Bros Pay Tribute to George Michael

Matt and Luke Goss, of the duo Bros, will be paying tribute to friend George Michael at their two comeback shows at London’s O2 Arena on August 19 and 20.

Luke Goss is married to Shirley Lewis, long-time backing singer for George Michael.

“My wife was very close to him and in the first few years sung on every single,” Luke said. “So Matt and I had a discussion and Shirley thought it would be a lovely gesture and we both agreed on that.

“I miss him greatly, he was a beautiful man.”

Matt said: “We hope we do it justice. He was one of my favourite singers of all time and he had a big influence on me as a singer, so we’re going to be singing ‘Freedom.’

“It’s going to be a really beautiful moment and we’ve been rehearsing it and getting goosebumps in his honour and we want to raise the roof with that song in his honour.”

You can read more at Singing duo Bros to pay tribute to friend George Michael.

3 thoughts on “Bros Pay Tribute to George Michael

  1. Amazing! Me and my friend have chatted a few times, we think there HAS to be some sort of GM memorial concert, there has to be. We’ve seen concerts for Freddie mercury (which George hosted with QUEEN in 1992) concert for George Harrison in 2002, I dont think it can be over estimated how influential GM was certainly in Britain from about 1984 onwards if not the world. The number of people he duetted with , he opened the new Wembley stadium and closed the London Olympics 2012 – he was still a massive stadium filling star even if he wasn’t competing with all the other people making music these days.

    We need a filled to capacity Wembley Stadium, with some of the music greats from the last 35 years that George personally worked with, as well as older / newer people who influenced or were influenced by him so we can all get together with love to sing his songs and give him the send off he deserves

    • George’s family has to give permission for a memorial concert. I know some people were trying to plan one, but without the family’s consent, they can’t do it.

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