Nile Rodgers’ Intriguing Message

Since the release of the new version of George Michael’s “Fantasy,” Nile Rodgers has been posting tidbits on Twitter.

One of the most intriguing is the following:

It also looks like David Austin was instrumental in getting “Fantasy” released for all of George Michael’s Lovelies to hear.

Here is one with which all George Michael fans would agree:

And here is one just for the George Michael fans out there:

3 thoughts on “Nile Rodgers’ Intriguing Message

  1. I actually wonder if fan is the right word for us people who love George,its more than that. We don’t miss what we never knew but I could not imagine a world without being able to hear his music now I have heard it,there is just no other voice ever recorded that has that effect. But it helps to have some years and life experience behind you to fully appreciate his genius beyond the initial sound of the song. Musically could the gap between songs like wham rap and my mother had a brother be any bigger? Its only fairly recently I’m realising listening to the sadness that’s in a later song like that shows you how innocent and fun filled those early songs really are. Still great great songs but drawing from a different inspiration. I envy anyone out there who still has George to discover and I’m glad as I get older I can listen again with a bit more of an understanding of life. I don’t believe anyone made more personal music than George and that is why his fans (lovelies!) will always love him. I hope he knew that / knows it.

    • What a beautiful tribute to the great George Michael. I myself am long term lovelie snd i cannot find another artist that has his genius.his execution of a song .and his writing cannot be faulted. Of course I’m a fan a lovelie but George was so important to me .it was as if he was a good friend.You understood him and vice versa through his music.

  2. I hope its not an anti climax to the extent that the reason George wanted this song done first was to meet the release date for listen without prejudice rerelease. The additional tracks on the release look interesting but I’ve got the majority of them (too funky and the brilliant crazy man dance were already released as a single,happy and do you really want to know were on the red hot and dance record). I don’t know why they won’t release a dvd or blu-ray of the mtv unplugged performance.where George is concerned the visuals are just as important as the audio and we have seen some of the clips before on his greatest hits dvds. I’m hoping we get a reissue of the older album ,listen without prejudice is an album I just never listen too. Its George and musically it’s perfect but its just the odd one out for me. Although soul free is the most underrated George song ever!

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