Geri Horner’s Tribute Video to George Michael

Get ready for some tears.

I don’t know why I didn’t expect photos of George Michael in Geri (Halliwell) Horner’s video for “Angels in Chains,” her tribute to George Michael.

I don’t know why I didn’t expect the backing sounds of so many famous George Michael songs, such as “Faith” and “Father Figure.”

And I certainly didn’t expect to start crying at the end of it like I hadn’t cried in months about losing George.

I’m not sure whether to thank Geri Horner for this video or to be upset with her. LOL.

What did you think of it? Leave your comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Geri Horner’s Tribute Video to George Michael

  1. Yes, I feel the same wrenching sorrow: seeing GM’s backup singers and musicians as well as references to his lyrics and melodies caused me to tear up. I can’t imagine how much grief his family and close friends are going through. Geri and all in the video did a fine job of honoring him.
    But grief is never healed in a timely manner. Everyone manages it differently. Most days it’s difficult for me to put on one of his cd’s as the sadness is just too strong. Recently I was listening to one of Tony Bennett’s Duets cds and all of a sudden, recognized George’s voice along with Tony’s. It was heart-wrenching to hear his voice. It’s going to take time.

    • Marilyn don’t deprive yourself of George’s voice! Stick the CDs on and enjoy,he made them songs for us,the most loyal fans in music. I’m the other way, I think I am listening to him a bit more recently. I don’t think I could honestly get by without hearing him every day. A glass of wine or 3 and many a song between wham wrap and white light and I know I’m part of something special. God bless,im glad I can read a few words from someone else who obviously feels the same about George as I do.

      • That’s wham rap by the way,obviously too much wine! Enjoy what you do,enjoy what you do,enjoy what you do, what you do,what you do :-p

  2. Oh no I have to say I thought the song was awful! Geri seems to be trying to sing with a really bad fake american accent and be Elton john at the same time plus all the song is is a chance to reference as many GM songs as possible so 50% of the lyrics are unoriginal made to order! It’s a nice sentiment and I know they were good friends but this was a poor effort from geri. I think in time we will get more direct and indirect nods to George from his peers. I think I will try and write a poem today,watch this space!

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