First Photo of George Michael Since Accident on M1

The Mirror has a photo of George Michael, the first photo of George since he fell out of the back seat of his Range Rover on the M1 in May 2013.

The picture shows a scar on the back of his head.  The article also mentions a scar on his left elbow. The photo was taken as George stepped out of a vehicle outside his home in Highgate, north London, on Thursday.


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2 thoughts on “First Photo of George Michael Since Accident on M1

  1. George my love, what is happening with you? I have been praying for you for years. May the Lord always keep you. He loves you so much.

    • I do the same, Eve. I hope he comes out with new music to show he’s okay, soon!

      God bless you, me, and our families, and George!

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