George Michael’s Belated Happy New Year Message

George Michael SymphonicaGeorge Michael has posted the following messages on Twitter and Facebook today. His last tweet was January 25, 2013.  It has been nearly a year since George Michael has posted on Twitter.

— George Michael (@GeorgeMichael) January 21, 2014




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3 thoughts on “George Michael’s Belated Happy New Year Message

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  1. Dear George
    Yes i was worried sick not knowin anything from you , i cant stop thinkin if u re well , healthy , still strong as u should be , and please dont let anything or anyone put u down .For the past 28 years i never stopped loving you, belive in you no matter what cause i know that deep inside you, that golden heart of yours never stopped beatting, and i felt everything what u went through, and even virtually but i was always there next to you, cause George this is the real , pure love , and when u love someone the way i love you, no sacrifice is ever enough .So please , please stay strong, well and never lose faith .

    hope u got the card i sent you before xmas , and others before , I m the same person , someone who will always love you even if the whole world says i m crazy …but i dont give a ……what people think
    and you ll always be in my heart

    again hope u re well and the messages above it was you who wrote them …

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