George Michael Is “Extremely Well”

George Michael’s spokesperson said he is doing extremely well after his most recent car accident in May 2013 and is writing a new album.

Reuters has a short article on George Michael since his accident. Not much is said except for a quote from George Michael’s spokesperson:

“He’s doing extremely well,” Michael’s spokeswoman said. “He is writing a new album.”

The article also said that George Michael has been recuperating at home after nearly two weeks in hospital.

In addition, the article said there was no release date for the new material.

2 thoughts on “George Michael Is “Extremely Well”

  1. I’m very excited to hear George is doing well and he is working on a New cd for us fans – I wish George all my best 24/7 and that he is very important to my life with his music.

  2. i m so so so happy that George is well now , thank you God for listen to my prayers , all i want is George to be well , healthy and stronger than ever ,
    I love you so so much and i ll always will

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