George Michael’s New Video for Going to a Town

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George Michael has released a new video for his single, “Going to a Town” (Amazon Ad). Unlike the “Let Her Down Easy” video, the video for “Going to a Town” is concert footage from the Symphonica tour.

“Going to a Town” was originally written and recorded by Rufus Wainwright and featured on his 2007 album Release the Stars (Amazon Ad). It is the second song to be released from the successful Symphonica CD.

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George Michael talks about “Going to a Town” in the following interview:

The Guardian reviewed “Going to a Town” as:

The King, George Michael, has returned to us, this time in the form of a Rufus Wainwright cover. Going To A Town is a wistful, orchestral anti-American ballad, which manages to tread the fine line between movingly grandiose and enjoyably tacky. This being George, the video features a poorly animated burning crucifix, which turns into a poorly animated giant burning wooden “LOVE”. He continues to be our most ludicrous yet talented pop artist, and long may he reign.

The Guardian

Rufus Wainwright talks about George Michael in this extract from the new George Michael film, The Real George Michael – Portrait of an Artist (Amazon Ad).

@georgemichaelfilm Rufus Wainwright on a conversation with George Michael, extract from the new George Michael film ‘The Real George Michael – Portrait of an Artist’ now available on Amazon in thr USA as well as Peacock, Tubi, Plex, Roku & Xumo #georgemichael #rufuswainwright #carelesswhisper #gmlovelies #wham #georgemichaelfilm #80smusic #80s ♬ original sound – georgemichaelfilm

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2 thoughts on “George Michael’s New Video for Going to a Town

  1. Absolutely amazin George, listenin to this song Going to a town, and hearing your amazin voice and seeing u, i m completely overwhelmed and with tears in my eyes , only God knows how huge is my love for u, i love u beyond my existance, i m really at peace now knowin that u re well and strong

    I wish you an amazin EASTER and

    God Bless You

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