“Eli Stone” in the Nielsen Ratings

“Eli Stone” kept most of the “Lost” audience, according to Nielsen Ratings.  It’s interesting that in the following article, George Michael is being credited as being a draw for “Eli Stone.”

Nielsen Ratings – Jan 31, 2008: ABC Gets LOST

More surprising to me was the performance of the premiere of ABC’s Eli Stone following the Lost premiere.  The results for the first half hour will likely change some as Lost technically ran past 10pm, but Eli averaged ~12.5 million for the first half hour and 10.75 million in the second half hour.  This is not dramatically great performance, but given the George Michael tie-in, many more gave it a chance than I would’ve thought. 

One thought on ““Eli Stone” in the Nielsen Ratings

  1. I definitely agree with this. I probably wouldn’t have given Eli Stone a second glance, except to tune in twice now to see George Michael, and the show itself seems pretty good. But it was GM that was the draw for me.

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