Wham! Movie?

Wham!’s former manager Simon Napier-Bell is in talks with movie producers about bringing their story to the big screen but thinks that George Michael will put a stop to it.

“There are several people sniffing round about a Wham! film but I’m not sure any of them will come off because they all require Wham! music in them and George controls that,” said Napier-Bell.

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2 thoughts on “Wham! Movie?

  1. Ok I have to comment. There have been a number of reports on this subject. If it is true that George will NOT give this project his approval, I wholeheartedly agree. While I still enjoy many of the Wham songs, George has spent over 20 years writing and producing music that is unmatched in its variety and quality. I see no reason to focus a movie on the Wham period of his career.

  2. I think a movie about “Wham!” would be awsome, a movie about two young boys making it big in UK and the world.
    I would certainly enjoy such a movie.
    I envy the actor who will play George, great roll to play with a good challenge and large shoes to fill.

    But I don’t understand, did George actually veto the idea, or is it all speculations?
    I suggest they ask George before turning him into such a tyrant 😛
    If I were George I would cooperate with such an idea 😀

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