Why George Michael Sang “White Light” at Closing Ceremony

George Michael has been getting some criticism about performing his new single, “White Light,” at the closing ceremonies for the Olympics. The media is having a field day with this.

For a man that nearly died and had a tracheotomy that could have destroyed his singing career, it was awesome to watch him perform in front of a worldwide audience for the first time after his near-death experience. I am only saddened that those of us in the U.S. watching the closing ceremony on NBC were not able to see the triumphant return of George Michael singing such a positive, life-affirming song … “White Light.”

Here is what George Michael told his Twitter audience today:

Morning everyone! Had a GREAT time at the closing! I hope you are not bothered by the press reports of my scandalous ‘promotion’ !!!

Please join me in telling them to fuck off ! It was my one chance on tv to thank you all for your loyalty and prayers, and I took it. X

And I don’t regret it. Xxxx

A spokesperson for George Michael said he chose “White Light” because the lyrics address his battle with pneumonia, and he thought the message of overcoming adversity fit the Olympic theme.

“White Light is about the fact he nearly died last year,” said the spokesperson.  “It’s the first song he wrote after it all happened and he wanted to perform it for fans as a celebration that he’s alive. It seemed quite appropriate.

“He doesn’t need to plug his new single — it was just nice for him to sing it. It’s a bit of a shame that it’s got this response because he was so excited to perform it.”

Organisers defended the choice of song choice, which they described as a   “collaboration” between Michael and Kim Gavin, the artistic director of the closing ceremony. “One of the themes of the ceremony was endurance and physical endeavour, and Kim decided this song was appropriate,” said a spokesperson.

2 thoughts on “Why George Michael Sang “White Light” at Closing Ceremony

  1. From a British perspective, all I can say is that I thought it was completely appropriate: George sang a much-loved classic (Freedom 90) and his most recent song. If his choice was cleared by the organisers, then what’s the problem? At least he has new material to perform, instead of relying on past glory. I have a suspicion that a lot of the negativity stems from jealousy. You go, George!

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