Save Eli Stone

I was asked to find a way to contact ABC to tell them that we want “Eli Stone” renewed.  Here is what I found:

ABC Feedback Form

Questions can also be submitted via regular mail or by phone to:

ABC, Inc.
500 S. Buena Vista Street
Burbank, CA 91521-4551

(818) 460-7477*

Due to the volume of correspondence we receive regarding ABC programming, we are unable to individually respond to every audience inquiry. We do, however, value your comments and suggestions.

*Standard connection fees apply.

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3 thoughts on “Save Eli Stone

  1. The finale was wonderful and George’s participation was perfection, as always! What more to say except that we hope Eli Stone will return with more Jonny Lee Miller and George Michael!

  2. Yeah! HE was REEEEAAAALY GREAT!!!

    Two thumbs up! I am a die hard George Michael fan but others have to see how talented this man is. He deserves Respect for his career. He is one of a kind really!

  3. I love George Michael and think that he is an enormously talented and gifted singer/songwriter. I would lve to see more of him and the show (it reminds me of “Boston Legal” which I also am a huge fan of.
    Valli 😎

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