George Michael’s Heartfelt Thank You

George Michael took to his Twitter account today with a heartfelt thank you to his fans. George referred to himself as the “luckiest man on earth.”

There are no words that can describe how much I owe each and every one of you, so I shall not try. I sat in my sisters house yesterday and..

watched “Symphonica” for the only the second time. I tried to see and hear it as others do.And I saw the luckiest man on earth. So much love

given to one man.So many beautiful moments with family, friends,and all of you. I felt breathless for a moment.

And as the words and music faded one thought played over and over again in my head.If only I had known,way back then,i’d have been one….

seriously happy kid. I love you. All of you…George Michael x

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3 thoughts on “George Michael’s Heartfelt Thank You

  1. GOD ….GEORGE I thank you for the moment you came into my life 38 years ago through your music, words and your angelic voice , i was 10 when i first saw u in Faith and in that moment i fell completely in love with you, i felt it then what a wonderfull person you are , with a heart that not many have , and since then i never stopped lovin you and even i moved to London to be close to you , i was there last october at Earl s Court and when i saw u on that stage my heart stopped and my eyes filled with tears , i was so close to you after so many years but yet so far ………..
    and when u went through all that pain and suffer with the pneumonia and that horrible accidend after , my heart and my life stopped and all i could do was to pray really hard to God to keep u alive and well …Thank you God , i m so happy that u are back in every way , and hope stronger than ever and congrat for Symphonica …………you are my angel on earth and i have so much to THANK YOU for ………, I m gonna send you an easter card next week , as i sent you many more before and flowers too , i dont know if u received any of my cards or flowers …but i will never stop sending you , hoping that one day u ll read one of them and knowing how much i love you and that u re always in my thoughts and prayers
    I love you like no words can describe George , no matter what cause this is the real true love
    God bless you

  2. George I want you to know that u will always have fans here n the states. I for can tell you that the day that I heard the cd make it big I was hooked from there. when it comes to music u are real and true. there has been many many times that your music has gotten me through rough times. both of my kids were born to your music. my so who is 17 and adhd love your music. I am so thankful that the good lord above has kept u here because music would not be the same without you. I am a fan for life. I wish you nothing but the best. much love too you and your family and friends and your band. keep your head held high and know that u are loved by all of your fans.

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