George Michael’s Spokesperson Denies Rehab Claims

A new report says George Michael is denying rumors that he has been in a rehab center in Australia since February.

“George was in Australia, but it was a holiday. He goes there every year,” George Michael’s spokesperson said. “He was writing songs for his new album, but he is back in London now.”

The spokesperson also said that George Michael is in “great health.”

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3 thoughts on “George Michael’s Spokesperson Denies Rehab Claims

  1. I am from South Yorkshire England and have been a follower of his music from the early 80s I have only seen him once in England and I hope he is Ok however I have been in his situation as in depression and I am a normal guy to be with but behind the scenes very different, even though I know his profile his massive and I am not a celeb seeker he can always call me for support and that’s what I mean support..


  2. George, my heart breaks for you. Please, if you ever want or need an anonymous friend to talk to, I really want to help. I understand you are dealing with significant pain and struggles. I understand illness & death experiences. I understand unresolved emotional pain. I understand addiction. I understand LGBT issues. I feel I can understand you and am hurting for you.

    I also understand that such things can be worked through with compassion and empathy with another – and especially toward the self. People here (and elsewhere) are writing about your music & voice – yet what I’m in tune with is, “Sadness in my eyes, No one guessed, or no one tried”… I am trying to reach out & help you in any way that I possibly can to make a difference (“Please be stronger than your past, the future may still give you a chance”). I just know that things do not have to be the way they may seem for you right now. You yourself know all you really need to do each day is “Breath.”

    Please take care of yourself George. Please have a strong support network. You’ve survived all your life’s ordeals for a reason. You deserve peace now. I had a profound experience with unrequited love that changed my whole view of life. What I learned is that the purpose of love is this: Bringing out the love in oneself so everyone else can do the same. I have more about this on my fb @ Minkabear.

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