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Five TV Shows to Enrich the Ears in ’08

George Michael is mentioned in the following Billboard article on the new television series Eli Stone, which premieres January 31, 2008, on ABC.

“Eli Stone,” a one-hour comedic drama from ABC, follows the exploits of what might turn out to be the most disturbing creature of the new year-a lawyer with a heart. When the title character, played by Jonny Lee Miller, begins to feel he might be a prophet, he receives his celestial communications in an unusual form: via pop stars crooning past hits. The pilot has Stone interrupting an act of coitus to answer the call of “Faith” being sung by a very real George Michael. The artist has reportedly signed on to appear in several more episodes.

Eli Stone

Eli Stone Review

Here’s a review of the new mid-season television shows, including “Eli Stone.”

Why you’ll love it: It’s the male version of Ally McBeal. The only difference is, George Michael will appear in your dreams, and sing in your office and living room. 

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Rating the Pop Hits of ’88: George Michael’s “Faith” A-

Entertainment Weekly has an article on the pop hits of 1988.  The page on George Michael’s “Faith” ends with an A- rating. In part, it says:

“I don’t want to give the pipe organ too much credit, but I do enjoy it. And those snappy, biting lyrics are just a blast to sing, and — there! — such lovely but not overwhelming harmonies pop up from time to time. Listen real close now and discover that bass line working overtime. There is so much to hear, and I guess that’s it: Unlike the chucka-chucka sameness of Harrison’s upcoming contribution, everything in ”Faith” just moves around and lights up more, like the inside of a super-fun pinball machine. With a giant round ass shaking on top.”

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