Wham! Documentary Director Interviewed

The New York Times has a new article on Chris Smith, the director of the recent Wham! documentary.

The following part of the article had me chuckling:

I assume you didn’t listen to Wham! in the ’80s?
Where I was living in Michigan, kids were turning their noses up at Wham! I was a snide teenager, listening to the Cure, Depeche Mode, that sort of new wave thing.

The Story of ‘Wham!’ Comes From an Unlikely Source

Hey, there were plenty of us who didn’t turn up our noses at Wham in the 1980s! Two of us started a fan club in the mid-1980s and eventually started this website in the 1990s!

The Wham! documentary is nominated for best documentary at the BAFTAs.

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