Two Remixes

Nathan Jay is a house music composer/remixer from England, and he’s just finished two new tracks, each based around samples of George’s vocals.

Driftin’ on by” is a deep house track based around samples of “Feeling Good.”

Did I Dream?” is a deep house track based around samples of “Song to the Siren” – for the first four minutes.  After that it goes rave-mental according to Jay and the video almost makes it look like George is raving like a mad man with the crowd.

Fire FanFire?

Just for fun … with a show of hands (comments) … how many of you think George Michael should fire FanFire, the company running his official fan club? 

I ask because I ordered a t-shirt in August 2007, and I am still shirtless.  They kept promising that it was backordered and that it would arrive in 3-5 weeks.  That was five months ago.  A month ago, I e-mailed them to tell them I would like to order a different item (they offered this option to me), and I have never heard a response despite the fact that I have e-mailed them twice since then.

I can’t help but wonder if this company is making George Michael look bad to the people who count the most … the fans.