George Michael Fell Out of Speeding Car, Eyewitness Says

Katherine Fox was one of the first on the scene of George Michael’s accident, according to The Sun.

Katherine said: “I saw blood everywhere and a man on the ground.

“I thought someone had run across the road and been hit.

“I asked what had gone on and was told he tried to open the car door and shut it again because it wasn’t shut properly and apparently fell out at 70mph.

“I was on the phone to the ambulance and said, ‘You’d better come quick. This doesn’t look good’.

“George was wearing a black and gold Adidas tracksuit that was ripped all down the arm and shoulder. He had no trainers on.

“I grabbed one from the second lane because cars were swerving to avoid it.

“His sunglasses were also in the road. I could hear the crunch as cars drove over them.”

“George didn’t say anything, he just seemed in shock.

“He was sitting down against a car and in the arms of his friend.

“The guy holding him was quite scared. He kept saying to George, ‘Are you all right mate?’

“I think George was lucky he didn’t die.

“If he’d landed in the second lane he would have been hit by a car without a doubt.

“He was in the middle of the M1. I could have run him over.”

The BBC is reporting:

His spokeswoman said: “Following the traffic accident on Thursday, we can confirm that he is still in hospital.

“We are keen to stress it’s purely as a precaution for observation.

“He did suffer a couple of bumps and bruises to the head and that’s why they are keeping him in – to keep an eye on him.

“He is doing better. He is making good progress and is looking forward to getting out.”

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3 thoughts on “George Michael Fell Out of Speeding Car, Eyewitness Says

  1. They are so many contradictions. He’s in hospital, he out. We all know he has cuts and bruises. Hospitals only keep you for a twenty -four hour period for observation. Shirley Kemp one of GM’s best friends tweeted GM was at home. I won’t accept anything until GM himself comments.

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