George Michael to Guest Star on March 27 Episode

I’m a little confused … I had read that George Michael was supposed to appear in the seventh episode of “Eli Stone,” which is on Thursday.  Now I’m reading that George Michael will appear as a guest star on the March 27 episode:

Michael will appear in an episode in which a teen is expelled for playing his song “I Want Your Sex” during an abstinence education assembly at school; he will retain Eli’s legal counsel on the girl’s behalf, the network said.

I’m sorry if I got all your hopes up that George Michael would be on this week!

(Update … Duh, George Michael is guest starring on the 13th and 27th.  I’ve been having a bad month so I hope all of you forgive me for my stupidity.)

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6 thoughts on “George Michael to Guest Star on March 27 Episode

  1. George is going to be appearing this Thursday (March 13) along with the March 27 episode. On the 13th, Taylor tries to win back Eli; and by doing so, she takes Eli to see George perform live (singing “Older” I might add) so that he is not just seeing him in visions. The episode on the 27th is George doing courtroom scenes… 😀 ENJOY!!!

  2. I’d love to watch George Michael singing “Older” in the intimate setting that was shown on Eli Stone 2nite. Can’t imagine Eli didn’t wanna be with Taylor ever after that.

  3. It was great to hear and SEE George on Eli Stone last night. Jonny Lee Miller does a superb job (I don’t think anyone else could pull this off as well.) But more of George in subtle ways definitely enhances the show.

  4. Just got done watching Eli Stone..and all I gotta say is “GEORGE MICHAEL YOU TOTALLY ROCKED!!!!!”. First the music world, now the world of television. That man is unstoppable!!!

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