4 thoughts on “Eli Stone Renewed for Second Season

  1. Great news for the show and George. Hopefully George will make more appearances next season.
    I am bit worried with the time slot as it will be competing with Law & Order SVU, which could be a challenge.

  2. the show was ok…but if it wasnt for George I would have never watched it. There is a few shows that I thought were a lot better that were canceled this year….like Journeyman.

  3. Hooray for the return of Eli Stone. If ABC is smart. Eli Stone’s fall schedule will include even more George Michael. Not overdone, but enough to keep us captivated! While the show is quite good, with an excellent cast and storyline, George’s particpation made it unique and he definitely brings in a fan base.

  4. I am glad that the show is renewed…The only problem I have is that “Boston Legal” was in that time slot. I hope “BL” is still in the mix. Hope to see enough of George to keep the show interesting. His music is enough to be able to create a storyline from everything he has written. 😛

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