Thoughts about the New Autobiography from Tony Parsons

Tony Parsons, who wrote the autobiography of Bare 20 years ago, talks about what George Michael will deliver in his new autobiography in the article, Is George really out to reveal all in new book?

Now there is widespread speculation about exactly what his latest autobiography will reveal. I suspect it will promise much and deliver little. George wants to tell all, because he is a born exhibitionist, but then he always gets cold feet.

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2 thoughts on “Thoughts about the New Autobiography from Tony Parsons

  1. Tony Parsons has a point, but George should not be intimidated into writing a salacious, tabloid-esque book. It should be truthful, but thoughtful. George should remember that his fans are loyal because of his musical genius as a singer/songwriter of beautiful music with intense clarity, depth and intelligence, complimented by his rich and versatile voice. I hope he chooses his words wisely.

  2. It looks like in 2008 the very first posting was from the Tabloid, That’s what it seems like to me. U DID IT ALL WITH GRACE..RIP GEORGE MICHAEL

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