturally provocative collection, currently valued at $200 million. While George is preparing for his current European Stadium tour, Kenny is attending private viewings with some of Britain's most cutting-edge artists.

"Our collection has no cultural or sexual boundaries," said Goss and Michael, "Our collection is almost autobiographical and each piece resonates with our life experience"

While in London, Michael and Goss took in private viewings withcontroversial artists Damien Hirst and Tracy Emin. Hirst's invitation included his latest work, the $100 million life-size 8,601 diamond encrusted platinum skull. Currently housed in a custom-made vault, Michael and Goss looked at the piece as a possible addition to their collection. They are currently one of the world's premiere collectors of Hirst's work, including his formaldehyde series piece Saint Sebastian, Exquisite Pain which depicts a black sheep in formaldehyde struck by arrows.

After looking at Emin's latest work, Goss and Emin jetted off to Venice on a private plane for the Venice Biennale where Emin is the featured artist for the British Pavilion. Goss and Michael own one of Emin's Blankets which portrays her own sexual experiences. Goss is also looking at innovative pieces, that can broaden their collection in Venice before heading to Art Basel. Goss has plans to meet with top artists in Basel to consider pieces for the Goss-Michael Collection

The purpose of Michael and Goss' art visits is the launch of the Goss-Michael Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and inspiring young artists. One facet of the Foundation will be the Goss-Michael Collection. The collection will make its debut at the site of the former Goss Gallery in late-June and the exhibits will rotate quarterly. Building on the foundation laid by notable Dallas art collectors, the new Goss-Michael Collection will further solidify Dallas'
prominence in the modern art world.

Goss-Michael Collection Hours: Tuesday-Friday 10:00am-6:00pm, Saturday 11:00am-4:00pm, Monday by appointment only.

Goss-Michael Foundation: The goal of the Goss-Michael Foundation is to educate and create a passion for art, with a global reach. The Foundation will host lecture series and seminars featuring recognized art personalities speaking on the art itself as well as the art of collecting. These forums will be presented to the public domestically as well as abroad. The Foundation will also offer the opportunity for young artists to see all of the different mediums created by fellow emerging artists, adding to the educational value of the Goss-Michael Collection. More information can be found at

London Show in Bit of Fog

London Show in Bit of Fog:

There will be Dallas friends in the house when singer George Michael becomes the first musical artist to perform in London's new Wembley Stadium with Saturday and Sunday shows.

The London-based pop star owns a second home in Dallas with his partner Kenny Goss, who plans to be at the opening show in a private box with Sarah, Duchess of York (a.k.a. Fergie). Kenny's sister-in-law, Joyce Goss, who works at his Dallas Goss Gallery, will also be in London for the shows.

No stranger to Wembley, George performed at the old Wembley Stadium at the 1985 LiveAid concert as well as the 1986 farewell concert for his duo, Wham!

June 7, 2007
George Michael Dublin Gig Cancelled

George Michael Dublin Gig Cancelled:

Pop star George Michael has been forced to cancel his show in the RDS tomorrow night, it was announced tonight.

Aiken Promotions said in a statement the show was cancelled because a truck carrying equipment crashed while driving from Bucharest to Prague at the weekend.

The statement said temporary repairs allowed tonight's Dublin show to go ahead but "in order not to jeopardise the rest of the tour dates, a measured decision has been taken to postpone tomorrow night's show" to allow full repairs to take place.

"It is with great regret that George has accepted this decision, as the fans in Ireland have given him such wonderful support and incredible receptions during his recent visits — their singing is something he will never forget," the statement added.

Tomorrow night's show will be rescheduled later in the tour. Those in possession of tickets will be able to use them for the later show or can get a refund from the point of purchase.

June 6, 2007
BBC Radio Five Live: George Michael Concert

Dear George Michael fans,

I am a producer on a national radio show in England called the Stephen Nolan Show on BBC Radio Five Live, telephone number England + ( 0)161 244 4290.

We are looking for George Michael fans who are going to his concert this Saturday night at Wembley. We would like to phone them up after the gig and do a quick live interview with them about what they thought of it. We are on air from 10pm to 1am Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.


George Michael: "Others Are Jealous of My Lifestyle"

George Michael: "Others Are Jealous of My Lifestyle"

George Michael believes he is disliked by his fellow men because of his hedonistic lifestyle.

He says, "I think at the end of it all I represent something profoundly different for society.

"I have grown up surrounded by people who think that sex, drugs and rock n' roll is compatible with a working life while being married with children.

During the 1980s, my generation and the one after me, found that was impossible.

"Me, I don't want any children, I don't want responsibility. I am gay, I smoke weed and I do exactly what I want in my life because of my talent. I represent an ideal which others have had to let go and they blame me for that.

George Michael's a Vision on Eli Stone

George Michael's a Vision on Eli Stone:

Jonny Lee Miller (Trainspotting) stars as a man who suddenly discovers that he may be a prophet after he starts having visions.

But not just any visions, mind you - George Michael makes his TV debut as the man Miller sees.

Not only will the former Wham! frontman provide vexingly vague advice to the hero, but his classic pop songs will also provide all the titles to the series' episodes when it premieres this fall.

June 5, 2007
George Michael Becomes First Artist to Perform at New Wembley Stadium

George Michael Becomes First Artist to Perform at New Wembley Stadium:

This week, British singer George Michael will be the first pop artist to perform at London's newly rebuilt Wembley Stadium. Construction on the 90,000-seat stadium began in 2003. Wembley is the second largest stadium in Europe and is home to England's national football team. Many concerts are also scheduled to take place in the stadium this year. George Michael's shows will be held on June 9 and 10 and Muse has booked two concerts on June 16 and 17.

George Michael Planning to Marry Long-term Partner after Tour

George Michael Planning to Marry Long-term Partner after Tour

Singer George Michael has revealed that he might be tying the knot with his long-term partner Kenny Goss after finishing his upcoming concert in London.

Michael, who will be heading back to the Wembley Stadium after 21 years, said that there might be a summer wedding on the cards.

“When this tour is over and everything has died down we can think about that,” the News of the World quoted Michael, as saying.

“Like me, Kenny wants our day to be special. I’d take no pleasure in entering a civil partnership if there was any publicity around it,” he added.


Thanks to everyone who has e-mailed or posted congratulatory comments about Yours Only George celebrating 10 years!

June 4, 2007
"George Michael ... On the Road"

Dalli tells us that “George Michael … on the road” will be showing on Channel 4 on Sat 9th June in the UK. It will show live highlights from George Michael's Wembley stadium concert.

George Michael Cancels Prague Show after Equipment Truck Crash

George Michael Cancels Prague Show after Equipment Truck Crash:

Pop singer George Michael cancelled a concert in the Czech capital on Saturday after a truck carrying part of a special podium for use in the show crashed on the way to the city, organisers said.

"A large part of a special podium remained trapped inside the damaged truck on the road between Bucharest and Prague," Interkoncerts agency said in a statement. "It was not possible to replace it."

George Michael Denies Piano Donation to Virginia Tech

George Michael Denies Piano Donation to Virginia Tech:

The media has falsely reported this week that singer George Michael donated one of his most prizes possessions - John Lennon's piano - to Virginia Tech as a gesture of peace, following the massacre of 33 students in April.

Ellis Bextor to Support George Michael

Ellis Bextor to Support George Michael:

Pop star Sophie Ellis Bextor has been named as the support act for George Michael's eagerly anticipated gig on June 12.

The singer-songwriter, who lent her vocals to the chart-topping Groovejet (If This Ain't Love), started her career as the sharp-suited singer of indie outfit theaudience before moving on to the Ibiza anthem that famously beat Victoria Beckham to the top spot in the summer of 2000.

One Knight in Heaven

One Knight in Heaven:

Only the other week, Sir Trevor McDonald and a colleague had lunch with George Michael at Michelin-starred The Square in Mayfair.

"We were meant to be treating George to lunch and we chose some excellent red Burgundy to go with it," he recalls.

"At the end of the meal, my colleague and I were teasing each other about who was going to pay, only to find that it had all been settled in advance. George had very sweetly called ahead. If only we'd known he was paying, we'd have gone for some even finer bottles."

June 1, 2007
Yours Only George Turns 10 Years Old Today

It's crazy for me to think that Yours Only George has been on the web for ten years as of today! Considering that I've been a fan of George Michael for 23 years (yikes!), ten years doesn't seem like a long period of time. Still, when Shannon and I started this web site, neither of us thought I'd still be running it ten years later!

Yours Only George

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