Fire FanFire?

Just for fun … with a show of hands (comments) … how many of you think George Michael should fire FanFire, the company running his official fan club? 

I ask because I ordered a t-shirt in August 2007, and I am still shirtless.  They kept promising that it was backordered and that it would arrive in 3-5 weeks.  That was five months ago.  A month ago, I e-mailed them to tell them I would like to order a different item (they offered this option to me), and I have never heard a response despite the fact that I have e-mailed them twice since then.

I can’t help but wonder if this company is making George Michael look bad to the people who count the most … the fans.

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9 thoughts on “Fire FanFire?

  1. Yes, Fanfire should be fired. When I joined the fanclub, I was told about the pre-sales tickets after they were sold to the public. I sent them an e-mail very annoyed. Fanfire should be fired for sure.

  2. Same thing happened to me. I never got the t-shirt I ordered in August. I inquired and I was told that there was a delay….still waiting. Unacceptable.

  3. I have received my orders for t-shirt, key chains, etc. However, I am in the U.S. and I still canNOT post a comment or make a response on the fan club site. Cannot contact them either. If George tours the U.S., I’d better get tickets before the public!!

  4. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone. Usually, if I were treated in this way, I’d just go to a different store, but FanFire has a monopoly. It’s my hope that George Michael visits this site and will see these bad customer service experiences with FanFire. If he bought a painting for Kenny and it never appeared after 6 months, he’d be as unhappy as we are!

    My main concerns in terms of customer service are that FanFire never told me my t-shirt was backordered so I waited the 3-5 weeks before ever knowing it was backordered. I have had to initiate all correspondence, which is not good customer service. Also, since December they have stopped responding to my e-mails.

    A business truly concerned about the satisfaction of its customers would not treat any of us like that.

    As long as fans are experiencing bad customer service and George Michael does nothing about it … well, that says a lot.

  5. Wow the same happen to me. I order the 25 live t-shirt so many months ago. This is a not right for an so-called company to take money from the FANS and not send the items requested!!! I have my tickets for Madison Square Garden 7/21 Sec 126 which is ok, but I should have gotten closer, seeing I didn’t receive my t-shirt bad so bad!!!!

  6. Fanfire is one of worst online band merch stores I’ve ever seen. Their customer service is irresponsible and lousy, tech support is worse, website design is the ugliest, and shipping times are awful.

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