Father Figure Episode

I’m sure you all heard the George Michael song during last week’s episode of “Father Figure.” (The song was “This Is Not Real Love” and was played when Taylor and Eli entered their engagement party.)  It appears that some are actually missing the George Michael parts of “Eli Stone.”

‘Eli Stone’ Recap: Saving Private Swaine

So much for singing and dancing on “Eli Stone.” Eli’s (Jonny Lee Miller) visions take a grisly turn this week as this time he gets thrust into the middle of a war zone (seems like WW II). Apparently, the not-so-cryptic message he receives is that he is supposed to rescue a Private Swain and take some ridge. That’s all well and good; but no George Michael song? What a gyp.

Eli Stone: Father Figure

With much humility, I am forced to seat myself in the ugly seat this week. I was convinced that George Michael’s star power would dominate the show. Not only has his presence and music complemented the main plots nicely, but that same presence was almost non-existent in this episode. All I can say is, I’m sorry and I stand corrected.

2 thoughts on “Father Figure Episode

  1. I only watch Eli Stone to see George Michael and wish they would give him a part in it ever week. I did miss him this week as I thought he would be in it every week.
    Please write him in for a few apperances in each episode, that would be great.
    I wish we would see more of him over here in the USA and I think it is awful that his CD’S are not permoted over here like they should be.

  2. I enjoy Eli Stone, but it definitely needs more George Michael. In the episodes where George doesn’t actually appear, his music should have a more prominent role. However, more George in person would be preferable!

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