More Details on George Michael’s Accident Emerge

A few articles are giving possible details on George Michael’s accident last week.

The Mirror (May 24th) has quotes from a “pal” regarding rumors that George Michael may have intentionally thrown himself from the car:

“There is no mystery – he was just trying to shut the door. George has been perfectly happy and is in a great place. To insinuate that he threw himself out of the car is absurd.”

The source added that the star had been happily immersed in his music, explaining: “George has been writing a new album and is really pleased with what he’s done so far.

“It was an accident and he is the first person to put his hand up and say, ‘I’m sorry’. He deserves more sympathy.”

The Sun (May 23rd) has a quote from another eyewitness of George Michael’s accident:

Ben Quince was directly behind when the former Wham! star, 49, tumbled out as his Range Rover shot up the M1 at 70mph.

Ben, 37, said: “I suddenly saw the back door on the driver’s side open.

“A body appeared and went bounce, bounce, bounce. He was spinning as he came towards me.

“I had to swerve left. I could have killed him.

“In my mirror I saw trucks and cars swerving to avoid him.”

The article also stated:

George Michael suffered head injuries and remained in hospital last night. An aide said: “He’s progressing.”

3 thoughts on “More Details on George Michael’s Accident Emerge

  1. I believe that this is an accident. I have done the same thing and almost fell out of the car. Dumb move, but it happens. George has overcome so much in his life and I hope that he does well and continues to use that great talent that he has. It must be difficult to have reporters and people making things up about you.

    • Let’s hope he does well, he has had enough trauma with his recent illness. Can’t wait to hear the new album !!

  2. George, is a wonderful human being & star talent! No one can throw stones at this happening, I’ve got stories for my grand kids for years to come (Ha)! Get healed George & check the doors! Love, Stewart

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