Yours Only George Celebrates Its 16th Birthday

Yours Only George is celebrating its 16th birthday today!

It’s been 16 crazy years, with things happening in George Michael’s life that I could never have imagined!  This site was started in 1997 before George came out, before he had multiple car accidents, before he nearly died of complications from pneumonia, and before his most recent, mysterious accident.

I would like to thank all the fans who have supported our sponsors, which allows me to keep the site open for the time being.  With very little news (until recently), I can see a time when the advertising revenue will not cover the expenses to simply keep the site open.  I will try to keep the site open for as long as I can.

Thanks as always to Shannon who started our first fan club back in 1986 (27 years ago!)  There would be no Yours Only George without Shannon.

Thanks to George Michael for all the wonderful years of music. I hope there are many more years of enjoyment to come.

Yours Only George

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7 thoughts on “Yours Only George Celebrates Its 16th Birthday

  1. Thank you very much Melanie for your constance and strenght all tbrough so long snd wo much! . You are the steadiest legend so much on your own actually! Much love there your way!! And let’s hope the air of the times changes someday into what we still have in our hearts for George to get well in his life, which can’t be more than health and a truelly happy vibe! Love all xx

  2. Happy 16th birthday! I’m sure that George appreciates all that you have done for him over all of these years. Congratulations on 16 years of your fantastic work! (Thank you for the “Thank You”)

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