Happy Birthday, George Michael!

Today would have been George Michael’s 54th birthday. It is also the 6-month anniversary of his death. George died on Christmas day, December 25, 2016, at his home.

Here is just a small sampling of those celebrating the life of George Michael and his music.

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One thought on “Happy Birthday, George Michael!

  1. I wonder why George took to wearing the cross around his neck,was it there before his brush with death? I always got the impression he was not religious even though religious terms had long been part of his music. Did he say in the 1998 Parkinson programme on the BBC that he wasn’t religious? I’m sure there was some discussion about religion in terms of him and / or his mum and the negative effects it had. Maybe he just liked the image or what it represented,unless the pneumonia episode had something to do with it. Darn it,for someone who poured his heart out in his music there’s still a lot that made George tick we will probably never know

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