George Michael Is My Top Reason for Watching Eli Stone

Okay, you’ve just gotta love an article that lists George Michael as one of the reasons to watch “Eli Stone.”

Nine reasons Eli Stone keeps getting better

8. George Michael — C’mon, who could be better? He was a huge hit, then a scandal, then a has-been, and now, the guy has the good humor to poke fun at himself with a recurring role on this show. What a good sport; he joins the ranks of Alec Baldwin and Rob Lowe, two other actors who can make fun of themselves with style.

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One thought on “George Michael Is My Top Reason for Watching Eli Stone

  1. 😆 Yes, as I said earlier, he is a great actor. He is a great musician too. I think he should continue to sing and act, he has so much talent and is very artistic.The only reason I looked at “Eli Stone” was because I heard he would be on the show. He looked very handsome, appeared extremely articulate and well versed. I really love his music and I wish him the best of luck in the future and hope he continues to do more songs and act more on television. I would love to see him more in the USA. George, you have a big fan here in
    Atlanta, GA! also, George when you perform here in Atlanta please sing,”You have Been Loved”.

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