New and Yet Nostalgic Video for Fantasy

Even though we have a new video for “Fantasy” featuring Nile Rodgers, it’s nostalgic as well for George Michael fans.  The new video includes at least 19 previous George Michael videos, from “Wham Rap” to “Freeek.”

Also, the producers have been able to edit certain previous videos to make it appear that George is singing some of the lyrics.

“Fantasy” is taken from Listen Without Prejudice / MTV Unplugged and will be out October 20th. Please consider buying it from our sponsors Amazon or from Amazon UK.

What do you think of the new George Michael video for “Fantasy”?

How do you think George would feel about promoting his new song from beyond the grave?

Let us know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “New and Yet Nostalgic Video for Fantasy

  1. FANTASY is FANTASTIC in 2017!!!
    Just wished George was alive and enjoying listening to the job that Nile put into it, although I still prefer the ’98 version.

  2. Oh wow,in a word it is bloody amazing! Great remix and great video absolutely brilliant work by everyone involved. Thankyou for keeping Georges music at the forefront , he is still reigning supreme

  3. I loved it. George has always been my favorite even though he had problems I still loved him from day I saw him on American bandstand.

    All my best Kara ca usa

  4. I’m up early Had a nasty fall in the snow Tuesday A&E all night met some amazing brave people. All nursing staff so compassionate working hard still with so little wages You all deserve so much more (Please let it sink in your head Theresa May they deserve so much more they are trying to do a hard vocation with so little resources ). After taking my pain killers this video has inspired me to start my nursing career once again at the grand old age of 59 I am okay with the practical but lousy at the theory & such hard exams. Thankyou George for being my inspiration.

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