George Michael’s Opportunity in Baseball

Oakland A’s Josh Reddick has been using George Michael’s “Careless Whisper” as his walk-up song and Twitter cover. Reddick usually uses WWE themes and country music.

George Michael has been approached to make an appearance. According to the San Francisco Gate:

There’s no official word yet on whether Michael will show, but there has been contact and the A’s are hopeful they can pull it off. Which would be amazing, and pretty darn cool. Michael, who is English, presumably has little background in baseball and probably hadn’t heard of Josh Reddick until recently, but the Oakland outfielder has brought Michael’s sax-heavy ballad “Careless Whisper” back into cultural relevance.

One thought on “George Michael’s Opportunity in Baseball

  1. If his management is any smart .They should release “Careless Whisper ” in the U.S . now .Maybe this is the break he needs in the U.S . now and a new hair style , please .

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