Victor Garber Talks about George Michael

Victor Garber talks about his experience acting with George Michael on “Eli Stone.”

If you had your druthers, what musical guest would they land?
You know, I was so in awe of George Michael. I could not believe that they got him. When we read the pilot, I thought, “Oh, nice try, but you’ll never get him.” You know, it’s like, this will never happen. And then, cut to, I’m acting with George Michael. It was fantastic. He was so willing and nervous and sweet. He didn’t realize, you know, you have to sort of like stand in one spot? Like on my close-up, he’d be covering the camera. But he was so sweet. It was a great thrill to work with him.

George Michael Guest Stars on Eli Stone Again?

E! is reporting that we may be seeing more of George Michael on “Eli Stone” next season:

George Michael May Be Back: Executive producer Greg Berlanti said scheduling the show’s iconic, pilot-episode guest star for more episodes has been tricky, but they are working on making it happen. “We’ve been talking about a Christmas episode [George Michael] would do around our ninth episode, so he may come back for that.” 

Good News for Eli Stone?

E! Online is reporting the following news on a second season of “Eli Stone.”

The upfronts aren’t next until week in New York City, which is where all the official pickups and cancellations are set to be announced, but sources close to ABC have tipped me that while bubble show Eli Stone will get the nod for a season two, another hour-long drama, Women’s Murder Club, will not be returning.

Eli Stone Fan Campaign

The Eli_Stone_TV community at recently initiated a fan campaign to show our support for Eli Stone.

Each fan will donate (as much as he or she would like) to the Autism Society of America and designate the donation “in honor of Eli Stone”. After donating, the fan will then send a donation receipt/postcard to ABC. A donation receipt/postcard has been designed and is available on the Eli_Stone_TV community at if fans would like to use it. The link to the design and information about donating online is here.

Save Eli Stone

I was asked to find a way to contact ABC to tell them that we want “Eli Stone” renewed.  Here is what I found:

ABC Feedback Form

Questions can also be submitted via regular mail or by phone to:

ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551

(818) 460-7477*

Due to the volume of correspondence we receive regarding ABC programming, we are unable to individually respond to every audience inquiry. We do, however, value your comments and suggestions.

*Standard connection fees apply.

Eli Stone Finale Tonight

Here’s just a reminder that the finale of “Eli Stone” is on tonight and make sure not to miss George Michael.  Although the show still hasn’t been renewed for a second season, I’m sure we’re all hopeful to see more of George Michael in the U.S. next year.  I’m including a few of the recent articles on “Eli Stone” and George Michael:

A Fond Farewell to Eli Stone

Which all leads to one last production number, one last vision of George Michael, and one last demonstration of how to juggle show-stopping whimsy and unabashed heart in a thoroughly winning package. This episode also is a perfect example of how to end a season when you’re not sure the show itself has a future. It leaves you hanging in all the right ways, convincing you there is much more story to tell even as it satisfies you that it has told the introductory chapter and wrapped it up as well as humanly possible.

Is It “Do Not Resuscitate” For Eli Stone?

I can’t say that the initial moments of its debut episode made me especially optimistic — a lawyer has hallucinations about George Michael? — but I’ve ended up enjoying Eli Stone, which ends its season tonight. ABC gave it 13 episodes to prove itself, and while its ratings were pretty iffy (it really only scored when following the season premiere of Lost and the post-strike premiere of Desperate Housewives), I’d much rather see a second season of George Michael music than, say, the renewed and dullsville Private Practice.

‘Eli Stone’ ends season

Eli Stone hauls out the big cliffhanger for its season finale, as the title character undergoes surgery to have his brain aneurysm removed. The episode touches on right-to-die issues as Eli falls into a coma, where he sees God, who looks a lot like George Michael (the singer has been popping up in Eli’s hallucinations all season).

Reviews of George Michael’s Performance on Eli Stone

Here are some of the reactions to George Michael’s performance on “Eli Stone.”

Eli Stone: I Want Your Sex:

George — he told me to call him George — does a good job in this role. I hope they follow-up on this relationship in future episodes, as the strange connection between Eli and George seems to have been cemented tonight; it was a dream, or sleeping vision, that led George to Eli. Maybe George is going to be plagued by visions of Eli giving closing arguments in court or something to help him decide what gigs to take and what songs to sing.

George Michael on “Eli Stone”: Watch Without Prejudice:

So I was pleasantly surprised to see that here Michael gets ample screen time, is at ease on camera, and has the opportunity to talk about something other than toilet sex. In fact, he acts as something of a moral compass for the episode. …

The most notable thing about the episode is that Michael is presented as a hero. All we’ve heard about him Stateside for the past few years are his run-ins with the law and some questionable out-of-context soundbites, and it’s nice to see him playing an intelligent, sensitive benefactor. I don’t think that there are many people who don’t know that Michael is gay at this point, and the show seemed determined to move past the sensational aspects of his coming out and present him as a man of considerable character.

‘Eli Stone’ Recap: George Michael Comes to Town is a summary of the episode but gives you an opportunity to say what you thought about George Michael’s performance. 

‘Eli Stone’: Fan Boy, anyone? is another summary of the episode and gives you a chance to comment about whether you’d buy tickets to see George Michael in concert.

(I apologize for the delay in posting. I haven’t been feeling very well and haven’t had a chance to post before now.)

George Michael Is My Top Reason for Watching Eli Stone

Okay, you’ve just gotta love an article that lists George Michael as one of the reasons to watch “Eli Stone.”

Nine reasons Eli Stone keeps getting better

8. George Michael — C’mon, who could be better? He was a huge hit, then a scandal, then a has-been, and now, the guy has the good humor to poke fun at himself with a recurring role on this show. What a good sport; he joins the ranks of Alec Baldwin and Rob Lowe, two other actors who can make fun of themselves with style.

George Michael Retains Eli’s Legal Counsel on ABC’s “Eli Stone”

This article has additional information on George Michael’s next appearance on “Eli Stone.”

When a teenaged girl is expelled for playing George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex” during an abstinence education assembly at school, the pop superstar (playing himself) retains Eli’s legal counsel on the girl’s behalf, THURSDAY, MARCH 27 (10:02-11:00 p.m., ET), on ABC’s “Eli Stone.”

George Michael to Guest Star on March 27 Episode

I’m a little confused … I had read that George Michael was supposed to appear in the seventh episode of “Eli Stone,” which is on Thursday.  Now I’m reading that George Michael will appear as a guest star on the March 27 episode:

Michael will appear in an episode in which a teen is expelled for playing his song “I Want Your Sex” during an abstinence education assembly at school; he will retain Eli’s legal counsel on the girl’s behalf, the network said.

I’m sorry if I got all your hopes up that George Michael would be on this week!

(Update … Duh, George Michael is guest starring on the 13th and 27th.  I’ve been having a bad month so I hope all of you forgive me for my stupidity.)