4 thoughts on “George and Kenny Split?

  1. Not sure about how true this is – His manager has been quoted recently re the DVD release and i’m sure if he had been sacked he would have spoken about it !! 😉

  2. The media just seems to have it in for George and I can’t for the life of me understand why…. 😕 🙄

    Please show a link to the article where George refutes the allegations and wants to let people know that he and Kenny are still together….

  3. 🙂 i’m quite happy about the split between george and kenny, and i think it’s time for george to think about to be a straight guy and find a women to love and marry, the gay thing is always had been against god and it always had brought troubles in life, george i beg you me and millions here in egypt and the middle east please quit “gay” and there are thousands of women who wish your love,i hope you read this message and make you think about it

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