George Michael: Freedom Reactions

Now that the dust has settled from all of the promotion of George Michael: Freedom, here are some of the reactions to this emotional documentary.

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George Michael Emoji on Twitter

Have you noticed when you type #GeorgeMichael on Twitter, you now see the George Michael emoji?

George Michael emoji

The emoji may only be on the desktop version of Twitter. (It doesn’t work on my phone, at least.)

Obviously, there is much happiness from the land of Twitter about our new emoji.

Check out the comments here:

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George Michael: Freedom on Showtime

“George Michael: Freedom” premieres on Saturday, October 21, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on-air, on demand and over the internet on Showtime.

The press release states, in part:

GEORGE MICHAEL: FREEDOM covers the span of his entire career, but concentrates on the formative period in the late Grammy Award winner’s life and career, leading up to and following the making of his acclaimed, best-selling album “Listen Without Prejudice Vol. 1” and his subsequent, infamous High Court battle with his record label that followed, while also becoming poignantly personal about the death of his late partner and first love, Anselmo Feleppa.

Filmed before Michael’s untimely passing, the documentary is narrated by the singer, who was heavily involved in the making of the film that serves as his final work. GEORGE MICHAEL: FREEDOM features Michael’s incredible, unseen archival and private home footage, giving viewers a first-person account of this dramatic period in his life – revealing how he became one of the most influential recording artists of all time who alone fought a corner for all artists by challenging the standard recording contract helping to rewrite the rules of the music industry. He talks about why he stepped out of the limelight and turned his back on celebrity.

The feature documentary includes the original five supermodels from Oscar-nominated director David Fincher’s “Freedom! ’90” video – Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, Tatjana Patitz and Linda Evangelista – who come together for the first time to discuss their experience on the iconic music video. The film also features interviews with some of Michaels’ most famous friends and music legends, including Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Ricky Gervais, Nile Rogers, Mark Ronson, Tracey Emin, Liam Gallagher, Mary J. Blige, Jean Paul Gaultier, James Corden and Tony Bennett.

George Michael’s Opportunity in Baseball

Oakland A’s Josh Reddick has been using George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” as his walk-up song and Twitter cover. Reddick usually uses WWE themes and country music.

George Michael has been approached to make an appearance. According to the San Francisco Gate:

There’s no official word yet on whether Michael will show, but there has been contact and the A’s are hopeful they can pull it off. Which would be amazing, and pretty darn cool. Michael, who is English, presumably has little background in baseball and probably hadn’t heard of Josh Reddick until recently, but the Oakland outfielder has brought Michael’s sax-heavy ballad “Careless Whisper” back into cultural relevance.

Win George Michael’s Suit or Signed Symphonica

There are three competitions right now for George Michael stuff.

Win George Michael’s Armani Suit

You can win a custom-made, dark-grey metallic linen-blend Armani suit worn by George Michael during his 25 Live tour. The competition closes at midnight on May 22, 2014, and three working days later for postal entries. Check here for all the details.

Win Signed Copy of George Michael’s Symphonica

You can win a signed copy of Symphonica and a signed copy of Words, a book of George Michael lyrics. Also, four runners up will receive copies of Symphonica. The competition ends Tuesday, May 27, 2014. Check here for more information.

In a separate contest, you can also win a signed copy of Symphonica.  No competition deadline is listed. Check here for the details.

New Interview with George Michael

George Michael has given an interview with Here is the Google translation of the interview, which will give you the gist of what George said.

What inspired you to their new single “White Light”?
The text is a celebration of my recovery from pneumonia last year. Pretty much everything I do is autobiographical. And in this case, after I had come very close to death, I knew that because something good would come out musically. Many people have expected of me that I think about writing a ballad, but I wanted something emergent, positive – hence the dance beat.

Why did you decide to perform at the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games?
As I thought about it, the text seemed to me especially for this occasion very appropriate. Of course he plays on my fight with pneumonia, but the message can also accompany one of the overarching themes of the Olympic Games, namely the overcoming of adversity and physical stamina.

In the video for the song plays with Kate Moss. How do you co liked her?
Great. She is now even my neighbor who recently moved a few doors down. Anyway, I called them and asked if they might be in the video. And she has said `Yes. And of course, she was brilliant. It turned out that she was a bit disappointed that they did not like all the other supermodels were in the clips for “Freedom ’90” and “Too Funky” here. I hope that I have made up for it. And I would add that we both have a fantastic director, namely Ryan Hope worked. It has all been a pleasant, relaxed feeling.

The title refers to the bright light that can be seen before the alleged death?
Exactly. But in the beginning I said, ‘There’s no white light and I did not go through `Fortunately, I have not seen this light.. And for that I am grateful.

Over time in the General Hospital

What are your memories of time in the hospital?
I remember even at some things, but I do not want to go into too much detail. What I remember best but remember, is that I have been so terrible, felt horribly guilty and sorry for my family, my friends and my new partner Fadi had to witness that they had, what I go through there. Two or three weeks, they did not know if I’ll survive this. And if that had happened to me with the opposite sign – I one of my sisters fighting for their lives had seen – it had blown away. I myself but the danger in which I was not, mitgekriegt. I’ve only realized when it was all over.

They have donated 1000 tickets for the concert in Vienna at the General Hospital of the workforce.
Yes, that’s the least I can do. The team that saved my life is, on the first evening sitting in the front row, which is great.

Why did you give this impromptu press conference after they had been discharged from the hospital? Since they had stirred honest, to be back in London.
Oh God, I was just so glad to be back home. By this time I was ten days awake and wanted nothing more than to get out of this hospital room full of things that I had been staring for weeks in this surreal, almost dreamlike state, while I was fighting for my life. But the doctors were not sure if I’d feel good enough that I can be home for Christmas. And when she saw me then left before the big day out. . . well, you can imagine how moved I was there. I was so grateful to be alive, to be at home so grateful that I decided to spontaneously go out and talk to the press. I had no plan, no security, no PR agents. Only my best friend, who shouted and told the people what they should do.

What they have done, which was quite amusing. What progress does your new album? It is said that it has a classic George Michael Feeling.
Very good, thank you. I’m back in the studio working very hard and love it. I would say this album is in terms of content somewhere between “Faith” and “Older”. And it is perhaps the most valid radio music for a very long time. It is pretty fast and I’m sure my fans will like it. It will be released early next year, but I did not have a title for it.

They had an incredibly long and successful career in a business that acts come within moments and go sees. What is your secret to success?
I do not know how that happened. I honestly do not know. But I’m still here and my new single suggests somehow that I’m not ready to surrender. In my business success is something that slips away easily after a while. And not only the success but also the healthy self-doubt, it takes that one keeps trying to make it even better.

So there is no room for complacency?
Absolutely not. I always think of the possibility that I lost and did not notice. And that’s exciting. For in the day that I’m not worry about that anymore, I should stop. When you live with your talent into complacency, then it can only drift that is definitely more. But it is far less likely to happen, if we realize what a privilege it is, in this business to be talented and successful.

Look forward to going to continue with the “Symphonica” tour to?
Oh, yeah. I look forward to very much. I loved this tour, and it was a shame that the show had to be canceled. And my fans are now also so wonderful. I can feel the love and gratitude of the people when I’m on stage. And I think that’s because they have all these years so connected many of their life experiences through my music. One way in which they have shown to me on this tour, their esteem, is that they were so patient with the songs that I sing. I’m sure there were numbers that they had not heard of before, but she seemed so absolutely ready, go with me on this musical journey. I think that shows the level of my really good fans.

It brings you closer to their fans, to be on Twitter?
I think so. It is so nice to read all these messages, because they are so positive on Twitter. Thank God it’s not like on YouTube, where so many comments are negative. My Twitter fans are much nicer. And it’s a fantastic way to talk to them, they require without having to press a mediator.

How often do you tweet?
I do not have specific times. But already I’m twittering regularly – except I’m in the studio or working very hard on something else. Then it may be that I did for a week or two so stop, because I was, what I was doing so claimed.

You have dreamed about since childhood of becoming a musician to be. But you could imagine at that time to be so successful?
Strangely, I had as a child a sense that I will be a successful musician. But I never thought it was going to be a career. I was convinced of my talent and my ability, but I just wanted to be on Top Of The Pops (note the editors: for 42 years the most important charts in the British TV show). That was my only idea of success and fame. When I started, I had no idea that there would be in the 80’s MTV, and that British artists will be for as decisive. I was lucky that my music has suited the times, and then swam to the shaft.

Who inspired you as a boy?
I’ve always been a big Elton John Fan. And I also loved Queen and Stevie Wonder. Who were my mentors. And when I was old enough to go to concerts, I made a pilgrimage to all their awesome shows. I’ve looked at Freddie Mercury on stage and thought, my God, how that must surely be able to do that. Years later I was able to occur even with both Freddie and with Elton. To sing with Queen, is still the most memorable moment of my career.

Are they proud of her life’s work? What is your favorite album?
Definitely! I am very proud of my work and very happy that I’m still here and can do what I love. With respect to my favorite album, I’d say: “Older”. Most people probably expect me “Faith” say, because that was my first solo album and has brought my solo career in motion. But “Older” I had written for someone I’ve loved and lost. So it is actually born out of the pain, and it was like a catharsis for me. But when I think about it now, what I went through when I wrote it – so I never want to be inspired again.

If the rumors that Wham! will reform, some truth in it?
It’s strange, because this story appears once a year in the press. And this time, no truth to it. When Wham! it was a matter of being young and exuberant. This feeling can be over a certain age no longer recreate. These white shorts will definitely stay in the drawer and we have Wham! be a very happy, wonderful memory.

What the next twelve months bring for George Michael?
I’m after the kick-off shows in Vienna again with “Symphonica” eco-tour and will make up for the lack can Europe data before it goes to Australia. I’m really looking forward to it. And because my new album coming out early next year, I think I’ll be busy then with video shoots and other promotional work.

And after that?
I do not know. What I have learned to be come so close to death, is that it makes no sense to plan for the future in detail. Because you never know what lurks around the next corner a. I’ll give myself more now sure the flow of life. But of course I will continue to make sure music. And I will travel a bit with Fadi. That is why perhaps a longer holiday on the plan.

Why George Michael Sang “White Light” at Closing Ceremony

George Michael has been getting some criticism about performing his new single, “White Light,” at the closing ceremonies for the Olympics. The media is having a field day with this.

For a man that nearly died and had a tracheotomy that could have destroyed his singing career, it was awesome to watch him perform in front of a worldwide audience for the first time after his near-death experience. I am only saddened that those of us in the U.S. watching the closing ceremony on NBC were not able to see the triumphant return of George Michael singing such a positive, life-affirming song … “White Light.”

Here is what George Michael told his Twitter audience today:

Morning everyone! Had a GREAT time at the closing! I hope you are not bothered by the press reports of my scandalous ‘promotion’ !!!

Please join me in telling them to fuck off ! It was my one chance on tv to thank you all for your loyalty and prayers, and I took it. X

And I don’t regret it. Xxxx

A spokesperson for George Michael said he chose “White Light” because the lyrics address his battle with pneumonia, and he thought the message of overcoming adversity fit the Olympic theme.

“White Light is about the fact he nearly died last year,” said the spokesperson.  “It’s the first song he wrote after it all happened and he wanted to perform it for fans as a celebration that he’s alive. It seemed quite appropriate.

“He doesn’t need to plug his new single — it was just nice for him to sing it. It’s a bit of a shame that it’s got this response because he was so excited to perform it.”

Organisers defended the choice of song choice, which they described as a   “collaboration” between Michael and Kim Gavin, the artistic director of the closing ceremony. “One of the themes of the ceremony was endurance and physical endeavour, and Kim decided this song was appropriate,” said a spokesperson.

George Michael Interview on BBC Radio 2

George Michael was interviewed by Chris Evans of BBC Radio 2 this morning.  The interview is available for download here.

In the interview, George Michael talks about his near-death experience last year. He also talks about his plans to release a new studio album next fall, and he has been working seven days a week to get the album done in time.  In addition, he talks about the new video and Kate Moss.  And he also talks about his view on God.

If you’d like to read more about the interview and the video release of “White Light,” check out these articles:

George Michael’s Criticism of EastEnders Gay Story Line Receives BBC Response

George Michael’s Twitter rant about the EastEnders gay story line has received a response from the BBC:

EastEnders reflects a wide range of issues. All soap characters face their own trials and tribulations in order to create drama, however EastEnders viewers will know that this is a story about Phil Mitchell who while struggling with his own relationship with his son, will do anything to protect him.”

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George Michael on News of the World

George Michael’s Twitter posts on the News of the World closing are getting news this week.

Check out:

Also, this video interview of George includes information on George’s tour.

George Michael on Twitter

I really have to disagree with “A crash course in how to tweet,” which critiques George Michael’s tweeting skills.

George has been great about trying out Twitter, and it’s nice to see him connect with his fans at such a personal level. I think he’s doing great, far better than I’m doing on Twitter!

The majority of fans following George Michael on Twitter would, of course, know that George’s comment to “Martin” was of course to Martin Kemp.  Most of us are following Martin Kemp as well as Shirlie Kemp.  Oh, and to the writer of this article, Shirlie is spelled with an “ie” and not “ey”

You can follow a few George Michael-related people such as:

And you can also follow this site at

Who else is there to follow?