Rupert, He’s Your Man Now

Most George Michael fans know George Michael’s opinions on Rupert Murdoch, and so the following article, Rupert, He’s Your Man Now, quoted in part below, is perplexing.

Ask George Michael whom he hates above all other, and the answer, throughout the course of his troubled life, will always be the same: Rupert Murdoch. … So I’m amused to hear that 44-year-old Mr Michael has sold his soul to the devil. The former Wham! star has just signed an alleged £5 million deal with Harper Collins – part of Mr Murdoch’s News Corporation.

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One thought on “Rupert, He’s Your Man Now

  1. I am perplexed, and disappointed I must say. I always supported George in his principles and to preserve his dignity against the attacks on him, but now it appears, you can call him a washed up pervert if you throw some millions at him at the same time. So much for dignity. Thanks for putting this article up in the newssection, this is more news to me than the whole book itself. Unbelievable!

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