Goss-Michael Foundation presents exhibit featuring Tim Noble and Sue Webster

According to Goss-Michael Foundation presents avant garde exhibit featuring the visually radical work of Tim Noble and Sue Webster:

The Goss‐Michael Foundation presents the work of acclaimed artists Tim Noble and Sue Webster beginning May 15, running through September 30. The creators of an impressive sculpture catalogue, Noble and Webster’s work subtly scorns a consumer‐centric culture and its penchant for excess, opting instead to celebrate nonconformist individuality. Using a variety of mediums – including neon lighting, scrap metal and household rubbish – through which to convey their meaning, Noble and Webster’s art is arresting, profound and revolutionary.

Kenny Goss Not Worried about Tell-All Autobiography

According to George Michael’s Confident Lover, Kenny Goss isn’t asking for editing privileges when it comes to George Michael’s upcoming autobiography:

Kenny Goss, who began dating the former Wham! star in 1996, insists he will not be demanding any “red pen” rights after George revealed plans for an explosive tome.

He said: “I’m not asking for anything like that. But it should be an interesting book because George is a very honest person. Anyway, I’m not expecting to read anything I don’t already know.”