George Michael Asking for Help from Friends

Who Wham! I says that George is going to host a series of parties with friends to get ideas for the new autobiography.

The singer, 44, signed a multi-million pound deal for his autobiography in January, but cannot remember all the juicy stories that happened in his Wham! heyday back in the 80s.

So instead George, who has admitted to smoking cannabis, is setting up a string of dinner parties with old pals. He hopes they can remind him what he is supposed to write.

Thoughts about the New Autobiography from Tony Parsons

Tony Parsons, who wrote the autobiography of Bare 20 years ago, talks about what George Michael will deliver in his new autobiography in the article, Is George really out to reveal all in new book?

Now there is widespread speculation about exactly what his latest autobiography will reveal. I suspect it will promise much and deliver little. George wants to tell all, because he is a born exhibitionist, but then he always gets cold feet.

Kenny Goss Not Worried about Tell-All Autobiography

According to George Michael’s Confident Lover, Kenny Goss isn’t asking for editing privileges when it comes to George Michael’s upcoming autobiography:

Kenny Goss, who began dating the former Wham! star in 1996, insists he will not be demanding any “red pen” rights after George revealed plans for an explosive tome.

He said: “I’m not asking for anything like that. But it should be an interesting book because George is a very honest person. Anyway, I’m not expecting to read anything I don’t already know.”

Rupert, He’s Your Man Now

Most George Michael fans know George Michael’s opinions on Rupert Murdoch, and so the following article, Rupert, He’s Your Man Now, quoted in part below, is perplexing.

Ask George Michael whom he hates above all other, and the answer, throughout the course of his troubled life, will always be the same: Rupert Murdoch. … So I’m amused to hear that 44-year-old Mr Michael has sold his soul to the devil. The former Wham! star has just signed an alleged £5 million deal with Harper Collins – part of Mr Murdoch’s News Corporation.

George Michael signs multi-million pound deal for ‘no holds barred’ memoirs

Andrea sends us George Michael signs multi-million pound deal for ‘no holds barred’ memoirs, which says in part:

George Michael has signed a multimillion-pound deal to pen a “no-holds-barred” autobiography, it was announced today. 

HarperCollins said former Wham! star Michael, 44, would write the “access-all-areas” autobiography “entirely himself”.

Publishers said the deal is “one of the biggest ever concluded in UK publishing”, but would not divulge figures.