Yours Only George Celebrates Its 14th Year Today

When you start a fan site, I don’t think you look beyond the excitement of starting it.  To be running this site 14 years is amazing (no pun intended) to me.

I have to admit that I’m a little concerned about the viability of Yours Only George in the new George-Michael-on-Twitter era. These days all you have to do is follow George Michael on Twitter, and you get the news.  You don’t really need a site like Yours Only George any more.  It seems like everything in my world has changed so much in the last few years, and I guess this is just another change.

Don’t get me wrong, George Michael on Twitter is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to the George Michael community.  I love it, and if there had been such a thing as Twitter 14 years ago and George had been on it, I don’t think this site would have ever been developed. It was always my hope that this site filled in some of the gaps of the official site.

So, I’m still here, at least until I’m no longer needed.  THANK YOU to everyone who has supported this site through the years. Also, thank you to everyone who has stuck by the site in the last few years, even though I haven’t been able to update it as much I’d like to. I appreciate everyone, even though I often don’t have time to write back or tweet.  I’m here because you still want me to be here.

Thank you as always to Shannon who started it all … and to George for making the music we happily listened to since 1984.

Webmaster of Yours Only George

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Webmaster of Yours Only George

19 thoughts on “Yours Only George Celebrates Its 14th Year Today

  1. Happy Birthday to Yours Only George and thank you very much for your fantastic work Melanie. I rarely write comments here but almost every day I check your news even if I have a twitter account … so please go on with your amazing work for at least another 14 years 🙂

  2. Hi Melanie

    First of all Happy 14th Birthday 🙂 secondly, I do hope you keep this site running, you have done an amazing job over the years and you have certainly managed to fill the gap of the official site- in fact for many years you were my best source of news :)- on many many occasions.

    moonchild x

  3. Happy Anniversary/Birthday…You will always stay on my list of “George Michael” sites to visit…Positive admiration and loyalty for the man and his talent are what I look for…along with the truth and being able to see that he also happens to be a human being…I hate to see what the press has done to him over the years…
    Please continue to give what you give from your side…and I will look forward to “George” continuing to give what he gives from his side…I can only see a good outcome…coming from you both in the end…

  4. Melanie I’ve been a faithful (get it?!?) visitor to the site since what seems like day 1. As a GM fan in America it is next to impossible to get any news so I for one am incredibly thankful for all that you do!! I promise you are not taken for granted. Twitter is great and I love it but you are still very necessary–don’t leave us!!

  5. Your commitment is commendable. I have returned to your site time after time and appreciate the timeliness of your updates. Your YOG site serves a purpose beyond that which Twitter can provide. You are amazing! Keep it up, friend. – Angela

  6. Hi Melanie,

    First of all, happy belated B’day to YOGworld! And I agree with the comments above, I also think this site serves a purpose, despite the fact George is on Twitter now(which is great).As long as you still have enthusiasm to run the site, please do, and I think there are many fans worldwide who are appreciative of all the work you put into it. Thanks Melanie. Btw.I think George is missing one important Twitterer to follow, you! 😉

  7. I agree with Angela, YOG serves a purpose beyond that which Twitter can provide. Keep it open, Melanie. I always come here to check for news on my man. – Eve

  8. Dear Melanie!
    I wish your site a very happy birthday!
    Don’t give up and continue your good work on this site. Even if George is on Tweeter and I follow him and there are plenty of other sites with news on GM, your site is the first one I check every day.
    I must say that all sites are better than the official GM site and yours is way up on my list.

    Keep the Faith and good work.


  9. Thank you to everyone who has commented and been so positive about the site. It makes me feel more confident about the site continuing.. Most of my expenses are covered through advertisers, but my time has been limited as of late so that’s been a difficulty for me. I’m still not sure how 14 years went by already. I have some plans to upgrade the site, although I don’t see having time to do it for a few years!

    To vhollis0625 … As many know, I don’t publish everything. I try to publish what I think is believable, but George sometimes surprises me. Ever since that series of Tony Parsons articles years ago, I don’t know what to publish from the tabloids!

    To Matt … As I hope you know, I’m in the U.S., so I definitely know that we only hear about George if he’s been arrested. I saw no publicity for the Faith re-release (and from what I saw of the marketing plan, I was apparently not the demographic!)

    To Lizzy … I doubt George would ever follow on Twitter. If it weren’t for that one interview where he said he had the site bookmarked, I wouldn’t even know that he knew it existed. As for following on Twitter, I’m sure he knows a little bit more about his life than I do. LOL!

    Again, thank you everyone for your support!!!

  10. Dear Melanie: Thanks for all the years of commitment to this site. I live in America, have been a loyal fan since 1984, have seen and listened to George Michael write, produce and sing very lovely songs. Unfortunately, the great singer he is, in America, there is no longer much news available about him. Therefore, I have been keeping up with his status through this site. Its more convenient than any other site and Twitter, to me personally, is a big headache, so do know that you are appreciated and this site is visited by many. I would to continue to receive news about my favorite singer..Happy Birthday as well. Look forward to continuance of this site….

  11. Hi Melanie,

    LOL, I agree George will probably know a lot more about his own life then anyone else, haha. Still, it wouldn’t be weird if he’d follow you, if only to check out various articles in the media written about him. When he had an outburst on Twitter a few weeks back about a journalist misinterpreting him at the press conference about the new tour, I kind of got the impression he’s very much on the ball what’s written about him in the press. But anyway, George having your site bookmarked is, I think, the biggest compliment you could get:):)

  12. Lizzy, well, anyone who thinks George should follow @yogworld should probably tweet him @GeorgeMichael on Twitter. 🙂

    If you’re a fan of the site, send George a tweet! 😉

  13. Melanie,

    I have followed your site for years and have it bookmarked on my computer. You run a great positive and thoughtful site. Happy Birthday!

    A grateful follower

  14. Sorry for the late reaction, but thank you Melanie for all you time spend on keeping me informed on what George has been up to in the last years. Keep up the good work!

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