Tony Parsons’s Perspective

Tony Parsons, the author of the official George Michael biography Bare, wrote the following about George Michael in today’s Mirror: The boy George Michael once was is still there, buried under the sleaze.

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Melanie is the co-founder of Yours Only George and has been the webmaster of the site since 1997. Melanie has been a George Michael and Wham! fan since "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" in 1984.

By Melanie

Melanie is the co-founder of Yours Only George and has been the webmaster of the site since 1997. Melanie has been a George Michael and Wham! fan since "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" in 1984.

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What to say? Yes, that talented, soulful and amazing person who writes such beautiful music that can comfort and excite is still in there. Admittedly I was concerned about the U.S. tour but was so pleased to see that George “behaved” himself. The aftermath of such a successful tour must be a let down of sorts, even though George said he aspires to a quieter life. However, if the cocaine story is true, this is more than concerning for George’e well being. I realize that many people don’t have a lot of sympathy – however, it is my experience that many people who take drugs are self medicating to diminish personal pain. I’ve come to understand that even the rich and famous can be in pain. I hope George will do whatever is necessary to extract himself from that. After all, there is still so much more of George Michael to come – on his own terms. The tour DVD, charity concerts and whatever form he wishes his music and life to take in the future. I’m sure I join his millions of admirers in wishing him and Kenny well during this difficult time.

Does Tony Parsons know anything about depression? Everyone can have lots of laugh before bad effect of depression. I think George wants to find the way home. He is not the Wham! guy and he will never be again.
Nevertheless, George should find some normal ways to enjoy his life. His choices are too marginal. Drugs, public sex, scandals…
Come on George, we know this is your life. But you are a superstar, so your special life is always on screen.
I think he needs to try writing again. Not old to be superstar. He always see himself an old man. You are not him. You are the last real popstar of the world!

About George!

I consider myself being one of George´s biggest and most loyal fans. I have bought every CD, book, DVD, attented at three liveshows the last two years (25-live). I have followed George´s ups and downs. I just can´t understand him anymore. What the hell is the problem George?? Why are you waisting your life and talent like that. We (the fans) are not expecting another millionselling album like Faith. We just want to enjoy the real George Michael. The talented one. The one who has given us so much joy the last 27 years. The last tour was just what the fans wanted. Thanks G!

The last tour was fantastic!! Sorten up your life George. Your are a very lucky person!! You don´t need the drugs and scandals. Get up there and sing. Collaborate with other stars. Why not do duets with some new and old talented stars. Just enjoy life. Life is short and and then you are dead for a long time.

I know many people with personal problems and depression. They try to live thier lifes without any A, B or C class drugs. So George since you say that you are a happy man now. Show it!!!!!!!!! You are not old. Your are perfect. We love you and adore you. Untill the end of time……. Just move on George. These are your own words.

PS. My five year old daughter loves you and your music. The was going with me to the Last One in Copenhagen but couldn´t (the show wasmagical). She was very disapointed when she heard about the new drugscandal!!

All I can say is that even though I’ve been a huge fan of George for many years and will continue to be for the rest of my life, he really disappoints me when I see more of him and his scandals rather than more about his talent and music.
I really hope he gets to read some of these comments and clears his head and stops making a real fool of himself and after getting caught asks for forgiveness from his fans. Most of George’s fans are very loyal and I’m pretty sure they will always be.
George, please stop wasting that amazing talent and voice you’ve been blessed with and come out of the drugs problem you have. It’s really disappointing to see you stuck in this bad habit after hearing you say that it was a shame that Amy Winehouse was wasting her great talent with her drugs problem, in an interview in the past. Look at yourself mate. You’re doing exactly the same thing.

Good Luck George ! Thanks for all the music over the years…saw u 6 times in Dublin (waited forever to see you…so made up for it !!!)


Saw your show in NY and it was AMAZING! With the sellout shows you have had with 25 Live, it proved that your fans were still there after 17 years (bad press and all) and will continue to be there. I believe so many have faith that you will do whatever it takes to sort things out this time since you may even be boring yourself with bad press. With your talent, success, and Kenny at your side, you are truly blessed. Looking forward to the Christmas record being released this year and anxiously await your biography in 2009. You must remember to send Oprah (also a fan) a copy and who knows – it just might be added to her Book of the Month Club! Hang in there George, you have everything going for you and millions on your side.

George is clearly still in depresssion from what happened many years ago. You cant turn this on or off, as people like to think, and what he does in his private life is private, the fact the newspapers make a big deal of it is another matter.

You cant not live your life, the way you want or need to, just because you are famous. You are still a person and subject to the same turmoil as anyone else.

People need to remember the scum gutter press love bringing people down, they are the real problem.

George has had a brilliant career, writing and producing songs that will last forever, and songs that no one else in my mind, has ever matched for sheer emotional expression and haunting vocal quality.

If I was him, Id take whatever I want, whenever I want, no one rules your life, the fact he is famous is of no importance to him, he cant get rid of the fame, its we the public that make him famous. The sooner we stop this gutter press mentality the better for everyone.

and yes, people take drink and drugs to help deal with pain in their lives. its nothing new.

In early days George couldn’t wait to be famous, then he was, but didn’t like it. It’s too bad he made himself unavailable to his fans for so many years (including promoting his music), to his fans. Without the fans no artists would have careers or their wealth. I am a fan of George Michael. But he should have been more grateful to us. How he thought his choices outside of music we’re good I’ll never understand, and then was angry when caught breaking the law. And maybe killing someone?

What a sad person Tony Parsons is. He obviously doesn’t know George Michael as well as he thinks he does, George is more real today than he ever was. I’m sorry you long for the old Wham days Tony but times change, people change, and you seem to be the one who’s developed into a sleazy old man, not George.

Who’s the one writing gutter articles for the Mirror? And one last thing, anyone who has seen George on tour recently will testify that he is not fat and he is not middle aged.

Please just leave him alone – it’s humilating enough to deal with an issue , it’ must be excruciating to have it hashed out in public. The press is way too intrusive with celebraties in general. Perphaps the only time it is plausable for media coverage on them is at industry related events.- and George I adore you always- cut the skata! Stop giving these malakas satisfaction of a public statement. I wished you left your apology strickly on your website-I can’t stand some media outlits, such mean spirited bastards. Actually you owe none of us an apology-it’s nobody freak’n bussiness.

George …. Have you ever put on a pair of hiking boots and done a multi day hike in the mountains??
Get away from “yourself”. See the real world and enjoy the simplicity it offers if you know where to look.
You will see life thru different eyes if you hike into the wilderness and lose yourself in its beauty.

It’s a psychological issue if you want to get well you have to admit there is a problem. I feel GM was suffering from deep rooted psychological issues that were masked by his drug and sex addiction habits. If only he had accepted the help and support of the people who really cared about him and not surrounded himself with enablers that lead to his eventual death. Like many people he was wrestling with his inner demons in a negative, toxic way and subsequently got involved with men who did not truly love him but used him for his money and lifestyle. He was looking for love in all the wrong places.

I feel Tony Parsons was actually being a very caring and concerned friend/journalist. In my opinion when you want someone to be the best, healthiest version of themselves that means you genuinely love them. When we are stuck in a negative state someone has to at least try to point out the truth.

So sad about his passing as he had so much to give and live for… it’s a shame he was not able to love himself and accept the help he needed to find some peace and contentment in his life. I hope he has now found peace in heaven.

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